[Group Plotnote] Casual Syliras Winter Plots

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[Group Plotnote] Casual Syliras Winter Plots

Postby Riken Avadur on December 20th, 2013, 6:50 am

View on Syrilas

Riken views the city as a web, over which he reaches and spins further layers. He does his best to keep up-to-date with the latest gossip and information, amidst the contracts and regular surveillance he conducts as part of his job as an Information Dealer. After spending the effort to learn to navigate the winding levels of the Stormhold, and making a small network of acquaintances and clients, one could say Riken views the city warmly, if he/she was close enough to truly know the man.

As for the winter, there truly isn't that much difference in his work. Seeing as most of his rendezvous are done within the castle itself, the weather rarely influences his schedule. His more discrete clients are dealt with in a more precarious manner given the lack of an outdoor scene, but it's never an insurmountable problem.

Strengths: Intelligent, Intriguing, and Innocuous.
Weakness: Distrusting, Deceptive, and often Distant.


Primarily his core cadre at the moment; Intelligence, Observation, Impersonation, Disguise.
That is not meant to be restrictive, but should help serve as an indicator of how he tends to operate, at least initially. He's not the greatest when it comes time to fight, but he can hold his own for a decent amount of time (Against a drunk, perhaps). Also interested in learning Hypnotism if anyone is at a level to teach it, but that's definitely not something I'm focusing on at the moment.


Riken is always looking for acquaintances to make, and possible contacts for his intelligence work. If you ask any of the tavern keeps around the castle for a man of knowledge or a keeper of secrets, they should direct you to a location (randomly decided on a week-by-week basis), and give you a name; Ouroboros. It is strongly suggested that you support said tavern by buying a drink or two, as well.

If you have a more nefarious streak and wish to work with/for him, message me, or if you have an interesting intrigue plot you've always wanted to flesh out, Riken would be happy to do his part. Cheers, mates. ^^

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[Group Plotnote] Casual Syliras Winter Plots

Postby Tourmal Firemane on December 24th, 2013, 6:35 pm

Tourmal Firemane

Tourmal's CS

Tourmal is flirtatious, hard working, and loves mead.

Tourmal see's Syliras as a means to an end. He wants to become a master weaponsmith and being from Endrykas its hard to come across a good supply of materials. Syliras having an iron mine nearby and a steady supply of resources for his craft seemed the perfect place to go. It was also the only place close enough to home that he knew, of which fit the bill. He enjoys the safety of the city, he doesn't have to worry about glassbeak attacks, and there is a steady supply of interesting people he can meet and women he can woo. However due to the recent raids the Drykas initiated he gets some suspicious looks from timeto time. Especially when his windmarks are uncoverd at the Soothing Waters.

Skills I need ranked: weaponsmithing, seduction, riding and horsemanship, light hammer, and eventually dual wielding. Tourmal isn't really capable of teaching anyone anything he at very most might be able to give a pointer here or there but that is all. If he could teach anything it would be weaponsmithing, blacksmithing, and metalsmithing.
His skills are as follows.
Weaponsmithing 30
Blacksmithing 21
Metalsmithing 20
Light Hammer 13
Riding 11
Seduction 7

One on one, poss group threads.
He would like a good group of friends, a number of sexual encounters(note: if he gets it on the first night he won't call back. Lol). Unless you are a woman Tourmal will not be interested in training you immediately upon meeting you. If you are a man we will need to get to know eachother before he feels comfortable training you.

Down with the bday party I should prolly get to know Ildiko before i go. Unless it is in a public place then I can happen into the place.
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