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One Iyvess, Two Iyvess... (Zydrunas)

Postby Ssezzkero on April 4th, 2015, 2:56 am


"What am I?" He repeated her question, grinning as if weighing the worth of answering it truthfully. Then he hummed, which only stalled his answer. Immediately, Sezkero eyes liquefied with curiosity. They simply couldn't stay still as she tried to soak up every little thing about the man that was prominently not human. His stillness, his teeth, his strange accent, his eyes... Would she be able to tell if he was truthful to her or not? Were there so many mystery races in this world that she did not know of? Considering she could only count of the races she knew on her fingers, there had to be. She watched the man swiftly roll up his sleeves with a practiced grace, and suddenly she didn't have to search anymore.

As her eyes fell on the snake on his shoulder, a shock of realization hit her nearly as quickly as her own hand flew to her neck. "Whaa..." The words dropped from her mouth. She could see the snake was clearly the same as the one on her neck. It looked like a tattoo but also didn't, yet it didn't hold the illusionary properties of any gnosis mark she's seen. The snake, curled around a raindrop, looked like it was part of the man's skin... which it was. He tapped it quickly and then it was gone as he let his sleeve fall back over his shoulders.

"Wait, wait, wait. Wait." But it couldn't have been... The small Iyvess lurched forward as soon as it was gone from her vision. She wanted to get him to show her again, so she could confirm. It was exactly like hers, and yet it was so different. It had to be because he was... she couldn't think it. Sezkero knew she'd end up throwing her hopes to high if she did, and she would never get them back down. But before she reached up for his arm, she stopped, realizing how silly it was, and weird, to be trying to get him to pull his sleeve up again. She had already seen it, it was there. "Nevermind, that's enough." Ker whispered, suddenly embarrassed by her reaction. Heat flushed her lips and she forced her eyelids to drop a few times to blink, tearing her brown eyes away from his. She rose up so she was on her tip toes, but instead of twirling backwards this time, she flitted to the side, the balls of her feel straining to hold her weight. She tried to brush it off, trying to force her shocked and jerky movements into a dance as best she can. After successfully backing up, she dropped back to her heels succumbing to the desire to twirl. Clearly it was her go to dance move.

She twirled backwards once, twice, stopping to stand a few feet away from him before answering his question. Suddenly she was itching to start moving. To avoid this man's gaze, embarrassment had erased her curiosity and she sought to stop the conversation in favor of a complete and silent dance. "Yes." She said simply instead, not really able to elaborate. No, actually those that she had known in the north, the Jamoura, were not small in any way. But they were not exactly human, she had met no humans from the north. But her mother and brother had been small like her. Strong and sturdy, but small. Compact. She humored herself.

It seemed as if Zydrunas was ready to dance as well, and he had already started. She watched his hands for a second, trying to get the rhythm that he was on. She was not a slow dancer herself. Fast paced movements and sudden twists were the bulk of the single dance she knew, and so that was what she incorporated into most of her movements. But he presented her with a strange move. She wasn't used to using her hands independently, or really at all. Most of her dance was focused in her hips and legs, or where she moved. What was he doing?

Her second of watching was over, and she pulled her hands to her right to mirror the man before her. Unlike him, she did not wiggle her fingers though. Unable to completely abandon movement of her lower body, she tried to limit it, getting a feel for his movement. Her right leg crossed over her left and then her left leg fell back. She found her skirt flared out despite her lack of twirling as she crossed her legs. When she crossed her left leg over her right to complete the circle, she switched her arms, copying his swinging motion. A sly, and anxious grin at her poor attempt to copy him was all he got.

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One Iyvess, Two Iyvess... (Zydrunas)

Postby Zydrunas on May 13th, 2015, 3:54 pm

There was a strange level of protectiveness over her neck, the immediate shyness that went with trying to protect oneself. But at the same time it was paired up with the thoughts of curiosity, to have a better answer, a clearer one and discern the truth from fiction, confirm what simply was over what was believed. He gave a blink to the small lurch, his lips curling upwards into a smile. He kept to his silence, holding the meaning and letting it strum between them even as the hands closed in. It was slowly that Sezkero withdrew, the prickling of a blush

"It be okay little Kero," he gave a sway, feet padding out as he attempted to find his rhythm. A base for dancing if there ever was one, he needed it. His foot gave a tap, eyes narrowing down into slits as he felt his way out about them, "You wanted to know, I gave you know... know... know-le-d-ge? That be right?," his head gave a turn to her then, blinking as he tried to feel his way around the social contacts and tendencies. What was proper conduct with his more northern cousins, how should he react, what was the correct approach.

His fingers gave a massage at his neck, a pause as he let the muscles and shoulders roll - stretching and pulling out into shape as he adjusted. Stiff, he felt stiff after his time travelling, and as he attempted to shake the sensation out once more he looked back to her and her attempts to mimic. Where he had forgotten about his lower half, she had not, instead embracing both sides into movement - how she managed to achieve so was beyond him for the moment, "Dan-css-e be different North? You with the feet." He blinked, sliding around as he watched, and slowly repeated the twirl within his mind. With a wriggle he moved, a poor mimic back in response. Right crossing, the left dipping behind leading up into an attempted twirl. He ended up staggering instead, a darting of the foot down to correct himself and prevent himself toppling - wobbling as he did. He merely looked at her then, eyes a little wider as he straightened himself out and tried to find himself more steadily, "Two left feet."

The Iyvess attempted again, hands rising this time as he attempted the movement again, slower this time. The hands gave their rise, smoother this time as he brought them, turned them one over the other as if trying to cup water, turning and gradually rotating them around, downwards and back from left to right. He paused after his slow spin, pressing a hand against his forehead - as he tried to find a steady count out in his head. So use to working on his own that he was not quite sure on how to address the other Iyvess in matters of dance and the application there of.

"You with feet, you usse more?" he gave a waggling point of a finger then, and proceeded to pause as he found his words, "When doing. You like the twirling. Not arm or hand ussing? Dah?" He paused, tilting his head to the side and taking a step away as he tried to incorporate both with clumpish movements. The man was far from steady on his feet as he did, spending more time on looking down at them as he did to ensure he did not trip, "No, no it be wrong. Not flowing," He sighed then, giving a shake out of his form as he once more took up the starting point of the steps. Wrists gave a turn, slowing now as he tried to move his feet again and found himself repeating the movements, "Where I from, we begin sslow. Then build up quicker. Different for you?"

He gave a turn then, balancing briefly on his toes before he quickly rested back down firmly upon his feet. Then hands moved with him, shifting once more from left to right before he simply stopped and shook his head, "Not flowing right. Like... ssomehting misssing?" He shot a quizzical look at Sezkero then, "Do you undersstand what I mean?"
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One Iyvess, Two Iyvess... (Zydrunas)

Postby Konrad Venger on March 14th, 2016, 2:12 am


Nice job! Your work has pleased The Sloth!


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I really enjoyed your PATIENCE with this thread, Kero. The way you built up your needling and questioning GRADUALLY, so not to scare the man away, and opened up much more in the way of collaborate nuances through that. Plus is was scho schweet!

Oh, and please make sure you go back and edit your post in the Request Thread to reflect the fact this one is now done and dusted. PM me with any questions and later 'tater!

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