Solo Seasonal Shopping

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Seasonal Shopping

Postby Sosicly Magnolia on September 26th, 2013, 8:48 pm

2nd of Autumn, 513AV

The Orchard Market was probably best during midday. Stalls closing, easier haggling, less people but like most Symenestra Sosicly worked during midday so she was there, waiting on top of one of the market stalls, trying to figure out how to hit everything in one go along with everyone else.

Not releasing her thread, Sosicly maneuvered around so she could pull out her list, the only other thing she had brought besides what she hoped was the proper amount of miza. Beside each item she had marked a little B, R, A or G for the colored stalls her items would be in. She was lucky most of her things were in a blue stall.

Going to the nearest one Sosicly smiled and waved recognizing the young woman, Neliana Peony, who ran the small stall. “More writing supplies? You should think about just getting a bulk supply, Sosicly.”

With a shrug Sosicly handed over the list, and sat down to wait while Neliana wandered around the stall making small talk.

“What do you do with the paper when you’re done? Just drop it off the side? You should probably just try to burn it. Oh! Make it an offering! Do you already do that?” Sosicly nodded, holding open her knapsack while the other girl dropped in the supplies. “It’s a good thing you’re so consistent. I always make sure to place an order with the Aconite’s. Speaking of traders, you seen the traders last season right?! I heard one of the non-Symenestra bought one of their people, they sold her. Are you getting anything else? I know one of the stalls a few over got some new spices or something. Have you gotten your medicine yet?”

Sosicly raised an eyebrow then shook her head, “Mm, you should stop by then. We have these knew things too, I almost forgot—don’t roll your eyes. Their called inksticks. Watch.”

Pulling out one of the books from Sosicly’s knapsack she wrote out with a…stick of ink? Sosicly plucked it from the other girls fingers and tried it herself. It would be much easier to use when she was traveling. That way she wouldn’t need an ink vial. Nodding to the girl she held up three fingers.

“That it for now?” Sosicly nodded again, digging out her coins from the bottom of the knapsack. She began counting them, not surprised when Neliana cut her off to throw in the price for the inksticks. “Nine gold. And I don’t see why you just don’t have your things carted. One day you might carry too much.” Ignoring the last comment she handed the girl her money, who grinned and told her she should buy more often. It earned her a glare and Sosicly made to move off to the nearest blue stall. Though Neliana was right. The knapsack was heavy than she anticipated. “Ah! Wait! Sosicly! I sent over the heavier stuff to your Web already.”

Sighing, she turned back and waited for the girl to get the rest of the price, and wondered what is was she had asked for previously. As if sensing the thought Neliana grinned.

“Your loom and some kits. I don’t really remember what for but it was pricey.”

She didn’t really remember what she order but she knew the girl wasn’t lying, and handed over the extra coin, waiting a brief second before swinging away from the stall.


Most of her medicine came from the Purging whenever she stopped in for a check-up but her tea she preferred to always have on hand. Already she had it set aside at the counter but she took a moment to wander around the stall, poking at spices here and there.

Sosicly lifted a few spices, and herbs before putting them back. She could always go bother her mother to make her something. She wasn’t fond of making food herself. Going to the owner of the stall, Sosicly took her ginseng and decided she was glad she had gone at night instead of morning.

She really wanted a nap.

Ledger :
Item Price
Blank Books (2) 6GM
Quills (5) 25CM
Inksticks (3) 9GM
Inkvial (5) 5GM
Sewing Kit Replacement 9GM
Chalk (4) 4CM
Hand Loom 5GM
Jewelcrafters Kit 250GM
Ginseng Leaves (10oz) 10CM

Total= 284GM.39CM
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Seasonal Shopping

Postby Ensnare on September 28th, 2013, 2:32 am



Skill XP Gained
Observation 1
Intelligence 1

Lore Gained
Making Used Paper into an Offering
Rumor: Non-Symenestra Buying&Selling Their Own People
Ink Sticks Are More Convienent

Items/Consequences: -284gm 39cm, + 2 Blank Books, 5 Quills, 3 Inksticks, 5 Ink Vials, 1 Sewing Kit Replacement, 4 pieces of chalk, 1 Hand Loom, 1 Jewelcrafter's Kit, and 10oz Ginseng Leaves

If you feel I have graded you unfairly, or if you have any questions, please send me a PM and we'll work the problem out. :)

Notes :
I think my eyeballs decided to implode on themselves at the total price of everything put together, whooo.. That is a lot of money. Also! If you haven't already, make sure to subtract the amount spent from your ledger. :)
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