Closed Character Registry for Summer 514

Register here if you are going to be in Zeltiva for whatever reason.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Character Registry for Summer 514

Postby Dulute Jadesmith on July 22nd, 2014, 12:50 am

PC Name: Duluute Jadesmith
Race, Age, Sex: Human, 17, Male
Role in Zeltiva: Student
Time: Resident for a couple seasons. However long it takes for educations
Likes To Thread About: Pretty much anything (especially if it involves the forces of nature)
Dislikes To Thread About: Can't think of anything
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Probably everything that involves the ins and outs of university life
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Not until I've had time to adjust. Maybe in a few hundred posts or so :P
Accommodation: The University's Dorms (if I can get in)
Standard of Living: Common
Additional Comments: How do you get into the university?
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Character Registry for Summer 514

Postby Felthuen Snowsong on July 23rd, 2014, 10:48 pm

PC Name: Felthuen Snowsong
Race, Age, Sex: Vantha, 27, Male
Role in Zeltiva: Temporary Resident
Time: At the very least for the summer season, possibly the fall season as well. Just depends on whether he's gotten all the information he wants by the end of this season or not.
Likes To Thread About: Interactions that involve Felthuen learning anything about other cultures, stories or gods; he's a sponge for knowledge and loves conversing with anyone who wants to talk. He'll even perform for you if you ask him nicely.
Dislikes To Thread About: Combat isn't Felthuen's cup of tea, but he'll fence with someone if it's all in good fun.
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Nothing major I can think of at the moment other than the occasional question or need for clarification that may come up.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Not right now, no; I'm still new to the site and am learning how everything works!
Accommodation: A flat on West Street
Standard of Living: Poor
Additional Comments: N/A
Felthuen Snowsong
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Character Registry for Summer 514

Postby Nathaniel Ankah on July 23rd, 2014, 11:13 pm

PC Name: Nathaniel Ankah
Race, Age, Sex: Human, male, 32 Summers
Role in Zeltiva: Long-term Visitor
Time: Probably until the end of the year and then some
Likes To Thread About: Combat (what little there is to be had: Nate will be enrolling in the Wave Guard when he gets a chance, and may look into bounty hunting, too), Morphing and Shielding (the two abilities he's studying at the Djed College), Music (third thing? The Fiddle. Don't laugh!), and... well, anything really.
Dislikes To Thread About: Ah, yeah, probably shouldn't have made the last part so blase, huh? Hmm... well, nothing without a point, y'know? Pointless socialization just annoys me. Give it a plot and a purpose, and I can get into it.
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Maybe with the WG, but I doubt it.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Sure
Accommodation: Living Quarters, University
Standard of Living: Common
Additional Comments: Glad to be here, and hit me up, guys!

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Nathaniel Ankah
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Character Registry for Summer 514

Postby Ayatah on July 26th, 2014, 7:22 pm


PC Name: Ayatah of the Scattered Bones
Race, Age, Sex: Mixed blood, 25, female
Role in Zeltiva: Resident
Time: I'm hoping to have Ayatah move onto pastures anew towards the latter half of the season.
Likes To Thread About: Anything really! I'm up for some socialising threads, combat, training, etc.
Dislikes To Thread About: I'm a pretty easy-to-please person, but I guess a thread with no plot is nobody's favourite thing
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Potentially!
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Potentially!
Accommodation: Old Quarter
Standard of Living: Common
Additional Comments: Returning to Mizahar after a fairly lengthy absence, so pretty keen to get the ball a-rollin' again!

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Character Registry for Summer 514

Postby Halin'a on July 29th, 2014, 4:12 pm

PC Name: Halin'a
Race, Age, Sex: Ethaefal, Male, 56
Role in Zeltiva:Resident, Prostitute at Loveless
Time: Lives here
Likes To Thread About: Skill-building!
Dislikes To Thread About: Pointless things; I like to actually have a purpose.
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Will be looking to increase combat/impersonation/disguise skills, as well as possibly getting assistance in Job threads.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Once I get the hang of things, sure!
Accommodation: West Street
Standard of Living: Poor(may improve next season)
Additional Comments: I am a roleplay addict, and I would love to thread with just about anyone about just about anything!
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Character Registry for Summer 514

Postby Shan Mandara on August 5th, 2014, 3:56 am

PC Name: Shan Mandara
Race, Age, Sex: Female Charoda of 17 years
Role in Zeltiva: Resident
Time: A few seasons
Likes To Thread About: Anything, since Shan is just starting off, I don't really have anything I particularly prefer for her to do.
Dislikes To Thread About: No opinions yet.
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Not really
Willing to Guest Moderate?: I don't really think I'm even eligible...
Accommodation: A small cottage closer to the ports than the center of the city.
Standard of Living: Poor (for the moment, a jobless penny-pincher)
Additional Comments: Shan's just getting her feet wet this season...


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Shan Mandara
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Character Registry for Summer 514

Postby Luca Donati on August 7th, 2014, 6:27 pm

PC Name: Luca Donati
Race, Age, Sex: Kelvic, 21, Male
Role in Zeltiva: Traveller, Amateur Philosopher
Time: Not for more than a few days at a time. Lots of travelling to be done.
Likes To Thread About: General travelling, adventure, strange encounters, monsters, villains etc.
Dislikes To Thread About: Nothing really. Just happy to be involved.
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Maybe some
Willing to Guest Moderate?: I could try, but I might need some things explained
Accommodation: Wherever will allow me to stay for free
Standard of Living: Squalor
Additional Comments: Looking forward to some adventures. I'm good for most anything so don't be afraid to PM me :)
Luca Donati
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Character Registry for Summer 514

Postby Perplexity on September 1st, 2014, 3:08 pm


To whom it may concern,

This registry is closed as of this post given that the Summer season is over. Residents of Zeltiva please register here for Fall 514.

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