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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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Bedside Manner

Postby Grim Ravenwood on August 6th, 2016, 12:57 pm

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Bedside Manner

Postby Konrad Venger on September 23rd, 2016, 10:54 pm


Grade Withheld due to Out-of-Date Ledger and CS


Observation - 2
Socialization - 3
Medicine - 1
Rhetoric - 1

Sunberth, Summer 516: Anatomy of an Epidemic
Medicine: Checking for a Pulse
Petrious: Valued, but Notorious
Sunberth: Mages are Not Welcome


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Good GRIEF, thank PETCH you got rid of that sodding AWFUL box code! Gods above that was a pox on mine eyes... and the story wasn't too bad, actually! I liked how you didn't skim on the details of the epidemic, and even threw in some rudimentary healing.

Oh, and please make sure you go back and edit your post in the Request Thread to reflect the fact this one is now done and dusted. PM me with any questions and later 'tater!

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Note: As of Fall 517AV, Konrad is known only as "Hansel" in Endrykas
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Bedside Manner

Postby Karyk on June 25th, 2017, 1:42 pm

Grim Ravenwood
Socialization: 3
Observation: 2
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Notes and Comments
CS Checkmarked: ✓
CS Reviewed by Me: ✓
Season Request was Submitted for Grade: Summer 517 AV
Season Thread was Started (IC & OOC): Summer 516 & Summer 516
Is that Season's expenses paid?: ✓
Eligible for grade? Yes

Felt a little cut short. Nonetheless, well done. Interesting setting for a social chat... haha
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