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This shining population center is considered the jewel of The Sylira Region. Home of the vast majority of Mizahar's population, Syliras is nestled in a quiet, sprawling valley on the shores of the Suvan Sea. [Lore]

[Syliras Location] All Things Leather

Postby Vanari on July 30th, 2013, 5:52 pm

Summer, Day 58, 513 AV

Once again, the travel weary Vantha found her eyes feasting on all the pretty things for sale, while the bundle over her shoulder grew ever larger. Vigilance! She had to watch herself, or she wouldn't have enough to eat for the rest of the season.

Skimming through all the lovely leatherwork, Vanari picked up a simple small sheath for her new dagger. She also found herself oo-ing and ahh-ing over an elegant pair of low, black boots, so she picked those up as well. Right before she finalized her purchase, she threw in a couple of new belts as well.

In total she only spent 10 SM, which she felt was a major accomplishment. Pleased, Vanari gave her thanks and exited the shop.

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[Syliras Location] All Things Leather

Postby Hiwalani Kau'i on September 1st, 2013, 12:19 am

Hiwalani followed his nose to the leatherworks and quickly did his business. He knew exactly what he was looking for, but took his time taking what he wanted. He didn't tell anyone, but he rather enjoyed the shops horrible smell. He eventually rang up what he wanted.
Reciept :
Gloves - 8 SM
High Boots - 5 SM
Belt - 2 SM
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[Syliras Location] All Things Leather

Postby Tichi on November 9th, 2013, 5:02 am

Fall 513, Day 29

Tichi darted into the store, quickly grabbing up a belt (2 sm) and belt pouch (10 sm). Boots took a bit longer as she actually had to try them on. She didn't trust just holding them up to her feet to see if they would fit. She was running around on said feet every day, after all.

She finally picked out a pair of low boots (3 sm), paid, and zipped back out of the shop.
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[Syliras Location] All Things Leather

Postby Kai' on July 16th, 2015, 6:35 pm


29th Day of Summer 515av
Syliras City
Late Afternoon

  Despite having bought a map of the city, this young Svefra still found himself where he didn't think he was. Lost, adrift in the throng of paved streets and bustling people he sniffed hard as the rank scents of urine and who knows what else was carried to him upon the warm Summer's breeze. Folding up his map along its creases carefully, he slipped it into his pants pocket and went to investigate what was making such putrid air pollution.
  Rounding the corner of the building in question, Kai found that it was in fact the smells of a leather working shop. A sign above the main building reading "All Things Leather" in Common. Having walked about the city all day with his mizas in his pockets, the young Svefra decided to pay the leathering shop a visit in the mind of purchasing a money bag.
  Upon approaching the leather business he was faced with quite a sturdily built Myrian, covered in several tattoos as he worked at a saddle harness, rocking joyfully in his chair on the porch. Kai was tentative about disturbing him, but had no idea where the shop's wares would be shown. "Sorry, apologise for disturbing. Looking for leather clothing bits?" With common being only his second language his sentences would come broken, hesitant as his mind searched for the appropriate words.
  When Nabinu happily pointed him in the right direction, Kai grinned a toothy grin and thanked him, before entering the leather works. After inspecting all of the clothing wares available, Kai found himself a leather purse in which to put his mizas more securely. Though having no where to clip the sheath to his hunting knife, the young Svefra found a tan, leather belt to his liking and lifted it off the belt hook.
  With all the practical things he needed in hand, Kai happily made his way towards the door to pay Nabinu rocking away on the porch. A joyful exchange, the Myrian talked to the young Svefra as if they were good friends, a gesture Kai returned warmly as friendly conversation passed - along with the miza transaction for the items Kai was purchasing. Slipping the agreed amount into the Myrian's palm and waving his goodbyes, Kai slipped his new possessions into his rapidly filling backpack before setting off on his way.

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[Syliras Location] All Things Leather

Postby Tolgar Cotterill on March 21st, 2017, 9:10 am


19th of Spring, 517

Tolgar made quick haste when scanning the inside of the shop, as the strong smell of leather was quite repulsive. The smell of leather was something that, for the most part, he was used to. However, this was especially strong. And, for the most part, it wasn’t even the leather that was causing his nose to flare so much, but whatever ingredients were being used to dye it.

He looked around the showroom, four sections. The first seemed to house nothing but the supplies needed for someone to work on their own leathers. A useful skill to have, Tolgar was sure, but it was not one he deemed necessary to learn just yet. The other three sections housed the rest of the miscellaneous leather products, clothing, scabbards, the lot. However, he could not eye any section for armour. Looking a little dumbfounded, Tolgar simply stood and looked around for a moment.
“Ay. You lookin’ for something, friend?” A man spoke from behind the counter. Tolgar peered over. It was Nabinu, someone he’d seen before in passing, but never traded with. He greeted the man with an upwards nod.
“Aye. Am eh, lookin’ for some leather armour. Just the cheaper stuff, no metal studs or anythin’.” Tolgar started with a hopeful expression.
“Ah, we don’t usually have armours in stock, but we’ve got a few sets of leather somewhere.”

Nabinu led Tolgar through to a different room, a storeroom. It seemed some things not ready to be presented to the public waited for their moment to shine in this room. In the corner stood three mannequins, each of varying size and equipped with leather armour.
“Here they are, man. It’ll cost you 12GM though, what with it being special request an all.”
That was a little more expensive than Tolgar was expecting to pay, and every GM in his pocket counted at this point, he wasn’t rolling in it.
“12GM?” He started. “Eh, was only expectin’ to pay 10GM. Any chance we could round it down?” Tolgar looked to the man with another hopeful expression, yet trying his best to remain straight faced. Nabinu looked to consider his offer for a moment, if only out of politeness.
“Nah, sorry. Gotta make a profit.”
Tolgar nodded, and made the exchange, handing over the required 12GM.

He dressed himself in his new leather armour there and then, then put the back & breast plate on over it. At this point, Tolgar was feeling confident in his ability to take on mercenary jobs again.

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