Completed The Mortal Draw

A sword technique that's dangerous but deadly.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

The Mortal Draw

Postby Ricky Maze on August 24th, 2013, 1:56 pm

The Mortal Draw
Summer 38th, 513 AV; 8th Bell
Location: Outskirts of Zeltiva

The morning kiss of Syna blared over the sea as she rose ever so high over the horizon, the bells of the day counted her acension into the sky as she brought her warm endless light down upon the sea and the city next to it. Zeltiva looked to practically glow as the heat started its rise, the days grew only hotter as they passed one after the other. It was almost to the point where it was unbearable for the guard, but Ricky nevertheless pushed through each day with determination ready. Burt stood in front of him with instruction one the one last trick Ricky would learn, one that was easy to pick up on but very difficult to use. For instance it required the enemy to least expect it, and that usually meant the assailant struck the first blow. "You've come a long way son, but I believe this will be the last bit I can teach ya. After you learn this your true test will begin, as we will both spar 'til one o' us drop." Burt finished with a nod, which Ricky in turn nodded to show that he understood.

The Mortal Draw. Dangerous because the risks it involve, but deadly if used and timed just right. As Burt demonstrated the instruction with Ricky observant eyes, the guard completely grasped at how such a useful technique came to be so dangerous. One would have their own weapon withdrawn to look passive, almost unwilling to fight in a sense, while the enemy would charge in for their attack. Then when the enemy least expected it, the blade is immediately drawn for one quick blow, a blow that would be the last thing they see before their end. A risky move that no doubt required a sharp mind to call the right time, yet a gambit that could very well turn the tides of battle. Burt readied his wooden sword with the instruction for Ricky to perform this technique, and he would go easy at first to allow his son to get a feel for the trick, but essentially that would change to test his learning capability. He would gravitate to more faster, harsher assaults to stimulate a reaction that would hopefully be well timed. For Ricky,this was all the more nerve wrecking.

"With the blade holstered at me side..." He repeated as he mimicked the wooden sword being sheathed at his waist. "Stand vigilant and ready to act..." He took deep breaths as the warm humid air filled his lungs, the moist smell of the sea as it's salty flavor fumed the bay. "And with sword in hand..." Burt had charged at him with his sword slightly raised, as though he were intending to swing from the side to cleave through Ricky. He was closer now, closer with each wide step as he zipped across the circle to his son. "End yer enemy's life before they strike." Ricky's focus counted the ticks, just at the moment where he was ready to strike. As Burt brought his blade over further in his enacted assault, Ricky felt the grip on the hilt of his sword tighten as though it where a really blade. He started to spin counter clockwise as he drew out his blade, as there would've been no time to strike if he were to simply draw his sword. Thus when his blade was unleashed it was brought over in a downward arc, and it struck his fathers left shoulder before the man could finsh his attack.

Burt staggered back as though he blade cut through his flesh, the wood of the sword already started to create a bruise where it was visible. His attack had been interrupted, and sure enough had the sword been actual metal Ricky would've ended his life there. However being a man that felt no physical pain anymore, Burt easily brushed the fact he wad bruised out of his mind. Instead he only had a serious look of approval, mixed with the determination for his son to falter and time his strike wrongly. "Very good. You learn quickly son." He admired with an unchanged expression, Ricky gave a slight chuckle and nodded once again. With the blade positioned at his waist, he readied himself for another enacted attack. The two would continue this training method for the next two bells, and just when the day became unbearable with heat they called it a session and ended it. In that time Ricky had familiarized himself well enough to know what the Mortal Draw is, and very much learned when to time his strikes when the technique was performed. Should he ever face a real enemy with the intent to kill, he now knew of a very risky but very useful move that would end the attackers life. Such is the nature of the Mortal Draw, to strike when both are at their most vulnerable; to end the fight just as soon as it began.
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The Mortal Draw

Postby Abstract on October 24th, 2013, 9:30 pm

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