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"To be true as the tide, and free as the wind-swell, joyful and loving in letting it be..."

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Calypso (Edreina)

Postby Razkar on December 20th, 2013, 4:45 am

Razkar gave a short bow as Justus extended his thanks and a sincere-sounding promise of goodwill should the two of them return to Zeltiva. There was no smile to be hidden on the Myrian's face, however, which the Denvali might have expected from other sellswords or killers-for-hire. Over two thousand gold pieces in his pocket (well, their pockets) and the Myrian's countenance was as stoic and professional as always.

Because, perhaps, the money was always a distant second for his people.

"You both had best be off as well, you'll be contacted again tomorrow. We'll have your payment ready then."

"We shall make ready," Razkar promised, shaking the mans hand firmly and meeting his gaze, "As I know you will."

William gave a nod as firm as his handshake and Razkar felt a steely purpose in the simple gesture. The big moustachioed man wouldn't be in his world for long, but the effect he would have in Edreina and Razkar's immediate future would be huge. He would prepare their charges, rally them, direct them... and be responsible for making sure prying eyes and unwelcome ears stayed away from them.

Razkar found himself sure the barbarian would not fail him. No, that was not right... he would not fail Justus, nor his people.

With nothing more to say, Razkar stepped out into the darkness, giving the old woman now industriously darning a pair of socks - just one of the colossal basket next to her chair - an even deeper bow as he did. An Elder and a female both; respect for her was as automatic to a Myrian as breathing and training.

The night was as close and dim as when they arrived... but did the streets seem more empty than usual? Perhaps... or were they simply more... studied? The Denvali Quarter had been ravaged and purged since the attempted coup, but Justus and his people still had an intangible strength here. Anyone that entered it was logged and followed within ticks; within chimes, all who needed to know of their presence did.

Now you are in that category? As an ally? Strange affairs, boy...

Silence reigned, save for their footfalls on the rude cobblestones, echoes dulled by the thick fog. Razkar used the blazing towers of the University as his guide, keeping his pace southwesterly, back into the tangle of East Street... and then they would double back to the Quarter and their lodgings.

Ah, intrigues and espionage. An endless riddle you must weave and solve at the same time. Battle is much simpler... and cleaner.

"Well," he murmured, voice oddly light given the nights furtive meetings, "At least that's our future decided for a season or two, hmm?" His "apprentice" gave him a quizzical look and he flashed a grin in return, slash of sharp and pearly teeth stark in the shadows beneath his hood. "Tis not the coin, Edri. The journey... the purpose... that's what matters..."
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Calypso (Edreina)

Postby Eldritch on January 2nd, 2014, 11:44 pm

Razkar :
Negotiation +5
Rhetoric +3
Persuasion +3
Flux +1

-Seeking out refugees for a job.
-Justus: Leader of the Denvali
-Ignotus Everto: Responsible for putting Justus in power
-William: Pretty distinctive
-Mercenary contract: Accepted.

Edreina :
Persuasion +5
Hypnotism +3
Observation +3

-Using Hypnotism to guide the conversation.
-Justus: A Hypnotist?
-Justus: The Leader of the Denvali
-Ignotus Everto: Just how powerful is he?
-Mercenary Contract: Accepted

Loot :
+ 1200 GM's for Razkar
+1250 GM's for Edriena

Notes :
Sorry this took so long, like really really sorry.

If you have any comments/questions/concerns about your grade please PM me and we will work something out.

Keep on writing!
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