Closed The Hypnotist's Gambit pt. I

Tydus works with Shijara's mind in an attempt to cure her hydrophobia.

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The Hypnotist's Gambit pt. I

Postby Tydus Tempest on May 30th, 2014, 7:52 pm

43rd of Spring, 514

Rumbling tides beat against the hull of the casinor as Tydus Tempest steered his ship. A wide set grin set upon the Tempest's as he held the wheel straight, the sails of the Guilty Pleasure picking up the wind, driving the ship forward as the Tempest scion made his way onward. Crashing tides spilled water over the gunwale of the ship, creating a slick surface for the two souls aboard to walk on. The Tempest felt the slippery nature of the surface beneath him, gripping the wheel more tightly and adjusting his stance, bringing himself closer to it as he cast his gaze about the area. Above him were clear skies with gray cast over the horizon, a signal that perhaps rainfall was to come.

I'm not much for sailing in the elements... Not by meself, anyway. Shi can't count as a proper crew mate just yet... She's right scared of the water.

Rather, the Tempest set that this moment, while the skies were not cast, was one to draw food from before Tydus looked towards to the east for the shore. It was by no means close, likely a thirty chime sail in the northwestern direction so that the journey wasn't interrupted, but Tydus decided that it was best to stop then. Only Callipsia had any way to sail in the rains, her sailing knowledge much higher than Tydus' or Kel's.

"I'm going to make camp for some food."

He said this entirely to himself, the Tempest moving to drop the anchor as he called for Shijara to get out of the cabin,

"Aye, Shi! Get yer yella arse out of the cabin, we're stopped! Time to set up that fire again, I'll get us a nice catch."

The Tempest chuckled aloud before he made his way onto the gunwale. Two bare feet were pressed atop the gunwale, bright laughter escaping the Tempest's lips before he twisted on the gunwale, just managing to preserve his balance by tipping his hips forward, then straightening his posture. He grinned before he pressed down upon the deck, bending his knees before pushing off from the deck.

The Tempest's body arched backwards as his head tipped towards the ocean, executing a poorly done flip, the Tempest landing directly on his stomach, a loud smack sounding as he submerged. Breath was pulled from Tydus' lungs, coughs wracking his form in the water as he allowed his legs to sink into the water, treading water afterwards.

Gods damn it... that hurt...

The pain muddled the Tempest's ocean's sense, coughs continuing to wrack his form for a matter of ticks. It was a full forty-two ticks before he managed to focus somewhat, luminous globes building in the depths of Tydus' mind, gathering, swirling in the depths of the sea as he submerged to find them. The Tempest immediately directed two bass from the depths of the sea, and had them swim from the deeps of the sea. A chime passed before the flopping masses jumped into the casinor on Tydus' accord, the Tempest maintaining his position in the water before making her way back onto deck.

"Fish up, black-eyes! How's the fire buildin'?"

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The Hypnotist's Gambit pt. I

Postby Shijara on June 24th, 2014, 7:21 am

Half drawn up sketches laid littered around the floor of the cabin, an open leather book with loose pages spread open and tossed to the side of her cot. All morning Shi had tried to preoccupy herself, the lack of activity at sea slowly taking a toll on her sanity. Her fingers were covered in charcoal soot, smears of black reaching her cheeks, legs and arms from accidental, natural contact. She had tried to capture anything really, convincing herself that drawing the extra rope and various things that hung around the tiny room as interesting additions to the story she told in pictures. Now, instead of focusing on her art, she was sprawled on the ground, staring at the ceiling. Being cramped the living quarters was hard on her, but every time she left, a growing anxiety would slowly build within her unless she found someway to distract herself. And to be honest? She just wasn't in the mood to mess with Ty, a recent distraction that at least got her mind off the buzzing of her fingertips or the impending reality that at any minute Laviku could toss the boat just to watch her die. It was something she hated, remembering the first time she was thrown into the water.

Something about the ocean... An irrational fear on her part. When it came to rivers, she was acquainted with the goddess, knew the basic idea of what lay underneath... The water could be consumed by anyone. Rivers also weren't so... vast. So intimidating. With rivers, there was land in sight, and within a reasonable distance. Even if Shi could struggle her way through swimming, she'd drown easily before reaching the shore out here. Laviku hadn't been openly cruel to her, but there was an underlying suspicion that he enjoyed her struggle. That, or Shi was just getting stir crazy.

The Chaktawe just needed to keep her eye on the prize. Travel. That's what she needed. This was the fastest way. The best way to create artwork and imagery to share with her family when she returned to the hot sands of Ekytol. Shi took a deep breath, rolling back on her stomach and pressing her hands against the worn wood of the floor. Weight resting on her toes, Shi lifted, the muscles in her arms and chest flexing as they pushed off. It was surprising how much effort it took to do the push up, the feeling only evident when she lowered herself back down, readjusting her arms so that they were shoulder width apart. Her stomach even tightened when she rose, continuing the action more times before her arms burned and she got tired. She would have to work on keeping her back straight.

Ten. She had only been able to do ten. Breathing more labored than before, she sat up, looking for something else to do. Rotating her shoulders and shaking out her weak arms, Shi looked to the wall. Whatever Ty was up to, he hadn't come in, and so the female had set about being mostly naked when laying about the room, the air stuffy and hot. Maybe she could take a nap to pass the time?

"Aye, Shi! Get yer yella arse out of the cabin, we're stopped! Time to set up that fire again, I'll get us a nice catch."

Ty was yelling at her. Shijara sat up, looking around. Her clothes were tossed in a corner. With a sigh, she began to steel her resolve, readying herself for the panic that lay outside the door. Yanking on her shorts, Shi was buckling her belt, looking around for something to cover her torso. The red sash that she often used to hold back her hair caught her eyes and she grabbed it, opening up the fabric and going to wrap it around her breasts, pushing the door of the cabin open. Bright sunlight burned her eyes, and she winced, fingers still deftly working on crafting a knot. It wasn't much covering, but it was something. More than the Svefra did on a routine basis.

Tydus wasn't on the deck. In the water, catching dinner. Something like that. While he was off being busy, Shi went to retrieve the bucket and her dagger, as well as the other supplies used the time before. Only, she wasn't sure what to burn. Her anxiety and an uncharacteristic attitude began building in the Chaktawe. An irritability was building within her. Maybe from feeling trapped, or the fear. The dark eyed woman sat next to the items, looking into the blade of her dagger at her own reflection. Her wavy hair was wild and a frown rested upon her lips. Coal smudges decorated her tan skin like war markings.

"Fish up, black-eyes! How's the fire buildin'?"

Ty was climbing back on board, and she could hear the water dripping from his body. She didn't look at him, shrugging, "Oh, it's building. Doesn't it look great?"

Sarcasm. Heavy sarcasm. The tone was uncalled for, and she regretted it almost immediately, but didn't apologize. A solemn look rested on Shi's face, out of place on usually such a happy-go-lucky woman. She sighed, snatching one of the fish in her hands, she held it up exasperated, "Can't you do this?"
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