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Pul helps send the dead to Sahova

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[The Docks] So This Is Where The Dead Go (Pul)

Postby Neologism on August 24th, 2014, 3:07 pm


4th of Summer 514AV,
10th bell

Despite Syna's continual effort to keep the sky alight with her brilliant rays, combined with Laviku's restful waves, the Docks were not welcoming the morning of the fourth. Seagulls shrieked above, looking for easy pickings off of Zeltiva's trade port, and not one cloud was left in the sky. It was a little cooler than it should have been, a fluke in the summer heat, but one that the laborers were grateful for as they hauled goods onto ships and off ships.

At the end of the docks, where the ships were larger and given a wider opening, there was one ship that didn't belong. Much smaller than the Galleons that it was docked next to, the Sahovan Cromster was a bad sign. There was very few resources that the dead island needed. Papers, metals, occasionally stone ... and bodies. To see a Sahovan ship docked in your cities port was not a good sign. It meant your cemeteries would be empty, those who could not afford a funeral where not given one. A small compensation for their dead's body was all they got, which would not be allowed to simply rest in peace. Instead the cadavers were loaded onto a ship, sailed to Sahova to rise again. No family wants to see their loved ones go is such a way, but for some, they have no other choice.

And so despite the exceptionally beautiful summer day, the cromster placed a veil of depression upon the sailors.

"What? Are there no guards here today?" The raspy Nuit voice rang out over the silent docks. The form that stood on the docks was anything but lively. It was clear that the nuit's body had once been striking. A small Konti stood on the docks, with skin that clung to her bones and scales that had shriveled up into an opaque ashy grey color. She wore a simple robe, letting her hood down to reveal neatly pinned up hair, or what was left of it. Her body had been a beauty once, long ago, but the nuit that stood before them was anything but attractive. Her sunken eyes scanned over the carts, covered with white cloth, and the gloomy laborers that accompanied them.

"Ma'am, we didn' think any looters d'be grabbin' at yer load today, Ma'am." The man closest to the nuit spoke. A brand ran from his eyebrow to his jaw, crisscrossed with scars that distorted the image. Although his status as an ex-Kenashian slave was clear. Given the cities reputation with their slaves, the fact that he had escaped added to his intimidating factor. Paired with his massive frame and deep voice, the Nuit could only shiver in disgust. By Uldr, this man is repulsive. She thought to herself before crossing her fingers in front of her. Glyphs ran across her knuckles all the way to her rotting finger nails, which also looked like she had made an effort to take care of what was left of them. She would be the first to choose her body from this shipment.

"You thought wrong, boy." She hissed. Her stride was not powerful, but her intimidating aura was enough to make the man straighten up when she walked up to him. "You should know respect, slave. Bring me guards, I will not have any of my merchandise damaged because of your lack of judgement. I don't expect to see you return with my guards... slave." A nasty emotion spread across the hulking human's face, and the Nuit could very clearly hear the grind of his teeth as he struggled not to retaliate. "Go on." Another boy walked up behind the man, placing a hand on his shoulder. Without a word, the ex-slave turned on his heels, stalking towards the city behind them.

4th of Summer 514AV,
11th bell

It was under the summer heat that two Wave Guard's arrived. The loading had already begun, headed by a scowling nuit who's voice would be upped by the Seagulls that shrieked above them. As soon as she caught sight of the distinct blue Uniforms, her tiny rotting figure had stomped forward to them, not worrying about their lack in a third member, the messanger.

"You should have been here a bell ago! Do you not realize what time is, boy?" Spittle ran from her lips as she addressed Pulren and the other rookie. Although it was not their fault, the laborer had taken his sweet time on his way to the Wave Guard, intent on pissing off the already angry nuit. It would be clear to the guards in an instant as they listened to the nuit's word, why they were chosen to guard the merchant's goods. It was a shyke job. But it was still their job. Either way, the nuit's shrieking was definitely not something they'd prefer to listen to.

"Now don't just stand there! I want to see you watching these good-for nothing Vagiks closely! If they ruin any of my bodies, you will pay for them yourselves!" The second rookie nudged Pulren with his shoulder, ready to evade the Nuit's sight by helping out the laborers.
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[The Docks] So This Is Where The Dead Go (Pul)

Postby Pulren Marsh on November 3rd, 2014, 11:01 am

"You've got your orders, Marsh. No one likes the idea of it, but it is a necessary thing that Zeltiva shares with Sahova."

Pulren nodded and turned on his heel in his uniform, trident and shield at the ready. After being dismissed, there was little to do than head down to the docks and stand watch over the corpse ship that had pulled in from the Isle of the Dead. Nuit were waiting for the service of the living, much like they often did. Pulren hated their positions of power almost as much as he hated their play at being alive. As he attempted to exit Headquarters, a voice called out behind him.

"Marsh!" Pulren knew the voice, turning to see big bad Gerlo from practice. This would be his companion today? Could anything ruin it? Apparently so as a Sergeant came through clapping his hands. "Gerlo! Marsh! You are both late to your assigned post. The servant of the Nuit said she is waiting and in bad spirits. We can't affod a diplomatic incident. Get down there, doubletime!" The pair saluted and said , "Yes, Sergeant!" in a synchronous tone before they began to jog down the hill toward the docks.

Gerlo looked over at Marsh as they made their way into the thoroughfare, talking as they moved. "Don't sweat it, Marsh. I ain't got no family to speak of and your Uncle is in Laviku's hands. It ain't our kin goin on that boat today, so be thankful of that." Pulren nodded, but it didn't help his attitude one bit. "They rob the dead of their dignity, Gerlo. Whatever Nuit it is that is waiting for us now, that isn't the dead version of the person. It's a thing inside someone else's body. A parasite. Pulren's tone was angry and gruff. Gerlo smacked him on the shoulder and raised a finger to his lips as they approached.

Pulren's face was a twisted canvas of disgust, though he just kept his head down until he was away from the sick Konti parasite. Polluting such a beautiful body was a very bad thing, in his own opinion. It took everything in his gullet to cough up an "I'm sorry. We were held up. Marsh and Gerlo reporting for duty." It was duty, after all. Gerlo went straight over to help the laborers, his massive frame an aid in moving and carrying bodies. Pulren ignored the warning from the Nuit. He would supervise, he would protect, but there was no way he was carrying bodies to their final doom.

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