The Elegance (WIP)

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The Elegance (WIP)

Postby Matthew on July 9th, 2013, 11:48 am

The Elegance
The Elegance is a business that offers an Escort for a paying client. A list of males and females are advertised, each with a described skill set. While the Herald's Arms is available for simple pleasures of the flesh, the Elegance offers more. While they may certainly indulge those pleasures, they also have a wide variety of other things to choose from. Each Escort is available for graceful showings at public events that require a partner, simple company, music, even just for the feel of a warm body sleeping next to yours. This sort of service is more expensive, but is designed to be safer for the normally-dangerous life of the average 'prostitute'. Consult the front desk of the Elegance for details on what they can offer you*.

Business Type: Escort Service

Goods and Services Offered:

Base Income: Prostitute 4gm

Skill Bonus: Since the tasks of the Escort can vary wildly, there are several skills which can give bonuses to their base income. Seduction is usually the staple of any Escort's skill set, but Acting, Cooking, Dance, Massage, Persuasion, Politics, and Rhetoric can also come into play. It all depends on the services each Escort individually offers.

Matthew :
A L2 in Seduction gives a 1.5 bonus to his daily wage.

Total Income: 10gm per Escort booking, minus 4gm per working Escort. The business is also unique in the fact that Escorts are the ones who set up their own list of services, along with the prices. A small cut is taken from this payment, and the rest is for the Escort. Total income will be further defined upon Employees being acquired.

  • Rental of a 'nice' business location within the Syliras walls.
  • Wages for employees.
  • Costs of training new employees (self defense, time spent verifying their skills, etc).
  • Luxurious Office | 9,000gm
  • 3 Elaborate Master Bedrooms | 7,500gm
  • 1 City Acre of Land | 1,000gm
  • Thick Glass Roof | ??gm
  • If possible, purchasing one of the art galleries in the Illythian District and redesigning it might be a little cheaper. There is no real room to build new buildings, so an empty one will have to be bought and modified. A failing art gallery would provide a sophisticated setting, and can be tinkered with to further resemble the look we are going for.

Example Business Card, written on normal paper, cut into small rectangles to be personally handed out. A little flimsy. Still in development, as I believe there is a bit too much focus on sex. :
Matthew Wayne

Human | 25 | Male

Professional Escort Services

Skill set:
-Questionable Things*

*Some restrictions apply, see Escort for details

*If you do not see a service listed that you feel we would be able to perform, please do not hesitate to ask our front desk.

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The Elegance (WIP)

Postby Gillar on August 19th, 2013, 9:45 am

You have a good start so far. Am I correct in assuming you will eventually have NPCs to work as a part of your escort service? If you wish to have the 4 gm base income for a prostitute, your clients will have to be more exclusive and refined than the average person. That in mind, your Skill bonus, at least for your PC, would be 2 gm thus bringing you a total of 6 gm a day. I can see the Sales Bonus based on exclusiveness and maybe a signature style of sorts (use your imagination) of 1 gm bringing you a total of 7 gm a day.

Also, while you may charge pretty much anything you want individually and in-thread, Seasonal Wages would still be based on the above example figures.

You have a great start and I look forward to seeing how you develop this business plan.
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