Completed What's That Movement?!

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What's That Movement?!

Postby Ricky Maze on August 31st, 2013, 8:15 pm

What's That Movement?!
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"Petch yeah, almost home!" Ricky's inside voice cheered with much enthusiasm as he climbed the stone staircase up to the second floor, his shift had finally ended and he was nearly inside his home now. Though a room wasn't much of a house, it was still nice to consider a place so nonetheless. Ricky more so found that the whole building was his home, though he had yet to purchase the rest. As he entered the hallway he walked on to his bedroom door and wasted no time in walking in, ready to make himself comfortable with a change into his regular clothes. "I'm home!" He simply cheered just as he did almost everyday, Telion sat on the wooden chair near the window with her eyes out to the evening sky, her gaze quickly shifted to Ricky with a gentle smile on her face.

"Welcome home." She giggled a bit as she rose with Fenvur in her hands, the kitten looked around wildly as he didn't expect to rise so quickly. "How was your patrol?" She inquired during her approach to Ricky, she took a moment and placed Fenvur on the bed as Ricky came close and wrapped his arms around her.

"Tirin' as always, the same thing happens ev'ryday." He whispered in her ear with a wide grin, she laughed and leaned into him with a sigh. Comfortable to have him home once more.

"At least you're home now, we can spend the rest of our dull evening together." She quirked to him and he couldn't help but chuckle, the thought naturally welcomed as he wouldn't have it any other way. He loved being with her. Always did. Now they were tied together with stronger feels than before, and he truly looked forward to take his vows with her when the festival arrived.

"No evenin' with you is dull love." He remarked to her with a wide grin, and she chuckled a bit more as the two swayed a little. She was locked in his arms, embraced armorously as though nothing would touch her. He was her protector, her guardian and best friend all in one. They were truly happy to be together like this. Suddenly something moved. A spasm occured just under her belly that went unnoticed, that is until another twitch came along that surprised Ricky as well as Telion. "Oh shyke!" He drew his hands from her while she remained wrapped in his arms, both looked down at her abdomen as Telion's expression was pure awe.

"Oh my Goddess!" She shook in his arms for a moment with a wide smile on her face, a giggle followed as her hands went from Ricky's forearms to the ever small bump below her belly. "Oooh by all the Gods out there!" She couldn't stop giggling, awe still filled her expression.

"Was that the babe?" He asked her with amazement in his voice, Telion simply pulled his hands back down to her lower belly, and then his question was easily answered. He could feel twinges all underneath her skin, movement as though something alive wiggled inside of her. He couldn't help but gasp as his jaw dropped, his mind filled with excitement as he motions lessened only just a little. "That's our child." Another spasm occured once more before the movement finally ceased. "Petch! I think we're havin' a boy!" He cheered, Telion looked up to him with a big smile.

"I think girl."

"That's a helluva kick f'r a girl." He remarked with a chuckle, Telion closed her eyes with a squeak as she giggled some more.

"It feels bubbly down there!" She cried while the two laughed. Ricky couldn't help but wonder what it must feel like on the inside, to feel the movement of something growing inside you. His heart jumped at an extra pace at the mere feeling of movements he felt on the surface, to be able to feel such a thing truly amazed him. He could never have imagined it to be this exciting.

"That's our kid in there." He said with a joyful tone, Telion looked up to him with big content eyes. "He's movin' 'round f'r us."

"She." Telion correct. The both of them laughed shortly after, as both felt sure of the baby's gender. Ricky couldn't help but think how he was ironically correct, there was no evening that was dull so long as he was with her.
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What's That Movement?!

Postby Abstract on October 29th, 2013, 4:52 pm

Grade Awarded!





~ The Baby Kicked!




Nothing much to give here, but it was still very sweet... enjoy the lore! Good luck with Ricky's baby... especially from what I've heard of your plots >.>

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