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[GST]The Drawbacks of Being a Bad Father (Firenze)

Postby Pulren Marsh on November 13th, 2016, 4:33 am


As startling a contrast that the blood made across the snow, the silence came heavier after so much rage and talking. The animal world didn't have talking. It had doing. The bite was meant to be lethal, though Vinicus was not devoured. Once his thrashing had ceased, the great wolf, its mouth dripping with steamy blood, moved toward Firenze. A strange thing happened next as the wolf rubbed its bloody snout in the snow, eating the white stuff and seeming to clean its face a bit. Most curious things for a wolf to do, indeed.

However, it soon became very clear that this was no ordinary wolf. Sitting on its haunches, it bowed its head after looking into Firenze's eyes. A glow came, one that she was all too familiar with. The glow enveloped the canine until the form of a naked man with brown hair became apparent, kneeling low before her. When his head rose once more, Firenze found herself looking into a very familiar face. It was the face of her true father, Faolan. His eyes were just as piercing, hie face a little less bloody.

Moving cautiously and with purpose over to Vinicus' bidy, he riufled through the man's pockets until he produced the key for Firenze's collar. He moved again to her and worked the thing free, throwing it with force at the corpse's face. It simply bounced off the pale, dead flesh into the snow nearby. Anger and revulsion crossed Faolan's features before they softened and he returned to his frightened child. reaching out to caress her hair, he whispered, a low guttural sound coming forth. "I am sorry you had to suffer him. Never again." His hand withdrew and he waited to see how she would react.

The smell of blood was thick and pervasive.
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[GST]The Drawbacks of Being a Bad Father (Firenze)

Postby Firenze on February 13th, 2017, 4:43 pm

With a lip pulled back, bloodied teeth flashing, the wolf’s muzzle tipped toward the ground as his brilliant blue gaze bore into hers. She stared with fear, her struggle to remove the collar was halted, her thin fingers still wrapped around the cold metal. Dread flared in her chest, and she started to panic that she would be the beasts next meal.

A fleeting thought crossed her mind, her eyes flicking around quickly to confirm, that the wolf was not in a pack. It was unusual because they were a pack type of animal. This brought questions to mind that were pushing back against the panic.

However, as her mind had begun to regain itself to get her limbs moving away, the wolf had wiped itself in the snow and then shifted. He was like her. The man had several scars covering his flesh, brown curly hair with a tint of grey at his temples sat like a crown on his head. Piercing blue eyes, same as the wolf, watched her and then began to dig around in Vinicus’s pockets.

Firenze had no idea what to think of this man. Why would he help her? She shook the question from her mind. It wasn’t important of why, she was thankful that he did. If he hadn’t helped her, she’s not sure what would’ve happened. The fear that had taken hold of her had begun to subside now that she realized that the man was as she was, but it stilled held in the back of her mind. She didn’t know who this man was or what he wanted.

However, it was washed away as he reached down and begun to remove the collar on which she still hung. Loosening her grip, hands aching from cold and struggle, she let him take it off. Once she felt it slip from around her throat, she breathed out in a sigh of relief. The cold weight still felt around her neck; it’s invisible fingers wrapped around despite the physical removal.

Glancing up at him, he’d placed a hand on her head. She flinched back involuntarily. It wasn’t intentional, and she hoped that he wouldn’t take offense. When he spoke, a rough, gravelly voice emanated. His words were reassuring despite the blood-spattered snow spread out behind him. She was glad not to have to worry about Vinicus any longer. However, she wasn’t sure what to do with the situation presented before her. What was she going to do with the body? What did the man want for rescuing her? She didn’t have any coin or valuable item to give. Everything that she owned was still under lock and key in Zeltiva.

“Thank you for your help,” the words whispered between cracked lips, her throat raw and sore.

Moving to stand, her gaze still monitored and judged the man before her. Figuring that he would want payment for aiding her she shifted to the body lying in the snow. Steam rose from the still warm blood; cold dead eyes stared at the sky. Averting eyes from the gruesome scene her stomach betrayed her and tried to wretch up the little food foraged the night previous.

Staring at the clear gray sky hands fumbled in the pockets of his trousers and jacket until winding fingers around a soft bag. Withdrawing with the item, Fire pulled out some coin and gave it to the man. It would have to be enough.

There were still a few tinkling together in the bottom, but she needed the little amount to get food and clothing when she went back to town. She gave the wolf a weak smile that didn’t reach her eyes. “I hope that is enough for your troubles; I don’t have much. Thank you again,” turning she glanced at the dead body once more. Firenze knew that she needed to get away from here as quick as possible before the patrol came down the road. “I suggest we leave; the guards could be by at any moment. Perhaps we will meet again.”

Their eyes scanned each other's only for a tick before she began to run back toward the city which she’d hoped never to see again. Shifting into form as she ran, her paws crunched quietly in the snow.[/center]
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[GST]The Drawbacks of Being a Bad Father (Firenze)

Postby Chameleon on May 14th, 2017, 12:29 pm

Your Grades Are Here...

  • Acrobatics: 1XP
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  • Kelvic: Can’t shift in a collar
  • Stealth: Avoiding the road
  • Vinicus: Likes causing pain
  • Faolan: A stranger who saved her
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That was a really good read - I enjoy your writing and your stories, and the way both you and Pulren write works very well together. I hope to read more!

Hopefully, the grades and lores will be okay. I couldn't find much, so I hope that what I have awarded will be enough. As for the money, I rolled for it in chat, but if you want more (and have a good reason behind it), please let me know!

Don't forget to mark your request as graded. If you have any questions and concerns, don't be scared to send me a PM - there's always a chance I might have missed something!

Enjoy Your Grade!...
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