Hi! Lemme introduce myself!

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Hi! Lemme introduce myself!

Postby IllusionGift on September 19th, 2014, 10:36 am

8) you decided to read this um well I am very new to this, have never done an rp like this before. I am a bit lost and would like some help.

I am a Drama person but nobody ever really involves me in online drama because i am too shy. So please include me in all ze drama!

this is all i can say about my character because I don't know much about the game sorry!
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Hi! Lemme introduce myself!

Postby Eivl on September 19th, 2014, 2:34 pm

Welcome to Mizahar, happy to see a new face.

First thing you want to do is look here: the Starting Guide.

Decide all that stuff about your character, feel free to look at others' character sheets (CSs) located here: Character Sheets. I suggest typing everything out in a Word file before trying to post it here just in case your connection gets timed out.

You'll want to check out the Race List if you want to see all the races you can be in Mizahar, and you can change your current race from the User Control Panel if you decide to play as a different race. In-game though, you can't change your race once you've picked it, so be very thoughtful about this. Or just go with the flow.

Next is the City List. Some races fit in better in different cities, so you'll be doing a lot of poking around to make sure the character settings you want are appropriate. Also, the CS templates are a good source of what you'll need.

Once you're done, post your completed CS in the CS forum, and copy the link into the corresponding space in your profile.

Sorry it's so long, but I hope it was helpful. Have fun.
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Hi! Lemme introduce myself!

Postby Aerer on September 19th, 2014, 3:51 pm



As Eivl here has given a great list of links and information to read up on follow I'll avoid repeating what was said but if you read what was referenced (especially the starting guide) it will give you a great first step into Mizahar.

Please do not be afraid to ask questions. It can be very overwhelming setting up a character, all the little details but nothing good ever comes easy! The staff and players are very friendly and are more then willing to help new players when available.

One of my early thoughts would be to really peek around into the different city forums, read the stories that are being told and the different races there. Learn about the areas.

Then think about what you would want to do: Would you want to play as a human, an Akalak, a Zith? What would you want to do for a job? Start documenting all of this in your character sheet (see the character sheet link above). Your character sheet will take time, its a slow process and I've screwed mine up several times before I got it right :)

Once you get past that you'll sign up for an area and begin telling your story. Reach out to fellow players and find ones that want to team up with you!

Welcome aboard! Hope you find what you're looking for!
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Hi! Lemme introduce myself!

Postby Neologism on September 20th, 2014, 4:39 am

Aerer and Eivl have informally took the spots of our welcoming committee with their enthusiastic replies. They're good to listen to.

However I'd like to point something out to you. In Mizahar we don't have OOC accounts and therefore the name of your account should be the name of the character you are going to make. Just type it in as if you would spell your own name with no characters and all lower-case except the first, etc. If you want more information on the general rules of Mizahar, here is one last link for me to throw at you. :)

To change your name:
User Control Panel (Top left of your screen) >> Profile >> Edit User Settings

Other than that small detail I'd also like to welcome you to the site! You are more than welcome to pop into chat at anytime if you want to ask questions or simply watch the crazy that resides we in Mizahar and join along.

Welcome to Mizahar! I hope to see you around. :)
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