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This shining population center is considered the jewel of The Sylira Region. Home of the vast majority of Mizahar's population, Syliras is nestled in a quiet, sprawling valley on the shores of the Suvan Sea. [Lore]

Welcome Center and Employment Office

Postby Sydelle Faraway on August 11th, 2014, 3:19 am

Though Syd had been in the castle proper before, this was her first visit to the employment office. An unguarded inspection of the space yielded disappointing results. The office was spare and organized and... Dull. Not what she'd hoped to find when she left home, but she supposed not every place was meant to be a thrill a chime. At least the secretary looks friendly enough, Syd thought. She could handle 'dull' as long as it came with 'friendly'.

Long legs made short work of the compact space and Syd was at the desk in no time, ready to pepper the nice lady with questions, when she noticed a stack of forms. 'How... Impersonal.' plucking a form and a piece of charcoal from the desk, Syd offered the secretary a smile and set to work:

Name: Sydelle Faraway
Race: Human
Age: 20
Relevant Skills: Sewing, fortune telling. A bit of singing, if the crowd isn't too picky.
Preferred Occupation: Something interesting.
Expected Stay In Syliras: Resident

Syd mouthed the word 'resident' while she wrote. It was incredibly satisfying to know that she was a resident here, and no longer just a farmer's daughter on the Outpost. Reviewing the rest of the form, Syd bit her lip, considering. Should I mention the dagger? I'm not awful - at least I don't injure myself. Probably the Knights don't need someone who's just 'not awful' running around daggering at things. So, no. No dagger. With a nod of her head, she set the charcoal down and handed the form to the secretary.

"See, the thing is, I can use a dagger, too. But I'm not really great with it. Just ok. I mean, if there's an emergency, I can take care of myself. I think. I've never actually had to and let's just forget about it. I need a job."

Knowing exactly how simpleminded she'd made herself sound, Syd wasn't at all surprised by the nervous blush spreading over her face. She clamped her lips firmly shut to avoid further embarrassment and offered the secretary - who, by now, was looking a bit bemused - a polite smile.
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Welcome Center and Employment Office

Postby Nightmare on August 25th, 2014, 5:27 pm



Trega then called the next in line, smiled at the dhani. Her kind was rare in the city, but such people were welcome nonetheless. The elder woman looked down at the form and blanched a little, looking up at the dhani with wide eyes. "Y-yes. Lets look into this, please wait here." The woman went into a back room for a moment before returning, a sheaf of papers in hand. "It looks like the Stormhold Salves is looking to hire an experienced antidote maker. Please take this form with you." Trega slid a paper to the humanoid reptile rather gingerly. "Give it to Sahfri Blackleaf and she will sort you right out. Just remember that selling poison in the city is illegal. Take care" She waved to the Dhani and then waved to the next person "Next!"

OOCYou have been approved for the job of Poisoncrafter at the Stormhold Salves which is 7 GM/day due to your competent skill level. I will PM your SS link as soon as possible. Please note that your job as a poisoncrafter will be looked at with scrutiny by the knighthood. Working under Sahfri Blackleaf means you will be making mostly antidotes for customers and poisons for learning. Selling poisons to anyone outside of the knighthood will eventually gain the ire of the knighthood and they certainly will find out.


Trega frowned to herself, a mistake on one of the slips of paper wrinkling her features. When Jovhel walked up to the desk the clerk's frown slid away and was replaced with a smile. "Hello. Lets see here... Ah yes, The Bean is indeed looking for help. Here take this." Trega wrote up a short missive explaining Jovhel's situation, "Give it to Hargard Astram and he will sort you out right away."

Then Trega went back to her work and her frown returned. She gave an irritable sigh and yelled, "Next!"

OOCYou have been approved for the job of Bartender at The Bean which is 3 GM/day due to your Novice skill level. I will PM your SS link has been sent.

Sydelle Faraway

Yahal bless the simple soul. Trega smiled politly back to her next guest as she over her form. The woman was going on about her dagger despite having nothing to do with her form. Nothing wrong with that, but it was amusing. "Sewing. That is a rather useful skill and I do recall that the Elegant Weave was looking." She looked back up the woman a bit owlishly, her eyes searching her guest. "Here. Go visit them with this and they will set you up as an apprentice Tailor. If you change your mind, come back and we can figure something else out." Trega then slid a freshly written missive, the ink still drying, over to Sydelle. "Enjoy your day!" She offered before calling the next in line.

OOCYou have been approved for the job of Tailor at the Elegant Weave which is 4 GM/day due to your Novice Sewing skill level. Your SS thread has been updated.

If you have an concerns, questions or problems please PM me right away. I am here to assist and can usually get a reply within a day or two if not sooner.
If you haven't gotten a response from me within five days, please PM me again!
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Welcome Center and Employment Office

Postby Zhou on September 2nd, 2014, 8:57 am

Enter Zhou~

Raising from his bed as the disturbed dust scattered, the sporous clouds crossing the rays of the sun, casting lines of golden sunlight which penetrated the open air of his room. Today was the day Zhou had to head into the employment office and take up his own role heading back toward the Mithryn Outpost, having stayed overnight with a family friend in the central city in order to accomplish his goal... Leaping from his bed, his alabaster skin resonating when hit by the light of the morning sun, Zhou dropped to his knees, closing his eyes and clasping his hands together in his lap as if in prayer. The full light of the sun embracing his body in its radiant warmth as he muttered lightly under his lips, thanking the sun for its presence.

Twenty minutes passed and by then, Zhou had finished with his prayers and was ready for the day ahead. Dressed in his hooded cloak and mantle, his quiver filled with well made short-bow arrows and slung over his shoulder with his own short-bow and sheathed sword all in parallel lines. A shoulder bag hanging to the side combined with his weaponry consisted all the possessions he had travelled with aside from the clothes on his shoulders. Zhou took off through the streets, running freely and weaving in and out of the crowd like a fox darting between cover, until finally he arrived at the office, his breathing slightly raised, but otherwise a broad smile crossed the nineteen year old's face.

As Zhou entered he definitely commanded a presence, Not too tall, but with no shirt other than his hood and cloak, his firey braided hair filled with coloured beads and feathers from local birds and his glimmering bright hazel eyes were not something often seen away from Wind Reach. But, here he was. Walking with charisma and confidence toward the desk and toward the priest who resided behind it. Picking him as the man whom he needed to speak to, Zhou approached when he was free for but a moment, bowing flamboyantly, although respectfully, breaking a leg with his arm as he rose back up to stand straightly, favoring one foor more than the other.

"Hello there sir, My name is Zhou, and I'm looking for employment at the outpost of Mithryn. I've been told you can help me? I'm an apprentice scout and hunter, good with a bow and I can track as well as trap prey, I also have skills in falconry should they be needed!" Zhou spoke with no fault of esteem or pride.


Name: Zhou
Race: Inartan
Age: 21
Relevant Skills: Falconry (Novice), Hunting (novice), tracking(Novice), trapping(Novice), bow(Compitant).
Preferred Occupation: Hunter
Expected Stay In Syliras: A long while. (Until well trained in multiple fields.)
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Welcome Center and Employment Office

Postby Bakar on September 11th, 2014, 1:55 pm

The Nuit finally decided that today, he would attempt to find a job. Not for the money. That's not too important to him. He has no need for food or water, he has shelter. He just needs something to do with his life.
"I hope I can get a job where I can help people.." He said aloud to himself, but with his limited skill set, there wasn't a lot of options for him.
He set about covering his dark circled eyes with the face paste he acquired earlier that week. It's not like he could lie to the Employment Office about his race, but he would like to be able to walk there without the Knights and citizens glaring him down. He sighed as he finished applying the makeup. "Maybe I need the money more than I thought. Constantly buying this paste is going to add up if I don't have any income."

He set off for the Employment Office, keeping his head down. Despite having the makeup on, he didn't want to look anyone in the face. He made a quick stop to buy more face paste, for good measure. He kept his mouth shut while ordering the paste. Couldn't risk someone seeing the tongue. Don't want to run out and have to go out without it though. Another Gold Miza down the drain.

Finally making his was to his destination, he made his way over to the forms. Taking one, he starts to fill it out.

Name: Bakar
Race: Nuit
Age: 50
Relevant Skills: Embalming (novice), Air Reimancy(novice)
Preferred Occupation: I know I don't have any undertaking skill, but I'm sure my embalming would be of some use. Maybe an assistant to a current undertaker? Or, going the other way, I have slight training in Air Reimancy
Expected Stay In Syliras: I'm not quite sure. I hope to stay for a while longer at least.
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Welcome Center and Employment Office

Postby Morgan on September 21st, 2014, 5:19 pm

2nd Day of Fall, 514 AV, early afternoon

There was some kind of a weird energy in the town today, that even Morgan felt slightly fidgety. She heard about something happening, when the caravan arrived, but nothing more.

Today was another business day for her. Getting her first job. Needless to say she was excited and worried at the same time. What was the job going to be like? Was she going to like it? Was it going to be dangerous? Boring?

These questions and thought were running through her mind, as she entered the building and walked straight to the counter. The Kelvic put her hands on top of the counter, smiled nervously at the person sitting there. She took the forms from the counter, stared blankly at them for a moment and then she addressed the person.

“Hello, I would like to apply for a job. The problem is that, well, I can’t read or write. Would you please help me?” she asked as politely as she could. “I have some skills in climbing, I can find food in the wild and I’m good at surviving in there too. Oh, and I can hide myself so that people can’t find me.” She finished in one breath and waited.


Name: Morgan
Race: Kelvic
Age: 1 year old
Relevant Skills: Climbing (15), Foraging (20), Wilderness survival (15), Stealth (10)
Preferred Employment: Maybe hunter's apprentice or anything that fits for a Kelvic. Anything that corresponds with the skills.
Expected Stay In Syliras: At least two seasons but probably longer.
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Welcome Center and Employment Office

Postby Avline Silverwood on September 22nd, 2014, 3:46 am

The cloaked girl and the tall man step inside of the gate, a few meters away from the looming door. The torches light flicker softly as the girl looked up at the man, giving him a gm to his palm that was open in front of him. She smiled and bowed her head, her silver hair curtaining around her face. "Thank you, for bringing me here and protecting me." She says softly, lifting her head again a smile on her soft lips.
"It was my pleasure Miss Silverwood. I'd like to see your performance tonight, I'm sure it will be a nice relaxing settle down from the travelling." He replies to her in his gruff, deep voice; giving her a crooked smile.
" That would be lovely, however there is an employment office here with paper work that needs to be filled, yes? Would you mind showing me to where it is?"
"Of course." He chuckles, the sound resonating off of the stone walls. "I need to dad there myself so I may escort you easily enough." She smiles and nods, folding her hands in front of her and he starts along the cobble stone street as the girl follows.

They soon approach a large building, the sign stating they are there. He opens the door for her, and she bows her head, stepping inside and looking around. There were a few lanterns in the dark house, a secretary writing behind a large desk, not even looking up. The man steps in behind her, taking two sheets of paper and two quills, handing one of each to her. She takes them dipping the quill into the ink she sit in a chair, filling out the paper accordingly:

Name: Avline Silverwood.
Race: Konti.
Age: 17.
Relevant Skills: Dancing, singing, and medicine.
Preferred Occupation: Travelling Performer.
Expected Stay In Syliras: Until all of my jobs are done, which should be a few weeks at the least.

Once Avline was finished she looked up, the man handing his paper to the now smiling secretary, whom is behind the desk. She smiles and stands, setting the quill down and smoothing out her dress she too hands the secretary the filled out form and turns to the man. "I must get other business done miss, but here are the dee toons to the bar where your first job is, and the directions to the inn from there. I wish you well." He said and bowed to her, handing her the folded papers which she took and placed in her bag smiling.
"Thank you, Barbas. It was a wonderful time traveling with you an I wish you the best." She smiled and quietly stepped out of the building, looking up to the sky she realizes she must hurry or the tavern owner would not be happy. She takes one folded piece of paper and looks at it, before dashing off down the streets, her dark green cloak waving behind her.
Avline Silverwood

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Welcome Center and Employment Office

Postby Saede Lare on September 23rd, 2014, 1:23 am

Fall 514, Day 1

Saede stepped into the employment office, eager to apply for her job. She desperately hoped that she could get something, but she convinced herself she would. After tidying herself up a bit in the waiting room, she steps into an office with large wooden furniture and and and an older woman waiting for her. "Come in," She says. "Yes mam'" Replied Saede, hastening her pace to sit in the chair across from her. "Please fill out this forum, it will ask your skills and some personal information." Saede looked down at the paper that was now in front of her, and as she wrote it, she tried her best to make the writing as neat as possible. Social Skills. She thought to herself. What a poor thing to put on a job description. As she got farther down the sheet. She became less and less confident as she was before about getting a job. By the end, she handed in the sheet with this information:

Name: Saede Lare
Race: Vantha
Age: 17
Relevant Skills: Spear Combat, Athletics, Social Skills
Preferred Employment: A mercenary, Guard, but my preffered job would be exploring. Combat related jobs would be best for me.

Expected Stay In Syliras: If I can get a job, it will be for a while. Maybe a few years if I can. Otherwise, I may just move on if I can't find work.

"Thank you." Said the woman as she passed it back to her. Saede gave her an uneasy grin and said, "Thanks for your time. I'll take my leave if there's nothing else." The lady nodded, and Cyrene did her best to leave without lowering her chances any more than she thought they were. I can do better than this. She said to herself as she left, now on her way to an inn.
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Welcome Center and Employment Office

Postby Sayana on September 26th, 2014, 2:16 am

Fall 22nd 514 AV

Sayana entered the small corner office and glanced at the stack of papers placed clearly near the door. She picked one up with her left mid hand, squinted at it, and then noticed the secretary sitting at wooden desk with several people waiting in line. “Ah!” She exclaimed with a large gesture of her high arms and she walked with purpose to the desk ignoring the line. After invading the personal space of the person who had been speaking with the secretary, she spoke directly to elderly woman.

“I hear this is the place to go if you’re looking for some work. My name is Sayana, and I want to know if the Herald’s Arms has any positions available for a dancer, entertainer or if nothing else a server.” She flicked the form away since she was finding it more of a distraction than anything else. “I promise you that I move and dance well,” she carried on and then as if to emphasize it she moved her six arms through the air like ripples on the water. “And I’ve tempted many a gentleman.” With a coy smile she gave a quick chest shimmy. “Plus I’ve seen the place and I like what’s there.”

She glanced at the line that was clearly unhappy about her presence. “Free drinks on me tonight if I get the job,” she said with a wink. “But seriously,” she added turning back to the secretary. “I need something that pays and that will be fairly long term. I just got myself an apartment and those ain’t cheap.”

OOCName: Sayana
Race: Eypharian
Age: 20
Relevant Skills: Dancing (15), Seduction (10)
Preferred Occupation: Dancer, Companion, Entertainer, or Server (in order of preference)
Expected Stay In Syliras: At least a season, probably longer.
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Welcome Center and Employment Office

Postby Zikiro on November 1st, 2014, 7:48 am

52nd of Fall, 514AV

It had been nearly a fortnight since he'd moved into his new home, a room within the castle's bowels. He'd taken time to recover from the newfound sense of loneliness that had accompanied it. Aside from meals, he had not even left his humble abode, almost ten days spent alone. He had no doubt others would have called it sulking.

Suck it up, he had scolded himself. Money is a necessity to survival... It's time to find a job. Those sorts of thoughts had lead him here; Syrilas' Employment Office. Nervousness teamed across every fiber of his being, like electricity prickling at his flesh, turning his heart into a wardrum. He stood at the door for a moment too long, he almost felt people glance at him. Go on, coward. It won't be that bad. Go on, go on...

Eventually he managed to push the door open and step inside. He had dressed to impress, in a newly purchased Llama Wool attire, with leather belt, vest and boots. The sleeves were just past his elbows, showing off the sleek crimson of his left arm marking his race to all who knew what the metallic limb stood for. Izurdin's gift to his favored children.

"Ehem... My name is Zikiro Heartforge, and I am looking for a job..." He breathed in a single breath. His eyes were downcast, almost closed. For all he knew, the room could have been empty. "My skills involve Armory as the finest of my crafts, as well as blacksmithing, metalsmithing and etching all to a lesser degree." He almost ran out of breath that time, but he managed to take a gulp of air.

He felt like a fool already. He had taken his first steps as an adult and still managed to act like a blubbering child. His right hand rises slightly to prop on the head of his heavy isurian steel sledge hammer. The item made a comfortable prop and often helped stabilize his sea of introversive self-doubt. "I even brought my own hammer," he managed in a slightly eased tone.
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Welcome Center and Employment Office

Postby Orin Fenix on January 25th, 2015, 4:21 am

27 Winter 514 AV

Coming in from the cold was a blessed relief. After a long journey in the winter, he had thought he would never really feel warm again, so it was a pleasant surprise that, despite the stone walls, the fortress seemed to be relatively warm, at least in these offices. It would probably be a different matter in his room, but Orin wasn't used to anything fancy, and simply having a room to himself seemed remarkable. If he had to sleep in all his clothes every night just to keep from freezing, well, he was used to it, having too often been given the draftiest place to sleep or the spot farthest from the fire. In a twisted, perverse sort of way, he would almost prefer it that way. This all had the odd quality of a sort of dream to him. Finding out that this place had flaws just like any other would go a long way towards comforting him and reassuring him that this was a real place, these were real people, and he'd have to deal with hardships just like his old life. He stop, smiling a bit to himself. He liked the sound of that, his old life. Not that it had been all bad but the past few years had been far from pleasant and he was more than ready for a fresh start.

Looking around, he saw a stack of papers and a kindly looking woman sitting behind a desk. Peering at the papers, he saw they were clearly some kind of form. Obviously applicants were supposed to fill out the form and then their job would be assigned based on their supposed skills. Orin smiled, much relieved. He would prefer dealing with a sheet of paper over a human being any day. Although, he would probably have to work on that seeing as there were a great many more people in Syliras than there was back in Mithryn Outpost. Glancing at the room, he spotted an unoccupied nook where he wouldn't be disturbing anyone. He quietly filled out his form, making a conscious effort to make his normally messy handwriting as neat as possible.

Name: Orin Fenix
Race: Human
Age: 16
Relevant Skills: Cooking, Herbalism, Gardening
Preferred Employment: Chef
Expected Stay In Syliras: Resident

Shyly, he stood up and made his way to the secretary. Waiting for her to finish up with another newcomer, he bounced slightly with nervousness. What if his skills weren't good enough? Should he have put down something less lofty under preferred employment? Unable to make eye contact, he handed over his form. There was a sick feeling in his stomach, and, unable to stop himself, he blurted out, "I'll do anything! Please, just let me stay here?" Mortified, he blushed to the tips of his ears and whispered, "Sorry ma'am." He should have tried to make himself look calm and put together and had probably just ruined everything. He always was making a fool of himself like that, his slightly impulsive nature earn verbal and often physical rebukes from those around him. He tensed slightly, almost expecting something of the sort here, even though no one had been anything other than kindly to him so far.
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