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Sunberth Winter 515AV Calendar!

Postby Royal on December 8th, 2015, 7:02 pm


1st: The season change is greeted by heavy snow falls that sees four inches of snow settle over Sunberth before the day is out.

2nd: The people of Sunberth collect together for one final push of hunting and foraging in order to prepare for the winter ahead.

5th: The symbols that had previously started to appear around Sunberth continue to grow in their numbers. They appear on all types of surfaces and nobody quite knows where they come from.

13th: Concern spreads throughout Sunberth that the Slag Heap Fire is burning dangerously low on firewood. People begin to frantically search for any viable firewood to feed the city's infamous fiery mascot.

15th: Citizens fear not! The Slag Heap burns with as much intensity as it ever has. The denizens of Sunberth celebrate in their typical fashion, with plenty of alcohol and drugs flowing. Though there are several brawls and some people suffer burns from falling into the flames, the celebrations are an all round success.

24th: The few citizens of Sunberth that had earlier claimed that this winter was not a harsh one are quickly silenced. The temperature drops drastically and several people, particularly the very old and very young, are lost to the winter.

37th: With the intense coldness of winter gripping Sunberth, the river that runs through the city has frozen over. Those brave enough venture onto the ice for skating and general Sunberthian fun. On more than one occasion the ice breaks and three poor souls fall into the water. Only two are recovered.

42nd: Jillene Ironside, of the Sunset Quarters Orphanage advertises that help is needed in order to provide for the children. Any skill is put to good use and all help is appreciated. [Submoderated Event
  • Please note this event will not start until end of December/start of January 2016.
  • Players wanting to take part in this event are required to post in the opening thread started by Royal (link will be inserted here).

53rd: Three men and two women are hung publically at the gallows. Before they are killed, all three shout out an ominous warning of: They're coming, they're coming! that spooks even the hardiest of Sunberthian souls.

63rd: Zeke of The Fence hosts a sale unlike any he has held before. All of the items are hidden away in boxes and he provides only the most trivial of descriptions [Submoderated Event]
  • Please note there is a minimal spend of 10GM in this thread (but please feel free to spend more!). Zeke is a hard bargainer and even an expert negotiator would struggle against this particularly hard-headed salesman ;).
  • You are welcome to create a thread based around this event. The thread title must include [The Fence Calendar Event]. When it comes to the conclusion of the deal and the reveal of your mystery item, please post a link to your finished thread in my office so I can give you your mystery reward!

69th: A ship docks at Sunberth and brings with it a collection of new slaves. They are all in a terribly sorry state, and many do not survive their first few days in Sunberth. Those that do survive, however, speak of a tent city and their beloved mounts

72nd: The surviving slaves that arrived on the 69th are auctioned off. There are a selection of men, women and children. A few try to escape, only to be beaten down by the harsh Sunberth crowd.

82nd: With growing concerns over the appearing symbols, a party of particularly brave (or foolish) individuals heads into The Rotting Mansion to investigate the abandoned building for clues. The party is led by a headstrong and particularly thick-skulled ex-Daggerhand, who appears to be certain that it's the ghost of Robern "Rotter" Dalagnar causing all this trouble. [Moderated Event]
  • Please note this event will not start until mid January.
  • 3-4 players will be able to take part in this event.
  • Sign up to this event in my office
  • Players already signed up: Erik Murphy, Orpheus Sol

89th: With Spring around the corner, Sunberth slowly begins to defrost and the snow once again melts away. Much to the shock and fear of the Sunberth populace, the melted snow reveals hundreds of copies of that mysterious symbol engraved into cobblestones and even frozen corpses.

91st: Sunberth welcomes the New Year in its typical fashion, greeting 516AV with drunken songs and bad hangovers. Cheers!


In line with other calendars and domains, I would like to request that players who want to claim one of the non-moderated calendar events post their claim here. You will then have 24 hours to start your thread, otherwise your claim will not last and another player will be able to claim the event in your place. Threads claiming calendar events should be labelled 'PM to join', if not 'Open'.

Moderated events cannot be claimed by PCs. Players wanting to take part in any of the moderated events should look at the specific event they are interested in for more information. If in doubt, PM me.

NOTE People who want to sign up to moderated calendar events (not sub-moderated) are required to be active & approved players. This means that your CS has be approved (with a green check), and you've made at least 50 posts by the time the event has begun. This is to ensure that the players who take part in such events (and reap the rewards) have contributed to the general Sunberth domain. New players are of course invited to sign up to such events, but they must be aware that they are expected to have 50 posts by the time the event starts. If they haven't, they will not be able to join in.


In order to earn the Sunberth Winter 515AV medal, complete six of the following challenges, at least 2 of which must be done with 2 separate PCs. You cannot cover more than two challenges in a single thread.

♔ Play dead
♔ Loot a body
♔ Wake up from being unconscious with no idea where you are
♔ Be part of a mob [PCs should band together]
♔ Taunt a gang member
♔ Attend a hanging at the gallows
♔ Teach someone a new skill [PC]
♔ Go hunting/foraging [PCs should band togther]
♔ Find a symbol imprinted or written on something your PC purchases or already owns
♔ Take part in discussing (and subsequently destroying) the symbols [PC]
♔ Gather Firewood to add to the Slag Heap Fire [PCs should band together]

Thank you to Sayana for contributing to this list!
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