Completed Parrying: Its Part of Swordplay

Ricky learns how parrying works, and picks up on its use.

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Parrying: Its Part of Swordplay

Postby Ricky Maze on August 4th, 2013, 7:27 am

Parrying: It's Part of Swordplay
Summer 37th 513 AV; Within the 6th bell
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Ricky may have felt exhausted but just as always he was getting somewhere, Burt had made their lesson quite clear today and it was quickly started there after. "You must learn to deflect all incoming attacks I bring at you, and bring yer own out as well." The words of his father echoed clearly in the guards head, heavy breathing came as his chest heaved, his hands gripped on the wooden longsword he used as his training weapon. "Parryin' is all about timing, learn t' deflect yer enemies blows and strike and you'll be a skilled swordsman at best." Easier said than done of course. The whole bell they practiced Ricky's not been able to intercept his fathers weapon as much as he would've liked, much less get any blows in when he attempt a parry. He still grasped the concept though, and his physique gradually hardened from the hard training he had been doing. Today his muscles hardly felt sore anymore, nearly stiff as stone but not so much any pain anymore.

Burt charged at Ricky with his sword raised, a downward arc came from Ricky's left as he reacted with a block. Though the intention of this block was more so put into a flourish Ricky pulled, the swords clobbed against on another with a flick of the pole against Burt's weapon. This caused Ricky's sword to bounce off Burt all in one move, but his father retaliated with a twirl of the blade to send Ricky's away as he brought his blade up around and back down, Ricky brought his sword across from his left as both their swords collided once more with the two of them grunting.

Their focus purely on their target Burt was sure he would be able to hold off Ricky's swings and get his own in as well, he had been doing so for the entire half of the bell they had trained. Of course Ricky was just as determined for his abilities to pull through, to become better as he put in the extra effort to make something better of himself. Sure enough with a flick of the wrist Ricky brought his blade under Burt's after their counteract, and swung the blade up and around as the wood scraped hard against each other. Burt's sword was directed to go overhead with a thrust to his right shoulder once more as Ricky took the opportunity. Success.

Ricky's wooden point poked into Burt's shoulder as he backed away, a twist around with the wooden blade swung to Ricky as he arched his blade downward, a upward turn over with his sword caused Burt's miss the target as Ricky brought the blade over to his father's stomach with a smirk. The wooden sword moved to it's mark with quick but controlled speed, a gentle thunk against the flesh of his father as Burt looked down to it with furrowed eyebrows. "He knows I'm catchin' on."

"Yer learnin' quick m'boy. Perhaps you already knew how t' do parries t' begin with." He quirked with one eyebrow raised.

"Knew what they were, but haven't been able t' do this many o' them til t'day." He admitted with a smirk, Burt chuckled in between breath's. Both were tired out already from their session, but Ricky was determined to get these lessons he'd been learning down. He enjoyed the workout from the training, although it had been hard on his muscles for the first few days. "Let's get t' it then." Ricky nodded with both hands on the hilt of the sword once more, Burt chuckled once more at the enthusiasm. Both men sweated profusely and yet they continued the session with no time wasted, sure enough they would need a break but for now the two would continue practice.

Burt would stand only for a moment as though he were occupied, then go in for the swing as though to surprise his son. Ricky wasn't tricked so easily however, thus the two went into the exhange of further blows and parries as Ricky found it difficult to get past Burt's guard. He would continue to try and put in all the extra effort, and he would very well become more in sync with the parrying tricks.
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Parrying: Its Part of Swordplay

Postby Abstract on October 21st, 2013, 12:41 pm

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