Closed Knight and Healer part trois. [S'Essy]

Our hero returns home after a day at work.

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Knight and Healer part trois. [S'Essy]

Postby Markus Andres on March 24th, 2015, 6:00 am

The knight felt the shiver of her body, as his lover was reminded of the djed storm. Seemed that she had not made it through that nightmare unscathed either. The rest of the world didn't, but he had, somehow, hoped that S'Essy had come through it without having to witness the horror of it. But he wondered if she had seen worse things than he in those chaotic days. He had been tasked to enforce the order of the knights... her job would have been to mend the wounds that had come after. He was sure she had been out there and helping those whose lives had been wrecked by the storm. He didn't want to make her relive those memories like she had caused him to remember those dark days of Syliras. When they had been chased deep underground.

Kvist focused upon his girlfriend again when she stirred in his grasp. There was things going on. Words of appreciation because he revealed some of the gap when they had been apart. He preferred to look forward. Like at the idea that the girl in his arms would give him a tiny new life to treasure. He murmured gently when she placed her head beside his and rested on his shoulder. They had been together for a long time, but when she whispered so seductively into his ears he felt warmth rise into his cheeks. Only to grow a little warmer when her lips briefly brushed against his. He was glad she had chosen to change the subject to something much better. Her lips found his and the passion in her lips made him shiver with delight as hands brushed down her back. His girlfriend was intoxicating for the poor knight. How was he to resist such a beautiful woman. The kiss was returned full-heartedly. His back ached a little from the struggles of the day, but her warmth and passion easily put those at the back of his mind.

His hands worked on removing her night dress or whatever that garment keeping them separated. He knew his pants were still on as well, that much was certain - those needed to go as well, but he had time in that regard, for now he wanted to undress his loved one. A reminder struck him harsh when the hands suddenly ceased their movement and held her clothes stretched out from her body. Emerald eyes opened as he broke their kiss, but remained close to her. Seeking her indigo eyes.

"I love you." He spoke ever so softly. It was the words he had rushed home to tell her. To let her know in words what he tried to express every day in actions. But he had been unable to speak those words. She knew. She had told him that much. Though he had kicked his own ass mentally for not being able to say those words. A hand settled on the side of the stomach. It was a little corny, he admitted. To halt an act of love just to inform her in words. It almost made him grin at the silliness, but instead the grin was smothered by pressing his lips to hers. The knight guided her off of him and to the bed. Not breaking the kiss. He may have weary muscles and aching limbs, but he would always have the strength to show S'Essy that he loved her. His pants would go at some point. He probably wouldn't remember when in their evening activities.

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Knight and Healer part trois. [S'Essy]

Postby Shakune on May 15th, 2015, 9:19 am

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