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Kelp beer fuels an all out brawl at the kelp bar. Also known as a weekday at the Kelp Bar.

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[Kelp Bar] You!

Postby Gale Austin McCenry on June 2nd, 2014, 4:24 am

OOCSorry Ricks, had to rough up Gale at least a little bit before you got to him. XD I need to have some fun too ya know!

Gale gasped as the large man landed onto of him. All air within him was pushed out into the fight, and he found himself trying to grasp for breath. However, while Gale was aiming to get air, Harvey was getting up. He groaned in anger and glared at Gale furiously. The gambler had got onto his knees, and the artist went to stand himself. He sat up, pulling his knees up and pushing himself up with a hand behind him. Harvey used the turned over table to stable himself and bring him to his feet.

The murderer had stood up faster, though, and saw Harvey using the table as support. This particular table was round. Maybe if he kept Harvey down for a few more ticks he could book it to the door. Gale raised his leg and shoved the table, it rolling out from under Harvey's grip, resulting in him stumbling and falling onto the ground. However, Gale didn't wait to see what happened to Harvey, because as soon as he kicked the table, he ran straight to the wall, down the clearest path to the door.

For a while, the pessimist thought he actually did it. That he was actually going to get out of there. He passed two other fights without much interference, which was a very big accomplishment in his eyes. But it was as if raise was supposed to come down on his parade, for a roaring yell sounded behind him and the thunder steps of a charge made its way towards him. Gale didn't even have time to look behind him before the enraged man wrapped his bulky arms around Gale's waist and tackling him to the ground.

Gale hit face first against the floorboards, leaving a spatter of blood on the dark wood. Blood smeared across his upper lip as his nose started to bleed. He hollered in pain, but his whine was met with Harvey's hand. The burly man, while the widower was complaining about his nose up and sat on him. He grabbed his left arm with a crushing grip, then pulled it up behind him. Gale wasn't very flexible in the first place, but this was really the only time he regretted it. Harvey raised his arm some more, earning him a whimper from the emancipated man. But apparently that wasn't enough. Harvey took his other hand and grabbed Gale's arm as well, then yanked it to the right, over his back.

Gale screamed in agony, feeling the distinct pop of his shoulder as Harvey pulled his arm out of it's socket. Nevertheless, Harvey let go and stood up. Apparently he was tired with him.

The man grinded his teeth together and he managed to roll himself over on his back, his right hand griping his elbow, as if to help keep his arm still. He opened his tightly closed eyes to see what happened to Harvey, but all he saw was the lower end of Ricky.

How did he recognize Ricky from the waist below? Well, who else was a brute in this bar that would go out of his way to stand between him and an angry beast of a drunken sailor? That and he knew Ricky pretty dang well. He was sure he could recognize Ricky if all he saw was his foot.

"Richard?" Gale questioned with a pain filled voice, though he wasn't expecting an answer.

Harvey was thrown back away from Gale, and he was thoroughly confused as to how. When he gained his composure, he turned to Ricky, frowning at the sight of someone coming in to the fight. Though this didn't mean he wouldn't be more than happy to throw a punch or two at Ricky.

Harvey lunged forward, letting out a typical sailor like war cry. It was as if he thought he was in a battle on his ship. When Harvey was a pace or two away from Ricky, he leaped into the air to tackle him and bring him down to the ground. Something he didn't need to do with Gale, but Ricky was very similar in size to Harvey himself.
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[Kelp Bar] You!

Postby Pulren Marsh on June 7th, 2014, 8:35 am

OOCThis will be my wrapup for Pulren on this one, thanks for all who participated!

The rush of battle was slipping out with the tide, though the fights were still swinging in high gear. The big talker was rolling about below Pulren, whose foot was now sore from the kicking, thank you very much. A slight limp, a swollen eye, throbbing ribs and a loose tooth were more than enough fun for him on that or any other night. The stink of the kelp was equally high and he suspected that a wave of vomit might come over him and everyone else should he not vacate the premises while the vacating was good.

Pushing, shoving and tripping his way to the door, Pulren finally made it through the threshold, the cool, salty night air greeting and slightly invigorating him. there were more combatants outside, though they all seemed to have gotten the hint that Pulren had and were making their way home. Some were worse, some better, all were as plastered. Just making it to the far corner of the bar, Pulren bent and opened his mouth, letting the sea leave his body and wash over the dirt. Twice as bad coming up it was, not to mention the retching and its tendency to make everything that already hurt magnify in its pain.

Wiping the slime from his mouth, Pulren gasped for air, the rapid breathing squeezing his ribs tight as if he were wearing a corset. This would be a time that not having a house would clearly not be an advantage. he would have to walk the stupor off for a few hours until he could get some food and water down and keep it there. No reason to show up at the headquarters in such a sorry shape. Holding on to the building for stability, the young Guard thought to himself about where he might go.

Fate, as it were, decided for him. it often would do just that when indecision reared its ugly head, or thought about it and weighed the pros and cons, anyway. A good bit of shouting came from down the docks and a man was yelling something. The yards are strumming? The cards are gumming?

"The Guards Are Coming!"

This brought Pulren to a feigned state of attention until he realized that he might not want to be seen by superiors in such a sorry shape. he felt like he should also do the bar a favor and tell them the same, but the crier did it for him, which was much appreciated. He felt, if nothing else, that he might have a slight headstart on the others. Staggering and placing one sore foot after the other, Pulren started to make his way toward the Temple of Laviku. It was close enough to the barracks without being too close. he sincerely hoped that was where he was going anyway.

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[Kelp Bar] You!

Postby Aoren on July 26th, 2014, 12:40 am

Riddled with Rewards!

Socialization +1 XP
Rhetoric +2 XP
Brawling +2 XP
Endurance +2 XP

Lores :
  • Kelp Beer: Drink Until You Can’t Taste It
  • Portraits: A Concerned Patron
  • Rhetoric: Insulting One’s Manhood
  • Brawling: Violent Use of An Alcoholic Beverage Receptacle
  • Brawling: Frenzied Drunken Flurry
  • Endurance: Taking A Punch To The Face

Observation +1 XP
Persuasion +1 XP
Acrobatics +1 XP
Brawling +3 XP
Endurance +2 XP

Lores :
  • Grotto: Why Do I Bother?
  • Persuasion: Diffusing Drunken Debauchery
  • Acrobatics: Evading A Bar Brawl Chair To The Face
  • Endurance: Bracing For A Punch

Acrobatics +1 XP
Brawling +2 XP
Rhetoric +1 XP
Endurance +2 XP

Lores :
  • Acrobatics: Evading A Bar Brawler’s Drunken Punch
  • Rhetoric: Jeering A Fellow Brawler
  • Brawling: Surprising A Drunken Foe

Bar brawling seems to be the recurring theme with you three. No more kelp beer! No. Enjoyable to say the least, well done all of you! I would have included injuries in this grade but everything I would have given would be mended and insignificant in the current season.

  • Ariann: Please update your ledger to reflect proper seasonal expenses. When this is done PM me and I will aware your EXP and Lores.
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