Completed Birthday Visit (Jenna)

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Birthday Visit (Jenna)

Postby Ayviss on February 12th, 2015, 3:09 pm

Ayviss had to make an effort not to growl when the Kelvic finished her speech. So that feeling really was what Ayviss had supposed. But the girl seemed to know even less about it than she did. However, this didn't change the fact that Ayviss didn't really want to connect with anyone. It would be easier that way. Unless...

The half blood leaned against the wall, thinking on the possibilities. Bonding meant they would share a connection, but the type would depend on them, right? It wasn't a magic that would make her instantly care for the Kelvic, despite it being the other way around, right? Ayviss sighed, lips pressed together. When she bonded with Dia, she already cared for the girl. It was a different situation, with a different person. Ayviss didn't need to be afraid of this. She could treat the Kelvic well, and in turn she would have a companion, a person who she could count on, maybe even convince to help her when she needed it. Ayviss looked at the girl, and she felt her mind screaming to her that it was the right thing to do. She was scared, still, but she could dance around it when the time came. She always did.

Slowly, she nodded, at the same time she let go of all resistance in her. Instantly, she felt her heart start to beat faster, a strange feeling washing over her. It was different than it had been with Dia, and the feeling was also different. Ayviss didn't feel the need to watch over and protect Jenna, but she felt something for the girl. She cared for her. Well, she already did, to certain extend, since she hadn't simply kicked the Kelvic out of her room. But now, this was evident to her.

Ayviss bit her lip again, wondering if she had taken the right decision. She had never felt so lost, so powerless towards a situation, and she definitely didn't like it. But now it was done, and despite knowing she could sever the bond if she wanted to, Ayviss couldn't bring herself to do it. She simply didn't want to. If it were anyone else, she could easily do so, but she always thought of Kelvics more like animals than people, and she couldn't help but care for them more than she would otherwise do.

She straightened herself, and looked at Jenna. Alright. Everything would be fine. She was just confused, she just needed time to think. To think over this bound. Besides, she was almost free. Just a little more, and she would never have to step into that house again.

"Look, you need to go. My owner will be back soon, and if he finds you here, I'll be in deep trouble. And so will you." Ayviss shouldn't care. "So go away. You can come back later. Anytime you want. Just go away for now."

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Birthday Visit (Jenna)

Postby Jenna Wyne on February 13th, 2015, 6:19 pm

Jenna felt the feeling she felt towards Ayviss returned. She smiled knowing that something had just clicked. She was happy and took most of her restraint to not hug the woman. She somehow felt that the action of hugging would not please her bond-mate. Something told her this but she wasn't sure. "Thank you, very much." She got out taking in the feelings and the sight of her bond-mate. She seemed so much closer suddenly. Jenna smiled and couldn't explain it but she could sense Ayviss's presence now.

Jenna finally looked at her and smiled "I will be around when I can." She said looking at her wanting to stay and not leave her. But she felt the bond, she felt so close to Ayviss suddenly and she knew she needed to leave. Jenna glowed into a ball and soon there was an eagle in the room again, she perched on the window and gave a knowing stare at Ayviss and took off into the air, Her wing hurt. She sighed carrying her ill gotten gains and turned into her human form once she flew into her own house.

She could feel her bond-mate still though, she couldn't explain it but she knew she was living and well. Something told her this. Jenna smiled she felt at ease now, that search for a person was done and she felt different. It was hard to pin it but she had to admit that now the woman was constantly on her mind.
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Birthday Visit (Jenna)

Postby Alea Davenport on April 4th, 2015, 11:49 pm

Thread Award!


Intimidation +1
Medicine +1

Jenna: A Kelvic
Bonded to Jenna

Please remember to edit your request to show that it was graded.

Jenna Wyne:
Larceny +1
Persuasion +1

Bonded with Ayviss

Possessions: A handful of feathers
Ledger: +3 GM

Wounds: Small, faint scars on the arms/wings from being pelted with rocks. Not really visible in bird form because feathers are in the way.

If you have any questions about the grade, please feel free to PM me and we can discuss it.
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