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To Appease Humanity (Noaru)

Postby Rayage on September 30th, 2015, 9:34 pm


Fall 25 515 AV

”The emptiness you feel is proof of it. This place does not appease your humanity.” That day was seasons ago, their fateful encounter in the Prairie, and still those words reverberated and resonated through the nuits mind, playing over, and over, and over again. The words raked at her very soul as she considered the possibility of something beyond her wants, something out of her gasp, something she could not quite reach yet. And that was that the source of this empty feeling inside? A hollow hole where her ‘humanity’ once was?

Or perhaps she was reading the words wrong. She felt hollow because her humanity was not appeased. Perhaps it was simple as that. The human part of her, or what was left –the dulled time numbed version-, was bored? Not bored, but alone and frustrated? The wizard, with all her years of knowledge and experience could not quite put a finger on what she was feeling or not feeling at all. The spirit-beast had stirred something within her, a question, a doubt… Or maybe it wasn’t something negative that she was mulling over and feeling but something else entirely. An awakening? A consciousness which has been asleep for many, many years now, finally opening its eyes and seeing the word for how it is, instead of how it should be in the wizards eyes?

All she could see was shadows, darkness, hate, corrupt politics the evils of the world become more pronounce when one starts paying attention. It was about survival now. Not Kinship. Not Kindness. Not Knowledge. Not Light. Not Love. Not Goodness… This world is filled with shadows, evil, and those who will use people to their own benefit. The wizard did not know for sure when she started to notice this more and more, but she realized that her soul, her mind, body, and wellness depended on these factors as well. She needed to be Cunning. She needed to be one step ahead all the time, least risk falling into the mercy of another. She needed to climb and claw and create her own stronghold with walls of brick, built upon a foundation of magical knowledge. All of this to survive and thrive in the world, and it was utterly tiring. It was, for the wizard, a time for change.

The shadows in the outside world did not compare to the ones inside her. Those were the deepest, darkest, and most absolute figures around. Their influence so strong that they had for years poisoned her mind with the timelessness of existence, a no rush attitude… However, if change was not pushed, not pursued then it would occur much, much slower than it would if given a little push. Her magic of Alchemy proved that.

”I am the Darkness Between the Stars.” she whispered aloud, seemingly to herself as she stepped in the dark of the night. The shadows danced in the dull torchlight of the star-dotted, moonless night. The nuit had been walking the streets of Zeltiva for quite some time now, wrestling with the deep thoughts that pooled her mind. She had grown restless since leaving Sahova in such unsure terms. Her hands fidgeted with the heavy cloak that pressed down on her shoulders, sporting the Alchemists Mark on the back of it. Her body would not stay still, and her mind was always going on and on and on as if spurred by some unsung force along a track, being guided and aimlessly following in the dark.

Sounds of merriment and loud drunken slurs could be heard as Rayage passed a local building where there was some ‘night life’. The nuit, however, did not stop to observe the scene but instead kept on going further and further, walking away from humanity to contemplate her own. Did she deserve to be human? Could she be human? Did she want to be human? She had given up that title ages ago, and was reluctant to really don it again. Humans were flawed, but they possessed something she did not: Life. In those flaws they were beautiful. Her soul was scared with the agelessness of time itself, having lived too many lives to be proper. She had lost her beauty long ago to the ravages of time and innocence and naturalness therefore lost.

She soon stopped to sit on the edge of the peer, looking out into the sheer blackness of the water below, and up at the dots of light in the sky above. Even in the thickest, most absolute darkness of night there still shined light, and that light she liked to think of as a constant reminder of hope. Her hand reached up as if to grasp upon a sparkling star in the night, before she mentally closed in on it, she had to transmute darkness to light. She needed to change this world, and to do so she needed to face her own shadows first.

”I am the darkness between the stars. That is what she claimed me so long ago.” the nuit said, her words punctuated by the slapping and clapping of the rough waves upon the shore and pier, ”I wonder, will this place appease my humanity?” she asked, using the phrase as it was so elegantly put so long ago.
“Method is more important than strength, when you wish to control your enemies. By dropping golden beads near a snake, a crow once managed to have a passer-by kill the snake for the beads.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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To Appease Humanity (Noaru)

Postby Noaru on December 19th, 2015, 3:41 am

Image It was a marvelous night filled with shadows he could explore.

Noaru glides through the darkness in complete silence, basking in the quietude that came with the nightly hours. This was the only time he could travel with nigh complete inconspcuousness and be free from the inquisitive and prying eyes of the world. He doesn't pay attention to the stars dimly gleaming upon him, which revealed the pitch blackness of his soulmist and ethereal form. The stars were constant companions of his, existing eons before his millennium long existence came to be.

He had known the stars for the longest.

Noaru remembers the first time he gazed at the stars and the moon. He recalls the mountains and plains too and how vast they were. He had seen the sea and forests and was lost in their splendor. That was before the worlds sudden and violent change. Now certain things were foreign to him. Noaru remembers how he couldn´t come to terms with the current world and blamed its destruction on the incompetence of mortals and the divine. The hatred that overwhelmed him—the madness, which took control. He became a violent entity because these things and remained so for quite some time.

Zeltiva: the city near the sea.
Good memories were tied to the foundations of this city. Though, Noaru remembers them fondly, even the most regrettable ones, a strangeness accompanied these memories, filling him with a unfamiliar feeling he had never experienced before. If he had to describe what he felt: it would be a fuzziness that carried a slight warmth.“ This feeling is not love, and yet it is similar to it. ” Nostalgia was very much so an oddity to Noaru.

Noaru emerges from the shadowy streets to levitate onto the peer. He had a marvelous view of the bay, which allowed him to see the vastness of the Suvan Sea. Though, it was only a tiny portion he could see, it was still awe inspiring, revealing how small he was compared to the open waters. Noaru naturally began to look around to see if he was alone on this lovely night.
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