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Postby Razkar on December 8th, 2012, 4:49 pm

I'll organize this a li' better as I go on, but for the moment I'm trying to get it straight in my own head before I get onto anything else.

Plans for the Future

Winter, 513AV:
-Leave for Sahova, protecting traveling Denvali, on the 78th, leaving on the Stormrider. Arrive in Sahova on the 1st of Spring.

Spring, 514AV
-Go through with The Plan
-While in Sahova, discover the existence of Summoning, the Diverse and Projection
-End up traveling back to Sunberth with the Svefra crew, paying his way with gold and chores and protection for them

Useful Links:
-Travel Times
-Djed Storm Effects In Falyndar, and in Taloba
-NPC List
-Knife Holds
-Knife Combatives
-Archery Tips
-Wilderness Survival and TONS More...
-Razkar's Templates
-Notes on Tracking, and here
-Razkar's Ideal Fighting Style

Mox'ioa - maternal grandmother (deceased)
Yurta - mother (deceased)
Zek - father

Tuoeil - older sister
Thraxa - older sister
Sheema - older sister
Qerix - older sister (deceased)
Karvu - younger sister
Jeenu - younger sister
Jakuo - younger brother

Kileop - paternal uncle
Fexuo - maternal aunt
Exuli - paternal aunt

Akela - cousin
Arken - cousin (deceased)
K'rea - cousin

Lowax - Clan Matriarch
Ruwama - healer
Mayla - witch

Fang Keran (formerly Rehkuna and briefly Razkar):
Oxil, Zuran, Xarel, Uxera and Berniz
Instructor: Herliz

deffer to wren in regards to personal magics, i deffer to rayage in regards to world magics, anna for mage craft, goss and baldy for gnosis,
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