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Careful What You Ask For

Postby Sosicly Magnolia on October 9th, 2013, 7:56 pm

44th of Autumn, 513AV

Sosicly peered at each bowl in confusion. There was several in front of her, each with a pulpy mixture of some kind, and beside it were obviously the plants it was made of. Warily she looked up at Veladra who grinned at her raised eyebrow, “You need to know these things, and the Purging has an antidote should anything happen accidently.”

The girls’ eyes narrowed but she carefully smoothed and beginnings of a frown to look at the bowls, finally she scribbled in her book and held it out to her brother who nodded, though he looked a bit put out. Her lips tightened a fraction.

I point and you name it or I won’t eat it.

“I’m not telling you if it’s edible before you eat it though.” Her look clearly said what he could do with her words before she flicked out a nail to the first bowl, then picked up the plant to inspect it. It was thin in both steam and leaves, smelt a bit like grass and held three little circles all interconnecting in the middle. “Clover.”

That one she knew, and drank a sip of the plant with a grin. “Edible. Usually it is found in open areas.”

Then pointed to the next feeling a bit more confident as she picked up the small berry. It was slightly squishy and round in shape but held firm until she pierced it with a nail, the dark juice assaulting her noise with a light sweet tingle. Rolling it between her fingers she noted the bottom was slightly open as if it was trying to explode. After a moments hesitation she put it back down and shook her head, shocked when Veladra pulled the bowl of the berries juice and drank it in one quick chug. “Edible. Elderberry. Only eat the berry of the plant when boiled or else it can be fatal.”

Ignoring the comment she pointed to the next bowl and picked up the flower beside it. It was entirely yellow, with pretty smooth, small petals that had small gaps of space in-between each while the center was a bright green. The stem was thick, fuzzy and as she peered at the bottom she noted it was hollow. Adding pressure she watched more of the milk colored liquid drip out. It smelt odd and made her fingers stick, she pulled it away with a frown. “Buttercup.”

This time she licked the liquid off her fingers and made a face, grabbing for her water skin to rinse out her mouth. Her face clearly dared him to tell her it was edible but Veladra only laughed, “Not edible. Not necessarily poisonous to us either unless it is a high dose but animals should steer clear and so should you. They are found every, look for bright yellow.”

Already she detested this game but her brother she knew would not give her false information. Didn’t mean he’d give away the information easily though. Letting out a sigh she pointed to the next bowl, glaring at the yellow plant beside it. The plant beside it was startling like the previous one, and she glared at her brother next but he waved his hand and she continued her inspection. It was yellow as well; the same hollow green stem but there was no odd smell and no odd milky substance. And on the top instead of large yellow petals they were more like a clump of yellow grass on a steam. She pushed the bowl away but when her brother reached to take it snatched it back and took a sip. “Dandelion. Edible. They pop up here and there, you can eat the whole thing.”

The next she did not need to identify but her look was clearly not pleased. It was kelp, probably taken from the blue grotto, and ground into a watery paste in the bowl. Even from here she could smell it though she had been avoiding it. Once more she took a sip, making a face and rinsing out her mouth with water again.

“Kelp and seaweed are edible. Obviously you need water to find it.” He looked highly amused by her continuous testing and she just hoped there was nothing more poisonous than the buttercup. The next was another berry. It was red, looked like a tiny cherry but the bowl did not smell of cherries and it was tougher than the elderberry. She picked up the bowl Veladra stood suddenly, jostling the table and the bowl fell into her lap, soaking her. She glared at her brother who only smiled sweetly, “That is most certainly not edible. Lucky you spilt it. It is called Yew.”

The last one was tail, reedy looking, with a rough brown top and no leaves. She twisted it this way and that and eyed the bowl nervously. But her brother just kept grinning, giving nothing away. “Cattail. Edible, look near water.” After she took a drink of the tea made from it he grinned widely, flashing his fangs, “Would you like to play again, Bittaly? I can get new plants.”

Glaring at her brother, at her soaked clothes and at the world in general she shook her head and scribbled in her book while her free hand pointed to the door sternly. I will try reading instead.

“No thanks?”

Sosicly looked pointedly at her dress and her brother slipped out allowing her to release the tension in her shoulders, wondering why in Viratas name she had allowed that.
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Careful What You Ask For

Postby Ensnare on October 16th, 2013, 3:03 am


Skill XP Gained
Observation 2
Wilderness Survival 1

Lore Gained
Edible Plants: Clover
Edible Plants: Elderberry
Elderberry Reminder: Eat Only The Berry When Boiled
Inedible Plants: Buttercup
Edible Plants: Dandelion
Edible Plants: Kelp and Seaweed
Inedible Plants: Yew
Edible Plants: Cattail
Playing a Dangerous Game With Plants

Items/Consequences: --

If you feel I have graded you unfairly, or if you have any questions, please send me a PM and we'll work the problem out. :)

Notes :
This was more than less directed at gaining lore, correct? If you wanted more wilderness survival, or more supportive lores on the subject matter, more time and effort should have been put into the thread.. I was actually hoping to see Sosicly writing down notes.. or going to the Cribellum to learn more.. Theres more to wilderness survival than just knowing whats edible. Otherwise, I did get some giggles at her brother, that dastardly Symenestra playing games on her. :P
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