OOC Info Character Registry for Fall, 514

Register here if you are going to be in Zeltiva during the Fall season!

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Character Registry for Fall, 514

Postby Perplexity on August 31st, 2014, 6:59 pm

Character Registration for Fall 514


If your character is in Zeltiva for Fall, 514 AV for whatever reason, please register them in this thread (even if they're just passing through!). It especially helps us storytellers, because we can see who is here and who they are with a quick glance. Players can also see who is around in the domain for the season. Please use the template below for registration.

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[b]PC Name[/b]: Your PC's full name goes here.
[b]Race, Age, Sex[/b]: The details of your PC.
[b]Role in Zeltiva[/b]: Visitor, Student, Teacher, Resident?
[b]Time[/b]: An estimate of how long, or between what timestamps, your character will be in Zeltiva.
[b]Likes To Thread About[/b]: Anything you'd like in your threads.
[b]Dislikes To Thread About[/b]: Anything you don't want in your threads.
[b]Needs Training/Moderator Assistance[/b]: Anything that may require moderator assistance during the season.
[b]Willing to Guest Moderate?[/b]: Would you be able to help moderate threads for other players?
[b]Accommodation:[/b] Where are you residing in Zeltiva?
[b]Standard of Living:[/b] Squalor/Poor/Common/Good/Exquisite?
[b]Additional Comments[/b]: Anything else.
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Character Registry for Fall, 514

Postby Ricky Maze on September 1st, 2014, 5:05 am

PC Name: Ricky Maze
Race, Age, Sex: Human, 28, Male
Role in Zeltiva: Residential Wave Guard
Time: Eterrrrnity!
Likes To Thread About: Drama and conflict is powerful motivators, character development is awesome to achieve!
Dislikes To Thread About: I can't seem to answer this question.... so nothing!
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Nope, unless it involves an event from the seasonal calender.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Absolutely! Just pm me and I'd be glad to see what I can do.
Accommodation: Simple Bedroom, Old Quarter
Standard of Living: Common
Additional Comments: Looking forward to threading with everybody who's going to be here for the season!
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Character Registry for Fall, 514

Postby Black Onyx on September 1st, 2014, 5:26 am

PC Name: Black Onyx
Race, Age, Sex: Kelvic, 3, Female
Role in Zeltiva: Thief - For now
Time: The whole season and forever and ever!
Likes To Thread About: Anything interesting and will further my skills
Dislikes To Thread About: Anything that is completely pointless
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Nope, but I'll let you know if I do.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Only If You Are desperate.
Accommodation: The World's End Grotto
Standard of Living: Poor
Additional Comments: Let's start this season with a bang! Plus, if you have a thread in mind, please don't hesitate to contact me!
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Character Registry for Fall, 514

Postby Watcher on September 1st, 2014, 6:38 am

PC Name: Watcher
Race, Age, Sex: Pycon, 2, male
Role in Zeltiva: Resident
Time: No set plans to leave
Likes To Thread About: Anything!
Dislikes To Thread About: Nothing comes to mind
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: I'll let you know!
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Sure
Accommodation: Still need to figure this out, in a pyve? A doll house inside a normal house?
Standard of Living: Common
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Character Registry for Fall, 514

Postby Cuicatl on September 1st, 2014, 6:41 am


PC Name: Tory.
Race, Age, Sex: Kelvic, 2, Female.
Role in Zeltiva: Visitor, perhaps resident.
Time: Indefinite. Beginning of Autumn to the end.
Likes To Thread About:: Romance, adventure, violence, danger, hunting, wilderness stuff.
Dislikes To Thread About:: Things that wear on tiredly.
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Maybe a quest.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Certainly.
Accommodation: The Grotto.
Standard of Living: Common.
Additional Comments: PM if you want a thread.
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Character Registry for Fall, 514

Postby Enthere on September 1st, 2014, 1:44 pm


PC Name: Enthere

Race, Age, Sex: Kelvic, 6, Female

Role in Zeltiva: Resident/visitor

Time: Probably the whole season.

Likes To Thread About: Plot, adventure, fighting, learning, healing, character development etc...

Dislikes To Thread About: Romance, and pointless/plotless threads.

Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Possibly

Willing to Guest Moderate?: Not at the moment.

Accommodation: Campsite outside Zeltiva.

Standard of Living: Poor.

Additional Comments: Please feel welcome to pm me if you want to rp!
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Character Registry for Fall, 514

Postby Halin'a on September 1st, 2014, 1:55 pm


PC Name: Halin'a
Race, Age, Sex: Ethaefal(Son of Leth), 57, Male
Role in Zeltiva: Resident, prostitute
Time: Entire season; Halin'a has no plans for leaving Zeltiva just yet.
Likes To Thread About: Anything with a purpose!
Dislikes To Thread About: Pointless threads
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Nothing that I can think of
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Yep!
Accommodation: Apartment
Standard of Living: Poor(but will improve whenever I figure out what my average wages will be)
Additional Comments: I absolutely hate solo threads. So, if anyone is like me and wants to do a collab job thread, I'd be willing to do them on a tit-for-tat basis; you help me, I help you(or vice versa).
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Character Registry for Fall, 514

Postby Jadlin Hayes on September 2nd, 2014, 2:44 am

Character Registry for Fall 514

PC Name: Jadlin Hayes
Race, Age, Sex: Human male, aged 21 (22 on the 13th), but he does not know his birthdate.
Role in Zeltiva: Resident.
Time: Has no plans to leave.
Likes To Thread About: All kinds of things.
Dislikes To Thread About: Mind-numbing repetition of those same things.
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Nothing comes to mind.
Willing to Guest Moderate?: I would be happy to.
Accommodation: World's End Grotto.
Standard of Living: Now that he has a job, he should be able to upgrade to "common".
Additional Comments: Invaders from the Sea!!

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Character Registry for Fall, 514

Postby Saraphina Skyglow on September 3rd, 2014, 1:30 am


Saraphina Skyglow

Race, Age, Sex: Kelvic, 2 years, Female
Role: Mercenary
Time: Probably for the Fall then leaving
Likes To Thread About: Everything
Dislikes To Thread About: Can't think of any
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Nope
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Of course
Accommodation: Camping with Enthere in the Wilds
Standard of Living: Poor
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Character Registry for Fall, 514

Postby Jazmine on September 3rd, 2014, 2:06 am

PC Name: Jazmine
Race, Age, Sex: Kelvic 4 Female
Role in Zeltiva: Theif
Time: Forever
Likes To Thread About: Anything really
Dislikes To Thread About: Something pointless
Needs Training/Moderator Assistance: Not at the moment
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Not really
Accommodation: The Wild
Standard of Living: Poor
Additional Comments: Nope
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