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Events and important dates to know for Spring 514!

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Calendar for Spring 514

Postby Eldritch on March 1st, 2014, 6:09 am

Spring 514 Calendar

The new Spring marks 514 years having past since the Valterrian, the new year being met with celebration and joy initially but taking a more sinister turn quickly for Zeltiva. The warmth of the new season dispels the winter chill and a number of new vessels shall be set out to sea, the intent of trading being strong. The city shall be a bustle of activity, the events of the Denvali Coup already fast fading from the minds of most as the new leadership of the Quarter appears both satisfactory and willing to assist the city as a whole.

Unfortunately, shadowy elements move behind the scenes and begin to stir out discontent to the population. Mistrust and long held suspicions will evolve into unrest and the passions of hatred will be sparked by darker forces. None in the city will be untouched by what is to come this spring and old rivalries may just become more violent.


-A celebration marking the new year is hosted by the Sailors Guild by the docks.

-A massive breakout from the Scholar's Asylum.


-Final Expedition to the Ancient Quarter. (Seasonal Quest)

Dates to be aware of

1st of Spring: The season change occurs, and the new year is welcomed with cheer and open arms.

3rd of Spring: Vessels are sent from the city to trade, laden with metals and the like.

8th of Spring: Caravans are sent up the Kabrin to Syliras.

15th of Spring: A massive breakout occurs in the Scholar's Asylum, releasing a number of dangerous patients upon the city at large. Damages caused the University and a number of buildings in the city are large.

20th of Spring: While most of the escaped patients from the Asylum have either been rounded up or killed, a trio of reimancers hijack a ship and sail it into the bay. The Wave Guard is dispatched after them.

25th of Spring: Protests are put down outside of the Lord of Council's office, his known usage of magic having been leaked to the general public as well as the fate of Adarin's right hand at his hands.

30th of Spring: The University tries a number of its staff for having been involved in the Asylum break out, appeasing the angry populace with exiles.

35th of Spring: Rage is bred as another magic related incident see's a ship full of both sailors and passengers blown to bits in the middle of the Docks.

50th of Spring: Passions and distrust bred towards magic users over the season reaches its boiling point, as protest turns to civil unrest. The targets being both the University and the Lord of Council.

52nd of Spring: The unrest leaves a good bit of damage to the University.

61st of Spring: Justus, the new leader of the Denvali, organizes for his people to assist in repairing damages caused to the University. The Sailor's Guild meanwhile remains strangely silent about the whole affair.

70th of Spring: An expedition to the Ancient Quarter is arranged, calling upon the best the city has to offer to embark upon it.

Spring Challenges

These are just fun little challenges set to players that are optional but fun to complete. Challenges are listed by month but can be completed in any order you see fit and just have to be finished and done within a given season. Those that complete all of the challenges will earn a shiny Zeltiva seasonal challenge medal for their work. Status Points and other goodies are available for those who complete lesser numbers as well, so everyone is a winner! Each challenge must be either included in the thread or the focus of the thread itself. The threads don't have to be complete as long as the challenge itself is completed within it.

-Join in on the Celebration at the beginning of the season.
-Meet a new love interest.
-Pray at the Shrine of Laviku

-Learn a new skill.
-Get a previous skill to a level higher than it had once been.
-Get drunk and have a hard night on East Street.

-Have your pocket picked.
-Assist it the reconstruction in the University.
-Get into a brawl at the Kelp Bar.

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