September's Content Coming Soon

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September's Content Coming Soon

Postby Gillar on September 1st, 2015, 7:48 am


Hello Fellow Mizaharians!

As a way of changing things up a bit, our monthly Features will be alternating between the Featured Characters, Contributors and Threads and Featured Magic Lore, Featured Gods/Gnosis, Featured Races and Featured New Additions/Coming Soons. The first Featured Content Coming Soon is, Gemstones/Semele/Mele. The Gemstones of Mizahar has been a work in progress for a long time now. There has existed a list of the Gemstones for some time however, due to the sheer size of the project, it has been a challenge to fully flesh out. Recently however, a large number of Gemstones have been developed along with a system for determining value. The list of is nearing completion as far as descriptions, values and related information is concerned. Following that comes a fully developed Goddess of Gems, Semele and her gnosis, Mele.

Looking Deeper

Basically, every gemstone in Mizahar has a base availability. The availability becomes more uncommon the larger the stone gets. As the stone gets bigger, the availability decreases yet the value increases. Some of the more common stones are relatively inexpensive while some of the more rare stones are quite expensive. The system was established to help create balance but also variety among individual gemstones.

In addition, once the list is completed (as far as the basic information is concerned), a section called, Special Abilities, will then be used to describe how each individual gemstone reacts to the use of Mele, the gnosis of Semele.

Semele of course is the Goddess of Earth, Minerals and Gems. She will be closely tied to both Ivak and Izurdin. She will find common worshipers among the Isur and more than a few followers of Ivak will maintain good relations with her as well as carry a mark or two from her.

Semele's gnosis, Mele, will allow those with her mark to manipulate the properties of gemstones in a variety of ways depending on the number of marks they possess. So for example, someone with Mele may be able to draw upon certain gemstones hardened, rock-like flesh. Perhaps they manipulate the properties of a volcanic rock clasped in their hand to engulf their hand in flames. The strength/severity of the effects will depend on the number of marks but all types of gemstones will be available for manipulation.

Although not a concrete part of development, it may also be that, with enough marks, one could pass their manipulations on to items the stones are set within such as jewelry, clothing or weapons. This would also enhance the potential magical properties of items crafted with Magecraft or Izentor.

This is all a work in progress but the Gemstones are nearing completion with Semele and her gnosis following thereafter.
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September's Content Coming Soon

Postby Tribal on September 1st, 2015, 8:15 am

W O W!
Love it. Fantastic work, let me know if I can help in any way.
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