We can meet, even if we are far away (Caelum)

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Herein lies the realm of dreams, where dreamers who are scattered all over the world in the physical can come together in the mysterious world of dreams. Remember, unless one is a Dreamwalker, there is no control over dreams. Ever. Anything can happen, and by threading a dream, you are subject to whomever can walk dreams and the whims of Storytellers.

We can meet, even if we are far away (Caelum)

Postby Eida on July 16th, 2014, 6:51 pm


AV 514, summer 72nd

She liked sleeping in Riverfall. It was nice being under Leth's light. Refreshing and she could sleep calmly. In Kenash, she loved sleeping. She waited for the nights more than ever. Days were tiring and she wished them to end. Though her sleeping place was not as bad as she expected to be. She could just imagine that other's slave would have worse condition than she did.

She lied down, closed her eyes, couldn't keep them open and let her thoughts flow. Let Leth to purify them. Clear thoughts... And she could dream.


She was still out at Vyctoria's Conservatory's garden. She still had work to do and she had to finish it. No time to waste, she wished to finish before Syna's going down but she was late. As the Sun went down, Leth came up and ruled the sky. His light was the only thing, which was showing her where to go and what to do. Strange. His light was so powerful that night, she could see things clearly.

Her form also changed as expected. Her horns appeared, her hair color was black now. Claws from the hands disappeared, her skin was opalescent. A form given by her Father. She kept working, there were a plenty of seeds she had to plant. She got that task from Ailodes. She didn't want to fail her. She was using the shovel to make more spots for them.

Last time she was lucky, made a simple mistake which she shouldn't have. But she could stay within Riverfall and she still had her job. Ever since she stayed at nights too if she had to. Luckily only those seeds remained, she just had to plant them and water them and she could go and the night would be hers.

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We can meet, even if we are far away (Caelum)

Postby Caelum on August 18th, 2014, 12:17 am


A seed Eida planted sprouted stars moments after she covered it with dirt. It pushed up and into the air, absorbing the pulsing glow of Leth's moon rather than carbon from the air to form itself into being. The stalk curled and glowed as it grew into the shape of her horns and tiny star flowers began to blossom from it and take wing into the air, floating upwards on frail moth wings.

Nearby, the dreamwalker grinned.

He wore a cloak of the nightsky, clutched with shadows and littered with a dim scattering of playfully subdued constellations. Tall grasses whipped against the heights of his riding boots and the hood slid down, giving Eida a glimpse of his face -- it was familiar. The cloak moved with him, and sometimes in other directions. A comet shot through the flicker of its hem and then faded to blackness. Underneath he was dressed in a dark tunic and trousers that were, as ever by night and even in dreams, just a little too big for him.

"Eida, you're making baby stars," he proclaimed, apparently delighted by this. Coming closer, he reached for her hands, grasping them in calloused, warm palms to squeeze. "Let's bottle them, eh? And while we do so you can tell me how you've been."

Without further ceremony, Caelum dropped the hands of his friend to pull a clear glass jar from the folds of his cloak. Then he pulled out another, squatter jar, and the third jar was narrow and tall. He kept going, producing jars from the interior folds of his cloak that could not possibly have been big enough to hold them. He lined them up at Eida's feet.

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