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Fall 513 Calendar and Challenges

Postby Verilian on September 5th, 2013, 2:49 pm

Fall 513 Calendar

Fall 513 will be one of the most tumultuous times in recent Zeltivan history, events will occur that threaten to turn the city on its end. Members of the Denvali Sentinel will move to neutralize head the leaders of the Sailors' Guild, University of Zeltiva, and Wave Guard in a Coup. The following weeks will be filled with confusion, violence, and chaos with the various factions attempting to recover from their losses.

The season will be murky and rainy for the most part. Travel to and from the city will be much more difficult for it and trade will be a very risky affair. Offerings to both Laviku and Zulrav are going to be common place and are recommended before attempting any form of travel.


-The Coup d'état

-The Election of the Lord of Council

-Remembrance Day

Dates to be aware of

1st of Fall: The Denvali Coup d'état takes place. The city is thrown into confusion and chaos.

15th of Fall: All travel to and from the city is severely hampered for several days as a massive storm front hits the city. Any fighting or chaos in the city is mostly halted for these days, giving respective factions time to recover and citizens a few days of peace.

25th of Fall: The effects of the coup are brought to a close and things begin to settle down in the city. The Denvali are defeated by Zeltivan Nationalist fighters, small pockets of Denvali resistance cells might remain here and there for a week or two after the fact. Main Denvali leaders are executed away from the public eye and those that assisted the Denvali are exiled. The Denvali Quarter is placed under close watch by the Wave Guard.

31st of Fall: A small storm hits the city, carried down from the northwest as the remnants of larger storms. Many offerings are given to Zulrav in the coming days.

35th of Fall: Elections are held for the next Lord of Council.

37th of Fall: The next Lord of Council comes into office.

40th of Fall: Sahovan representatives arrive. A caravan leaving the city is caught in the coming storm, a number of its members are displaced and lost in the Wildlands.

45th of Fall: A day of remembrance and mourning is declared by the Lord of Council.

50th of Fall: The leaders of the Sailor's Guild and the University meet with the Lord of Council to discuss the fate of the remaining Denvali and possible reparations.

70th of Fall: A small storm causes a couple of trading vessels to go off course when entering the Bay, one sinks while the others are delayed.

Fall Challenges

These are just fun little challenges set to players that are optional but fun to complete. Challenges are listed by month but can be completed in any order you see fit and just have to be finished and done within a given season. Those that complete all of the challenges will earn a shiny Zeltiva seasonal challenge medal for their work. Status Points and other goodies are available for those who complete lesser numbers as well, so everyone is a winner! Each challenge must be either included in the thread or the focus of the thread itself. The threads don't have to be complete as long as the challenge itself is completed within it.

-Help someone in the chaos of the Coup.
-Get into a philosophical debate with either an instructor or student from the University.
-Take a walk down East Street and get your pocket picked.
-Learn something about a race other than your own

-Vote for the next Lord of Council
-Catch a cold from the rainy weather
-Help someone down on their luck
-Pray to Laviku and Zulrav at their respective shrines

-Get involved in a brawl at the Kelp Bar
-Go sailing out in Matthews Bay
-Take a walk through West Street and haggle with the merchants

Important Notes

-If you intend to attempt a thread that directly involves the Coup make sure to PM Eldritch or another Zeltivan Storyteller with what you intend to do. Depending on the gravity of your plans it might require moderation.

Full credit to Eldritch for creating the calendar and challenges.

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