Open The Fire Burns Bright in the Slag Heap Tonight

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The Fire Burns Bright in the Slag Heap Tonight

Postby Ita on June 16th, 2015, 7:25 pm

She certainly was telling him to do something. Go that direction? He didn't know. Regardless, he couldn't figure out what the 'covering the eyes' signal meant. She was a strange woman, but a friend no less. She probably wanted him to go a certain way, so he did.

He leaped. With one leg stretched in front of him and one leg stretched behind, his loincloth billowed gloriously in the wind, leaving only the most private of his delicates hidden from the riotous onlookers below him. He very much liked to compare this feat a panther from Falyndar, leaping from tree to tree. Only he wasn't physically conditioned to endure such a fatiguing task, and it was very strenuous trying to leap and be quiet doing so at the same time.

Eventually, he leaped, but instead of landing crouched on his target roof, he found himself clawing to it with the edge of the roof digging into his chest. He could have struggled his way up again, but he decided to let go. After all, he had gone quite a few buildings, and landed well withing the territory of the shadows.

His toes pressed against the dirt below him making a light crunch. He crept away slowly, ensuring that his toes had a good feel of the ground beneath him before he took another step. Where had the gone? He heard the crunches of earth beneath the mobs feet approaching where he had fallen. They had stopped speaking and yelling, and he wasn't sure if it was because they didn't know where was or they did. It made him anxious.

He sprinted off as silently he could, but someone must have heard him, cause he heard them pick up speed as well.
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The Fire Burns Bright in the Slag Heap Tonight

Postby Ashe on June 16th, 2015, 8:02 pm

Ashe watched as the Myrian leaped from the roof and make a solid landing on top of another roof. After the second roof she ran the same direction the man went with the mob following his every step and after the third roof Ashe lost track of the Myrian. 'No time to stop I gotta get out of here and lay low for a while' The woman thought to herself as she ran past the fourth roof and continued on towards her home towards the edge of the Sunset Quarters.
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The Fire Burns Bright in the Slag Heap Tonight

Postby Ita on June 17th, 2015, 6:44 am

Ita's running came to a clumsy stop. He wiped the sweat off his forehead. He definitely wasn't used to that kind of physical strain. Maybe he should work on that, after all, a night out did end up in him losing all his clothes and having to run for safety. He gave the bag slung on his back a hefty toss up. The weight was still there, so his bottles were alright. He wanted to take a moment to catch his breath, but although the large numbers of his pursuers probably slowed him down, it was only a matter of time till they found him again. Plus, his clothes weren't going to stay there forever, not if this city had anything to say about it.

He took a moment to pull his emptying bottle out of his bag so he had something to work on while he took the long way back the where his clothes were. Most likely, they had spread out a little to cover more ground, looking for him. He didn't mind. All the more reason to hurry home quick.

Where did the girl go though? He had almost forgotten about her. He wondered if she ran into trouble running off. There were so many unanswered questions about her. He didn't even know her name. But, it couldn't be helped, and he ought to hurry, home and a bed were waiting and all that running had tired him out.
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The Fire Burns Bright in the Slag Heap Tonight

Postby Shakune on August 9th, 2015, 2:11 pm

Grades Are Up!!!!

Ita :
Observation +1
Socialisation +1
Rhetoric +1
Stealth +1
Running +2
Endurance +1

Alcohol: Helps with the cold
Alcohol: Does not help with the stench of Sunberth
Location: Slag Heap
Socialisation: Using local sayings to
Sunberth Shanty: The special of the Seacrow
Sunberth: Full of drunks
Clothes: Just restrictive!

Thanks for updating your ledger to include the Sunberth Shanty! :)
Just a note: At basic level fluency in Common, Ita would probably struggle to conceal his Myrian accent at all, let alone mimic the Common. Just worth baring in mind for future threads.

Ashe :
Deduction +1
Observation +4
Socialisation +2
Planning +2
Tacitics +1

The Slag Heap: Pretty gross!
Ita: Myrian
Rumour: Kind men drugging vulnerable women.
Sunberth Shanty: A blend of alcohol, honey and lime

Please avoid involving out of character knowledge in threads. Without the related lores, history, or anthropology skill points, Ashe would probably not recognise Ita's accent as specifically from Taloba.

Just something to bare in mind in the future :)

If you have any question about your grade, please don't hesitate to PM me :)
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