Charoda/Gnosis and Makutsi Question(s)

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Charoda/Gnosis and Makutsi Question(s)

Postby Summer Dole on September 16th, 2014, 12:34 am

Hello everyone.

I've looked through the Q&A about Charoda but I had some other questions, I'm hoping you've got some answers (or lore) for me :)

1: I read here that 48 hours is reasonable for a Charoda to be on land. So my question is, at what point does the lack of water become deadly? Three/four days? A few longer?

2: In the lore it says Makutsi tests her followers before handing out any gnosis. Does this mean a follower could ask (pray, a lot) her for a gnosis and be given a trail (even if they don't know it)?

3: When making a pre-50 post gnosis request, we can write the story ourself, right or do we need mod-approval? Sub-question: How much leeway to we have with the Gods or Goddess we write (such as: should we make them talk)?

4: Tying into that, we don't have to post the story here to be graded, just in the HD for approval or reject?

5: Do the Charoda feel cold like normal humans or can they withstand greater temperature differences?

6: When Charoda are born they come out of eggs (probably baby-size). Said eggs have been placed in a coral sack till they hack. My question is: can the sack be moved? Would this harm the baby (think Finding Nemo fin)?

7: Do Charoda have to know what species of coral they are manipulating to actually manipulate it?

I think that was everything I had in mind.

Thank you,
Summer Dole
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Charoda/Gnosis and Makutsi Question(s)

Postby Neologism on September 26th, 2014, 8:11 pm

Hey Summer, I've been watching this thread sit unanswered for a bit, so I will try to answer as many of your questions to the best of my ability.

1) As Traverse said in that thread:
The length of time a Charoda can stay out of water is dependent on the environment they are currently inhabiting. In Falyndar where the whether is naturally moist and humid even when its not down pouring, you'd be able to stay out of the water much longer than say if you were plopped down in the middle of Ekytol. I would say from these two extremes you'd be able to stay out of water for 48 hours in Falyndar, and only six in Ekytol, so everywhere else is somewhere in between.
I assume she means that it is 48 hours until death in Falyndar. Considering that Charoda are aquatic, they dehydrate much quicker than your average human, and considering that we dehydrate in about 3-4 days, the Charoda would have to be half that in the most humid conditions. I wouldn't say more than 48 hours, and by then you may not have enough strength/hydration to make it back to the water.

2) Yes, I believe so. You may need to work the details out with the Help Desk.

3) Yes, you write the story yourself and submit it to the Help Desk for approval. They might make edits or ask you to elaborate on some points. However yout thread should be 5k words minimum I think. In the pre-50 post gnosis story you do have control over the God from a conversational standpoint, and the apperance of such God would usually only effect your PC (meaning: You can't have Rhysol rain havok in the center of the Syliras Bazaare and kill hundreds)

4) Just put it in the HD, pre-50 post gnosis requests cannot be graded.

5) Because of their rubbery, water-resistant skin, I assume they aren't as sensitive to temperatures as humans. I'm not completely sure about this, but considering it's pretty cold on the bottom of the ocean, they likely won't react the same as humans. Although I'm not sure about this.

6&7) No idea, sorry :-/
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Charoda/Gnosis and Makutsi Question(s)

Postby Traverse on October 6th, 2014, 10:00 pm

Thanks for tackling these questions Neo, I think I can fill in some blanks here.

1. Neo is right here, and at some point I'll try to make an exact chart like the SW Iyvess have in their lore page. For Falyndar like conditions, let's say middle of monsoon season in the Summer, a Charoda would be fairly okay to be out of the water for a few days, they're constantly being hydrated, and if they can intermittently find rivers and such to soak in they would be fine for a few days at a time (in the constant torrential downpour), however, lets say its hot and humid out but not a lot of rain, a Charoda would feel okay for that first 24 hours, after that they would start to feel dehydrated, weak, etc, the 48 hours being as Neo mentioned, yes they can be out of the water for that much, but they shouldn't be. A day or so on any coastal city or places like Mura would be fine unsubmerged, anything after that and you'll start feeling not so good.

2, 3, and 4. For a Gnosis story request under 50 posts you write a detailed story (the word count is really up to you, there have always been varying lengths) explaining why said God or Goddess chose your PC to mark, you most certainly can make them talk and interact with your character as that is the point of the story, and definitely have fun with it as it is one of the only opportunities PC's get to write out a Deity themselves. I think you're in the right direction with Makutsi, I see her as an often playful and fun loving being that loves challenging her followers and seeing them rise to the occasion. Yes you post it in the HD, and no it is not graded.

5. Neo was right with this one as well, because of their insulated skin the Charodae are able to withstand lower and frigid underwater temperatures with little problem, I will compare them again to the SW Iyvess, who can withstand deep sea temperatures, but are still cold blooded, so places like the ocean around Avanthal would be out of the question for them. Charoda probably prefer warmer waters, but I see them able to last in arctic waters for much longer, for instance. This would translate to land in a way, but in dry temperatures hot or cold they would have much more trouble than compared to a human who can bundle up and doesn't have the same reliance on moisture as the Charodae.

6. Charodae have similar breeding habits to fish, and because they collect a hundred or more eggs in a pouch, but only a few hatch, they can't really get to be baby sized. I imagine Charodae offspring being quite small, perhaps able to fit a couple in the palm of your hand, but for the first 6 months to a year of their life, they grow quite rapidly, catching up to the size of a more standard child.

7. I would say yes, eventually, but only once certain types of coral have been developed, if you are starting a Charoda PC currently, and are referencing different types of RL coral to utilize, don't worry about it, eventually with the expansion of their lore I'd like to see a plethora of coral some of which is extremely fragile or difficult to render correctly, requiring higher levels of coral manipulation, and I do like the idea of needing to be familiar with a certain type before one can accurately begin to work with it, but at the very least you can go by the assumption that all standard varieties are taught with in the schooling young Charodae attend in order to better understand this gift.

I hope that helps clear up any odd bits, and let me know if you have any other questions, as these are all very helpful int he slow development and expansion of the race :)
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