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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

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Postby Oleander Soleran on April 29th, 2017, 10:49 am

Hi Tollivan, and welcome to Zeltiva!

For the duration of the season (until the 31st of May), Zeltiva is an open city in which you may play your character. Your threads will be graded, there is just no telling how long it will take. Even the submitted threads in closed domains get graded.

I'm not sure whether grandfathered threads in closed domains may still be finished after season change. It might be wise to get anything you wish to write done before summer.

To my knowledge, you are not required to write out each and every purchase you make in a thread, as long as the items you buy are not terribly exotic. But the fact that Zeltiva will close in summer should not keep you from writing spring threads.

I hope this helped!
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Postby Prophet on April 29th, 2017, 11:07 am

Grandfathered threads- those started within a past season- can be added to/edited whenever. That is why people use placeholders. So long as your thread is started before the season change, you may write for Spring.

You do not have to write out every or any purchase but you do have to keep accurate records on your CS's ledger.
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Postby Miralyn on May 3rd, 2017, 4:49 pm

Hi all! If anyone is interested in flashbacks here let me know. She was here from the 89th summer 516AV to the 1st of Winter 516AV
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Postby Salara Kel'Halavath on May 5th, 2017, 6:53 pm

Hi Marilyn,

I'm sorry I haven't reached out sooner to welcome you and then at the same time give you a heads up if you haven't heard. Zeltiva is closing down so we've all been asked to vacate. Perhaps since you just started you can select and relocate all brand new without having to compensate for already being in Zeltiva.
If you come through Syliras or if it closes before the caravan gets there... where ever we all end up...give me a hollar and maybe Salara and Marilyn can get into something. Safe travels!
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