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Edreina wants a lesson in Hypnotism, but magic isn't given freely.

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Behind Those Eyes

Postby Matthew on July 7th, 2014, 7:59 pm

Matthew's display of pleasure wasn't so incredibly silent, face twisting in delight and lips opening in a throaty gasping moan of the Svefra's name. His lips were curved in a smile, thrilled that she would tease him back, that she would seek to drive him even higher in his arousal. The tip of his arousal throbbed and pleaded, pulsing hotly and then thickening ever-so-slightly. She was wet and he was dripping from his peak, two silent displays of total and utter arousal from two very different bodies. This was one of their natural purposes and they were now crying out to be allowed to fulfill that purpose. Procreate, his body screamed. Take her deeply, it yelled.

Her body apparently yelled something that was very much the same, and then suddenly she was upon him. He had thought that he no longer had anything left in him resisting. He was proven wrong, something deep within his mind snapping and unleashing the very last chain of control.

He arched, shouting in pleasure, defined hips rolling upwards in a vicious thrust that absolutely refused to hold back any longer. Normally he would have teased, normally he would have taken it inch by inch, but what was the point any longer? There was no point. He filled her and he filled her precisely, thrust angled to slip inside of her without pushing too deep or connecting with any solid flesh. No, her pleasure was as important as his. He filled her as deeply as he could, teeth showing in a feral grin as she arched and sighed out. Her neck looked delicious.

The muscles in his stomach flexed and rippled as he sat up on the spot, lunging out. His chest slapped wetly to her chest, sweat melting them together, the smell of cologne, seawater and sweat growing even heavier in the air. It filled his nose and he breathed it down into his lungs, finding even more satisfaction in it. Why did no one ever comment on the smell that sex had? It was such an incredibly erotic smell. His hips pulled back and then rolled forward again, depriving her of her fullness before returning it right back to her. He bit into her neck, teeth finding the arch on the side and sinking in with a playful growl. It was a sharp bite, not at all a playful sort of nibble, something that very seriously threatened to break the skin. Some part of him, some gloriously instinctual part of him dared to guess that Edreina would find pleasure in the pain. Or was it that she would find pleasure in the animalistic nature of such a bite? Or perhaps it was both?

Strong hands and long fingers swept down, once more grabbing ahold of the curves of her rear, digging firmly into the cheeks. He held them and then manipulated them, strong arms rippling with power as he bounced her. He trusted her to roll her hips in such a way that would bring her the most delight, and meanwhile he made sure that he was doing his part. Using her to practically milk him while also making sure that she herself was finding estascy in their actions. He bounced her up and down his length, rocking his hips firmly upwards as she came down, also managing to graze the most sensitive nub of her core with his slick waist every time their thighs loudly connected. One hand lifted from her ass, the other flexing with effort. The now-freed hand lifted to tangle in her red locks as his teeth unlatched from her neck, leaving their mark behind as he sought out her eyes again. Not just the surface of them. Behind them. He needed to know what was Behind Those Eyes, as there was where he would be able to make sure he was truly taking her to a place like no other. Lust would make sure that she always remembered him.


He knew the door was around here somewhere. He was so eager to access the knowledge that he needed that the few moments it took for him to find the entrance to the library were perhaps the longest he had ever had to deal with. But now he had found it and all was well. Lust tugged the door open, a smirk flickering onto his face one second and then freezing the next.

Matthew stood on the other side, eyes completely blank, not even a flicker of thought behind them. Lust blinked, stepping back, head whipping around to check where he had last seen Matthew. No, the Harlot was still there, still face-down in the ocean like he had been just ticks ago. What was this, then? Lust turned, bright blue eyes studying the dead ones of his clone. In the distance, something buzzed softly.


After a moment the smile returned, but this time it seemed sad.

"Oh. You. I know who you are. You know he will never pick you, don't you?" The clone of Matthew didn't blink, didn't move. He merely watched. "Now that you have shown yourself, he'll know. He'll remove you and keep the rest of us. It'll be his only choice. Then I will finally have her, I promise you." The clone reached out, his face as expressionless as a stone statue.
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Behind Those Eyes

Postby Edreina on July 17th, 2014, 1:37 am

As he sat up, Edreina instinctively rolled her hips just so, maintaining an angle she had found pleasurable. The mere act of adjusting to accommodate his movements was intensely erotic as they became tuned to the desires of one another. When he moved his hips one way, she moved her own another, creating a pleasant amount of friction between them. If played correctly, they would be able to find a rhythm with one another, each doing half of the work so that the pace could be maintained or, if so they chose, increased. His teeth found her neck and pleasure rippled from her lips down, ending with a delighted throb.

Something changed in the red haired woman as Matthew took hold of her backside and began to more thoroughly dictate their paths of motion; normally smooth and regular undulations of the hips and torso became more impactful and ragged. Her hips moved to the beat of a drum, rolling forward before stopping sharply and changing direction and then repeating the process. The drum was slow at times as Edreina lost herself in a particular stroke of Matthew's body against her own, only to grow frantic with the next.

Each of Edreina's Lusts were cycling through her, seeking to fit the moment and be pleased by Matthew. Part of her wondered if each side of her Lust would be satisfied by the dark haired man before the drug wore off; it was only under the drug that the countless facets of pleasure could be so clearly defined to her.

Her own hands had been a trembling mess that shifted from gripping Matthew's shoulders to clawing lightly at his chest or back with a sharp intake of breath to heighten the intensity of her pleasure. The young woman cried out as his teeth left her neck and some wave of pent up pleasure was released along with the pressure.

In the eyes of most, they would see a woman surrendering to a man as their eyes met again. They would see only the way that her body tensed and relaxed at his urging and the dilation of her pupils as blue met blue once again.

But they did not see beyond the bodies and into their souls.

There was no more Edreina, no more Matthew. There was a single entity without a name as they shared a single body, a single soul, and a single desire. This entity was they and we and us and our without being a plural. There was no true submission, no theft of dominance, but an ebb and flow of the two energies between the two. Some part of Edreina felt that Matthew needed the control, so she willingly gave it to him. She trusted him to exert some measure of control over her with his hands and his teeth without endangering her life; if he broke skin or left violet marks, they would be badges of a time of fulfillment, not abuse. Their bodies moved together and separately to seek their own pleasure in one another's ecstasy.

Their own identities were no longer on the surface. So they had to delve deeper to find themselves again.

Something about looking into Matthew's eyes was so different than looking into any of her past lovers'. In their eyes, she had only seen their desires and their pleasure. This time, she saw herself, flushed face and glistening body. She saw all of the fantasies she had ever carried in her heart and the ways in which Matthew could endeavor to sate and go beyond them. If she chose to look deeper, she would see aspects of herself she dare not face in this moment. In his eyes, she had found herself.

There was ice, still, around Matthew's being as she looked into her eyes, hips slowing to a gentle pace as she became lost in this new avenue of exploring her new lover. There was Lust enveloping all that Matthew was like a pulsating burgundy haze. This was not the Lust of an acting harlot and the realization that he really and truly desired her was a heady experience that threatened to consume her and become the center of her actions. But would that really be so bad?

Just as she was about to give in to the whims, the Svefra caught the faintest glimpses of two strange emotions creating turmoil beneath the lust. There was the pale yellow of fear and something else she could not quite name.

There was no time for her to reflect upon them, though, as she rolled her hips unconsciously and was physically seized by pleasure, tensing over Matthew for an instant as her mind blanked and devoted all of its processes to simply reveling in the sensation.

OOCSorry! I've had incorrigible writer's block. Hope this gives you enough to work with. I feel awfully rambly. O.O

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Behind Those Eyes

Postby Alea Davenport on March 28th, 2015, 6:01 pm

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History of the Oppression of a Sunberth Miner
Edreina Likes Alcohol
Using Scent to Put Someone At Ease
Edreina’s Teachers: Karin and Ignotus Everto
Overgiving: Sweet Whispers
Effects of Love Dust

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