Closed One Problem at a Time (Baelin)

Baelin and Sayana tackle a nuit problem.

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One Problem at a Time (Baelin)

Postby Sayana on September 10th, 2017, 2:48 pm


For the first few ticks, Sayana found herself instinctively settling in a poised position. Ready to make a mad dash the moment he messed up his words or the story. Yet despite her lack of faith in the Dhani’s abilities, for the most part he held his own. The stubborn and almost aggressive response didn’t help, but neither did he give them both away. More importantly, it gave Sayana time to think as she feigned an anxious, if not frightened young woman. The smith’s tall imposing figure, combined with the protective gesture, only helped to solidify the role along with the pounding heart in her chest.

“Please, you have to hurry! When I saw the smoke, all I could think of were my children.” The small Eypharian spoke with the tone and urgency of a frightened mother.

“What if someone gets hurt while we’re just standing here…? I have to get home and make sure that my children are safe! Please!” Her pleading was not loud, but there was a sense of panic that would surely unravel if any more time was wasted.

There was a moment where the two knights awkwardly stepped aside in embarrassment, and then they too sprung to the occasion with newfound haste. Sayana on her part, took the dhani’s hand in one of hers and swiftly led the way out into the streets.

The summer night’s air was cool and refreshing compared to the stifling feeling of indoors. Sayana no longer feared that the fire hadn’t burned long enough, and was rather glad that the knights would soon be there to make sure it didn’t get out of control. She was wary of the rather strong impression they had made on the two knights, but she hoped that the personal embarrassment would lead them to overlook certain pieces of evidence.

Back into the twisting corridors of the stronghold, the Eypharian continued along an increasingly more familiar route. When she at last reached the door to her apartment, she breathed a soft sigh of relief and reached for her keys to unlock the door. She gestured inside, not expecting the smith to stay for very long, but inviting him for a few chimes of calm and privacy should he wish to exchange any final words. Despite the relative success of the endeavor, Sayana was still glad to know she would be on a ship to Alvadas the following morning. Even with all they had done, it still felt a little unreal that they had planned, murdered, and escaped in this city of peace. Dead or undead, it had still been a murder. Calculated and in cold blood.

“And so it is as it was promised. Anything else before we part ways?”

OOCThis will most likely be my last post. It's been a pleasure writing this story with you.
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One Problem at a Time (Baelin)

Postby Baelin Holt on October 1st, 2017, 5:44 am

My children. Baelin didn’t know why the phrase rattled around in his head so violently, but it did. And in that moment, all he could think of was Mala. As if she was right there, hovering over his shoulder and cackling in his ear. Taunting him with phrases like she has your eyes and glad she didn’t get those daddy issues. Blinking furiously, Baelin shook himself free of the mire engulfing his thoughts and focused on the present.

The knights seemed appropriately chastised by Q’s fraudulent distress and soon were gone, heading to the scene of the fire to do their jobs. Q’s hand gripped his own as she pulled him out into the lane. Baelin followed compliantly, never doubting her lead.

He trailed behind her as she led him through the open-air lane, the crisp night cooling his nerves, before she tugged him back into Stormhold. Q seemed for all the world to be in calm control right up until they returned to her apartment. A sigh was the first and only tell he caught to suggest that she wasn’t quite as halcyon as she let on. And then the lapse was over. She gestured for him to follow her inside, and he did so without question.

Her apartment was still as bright and colorful as he remembered it, but something about having killed with her made it seem more…approachable? No, that wasn’t quite right. Receptive? No, that wasn’t the word either. Baelin wasn’t sure why he felt more at home here now than he had earlier. It didn’t make sense. But, all the same, he did recognize that he no longer was quite so uncomfortable standing in the lively spread that Q claimed as her own.

What he did know was that he was forever more indebted to her. Baelin rubbed his thumb over the black scythe on his palm, all too cognizant of how little he had done to justify its presence prior to meeting her. Fifty gold mizas. That was evidently all it had taken for this stranger to offer her aid, and suddenly he was fulfilling his purpose? It was too good to be true. It was too cheap to be true.

Baelin was sure the time would come when she would demand a true payment for his debt. An actual payment. Not some cheap attempt at covering his due with something as hollow as coin. He didn’t know what she could possibly ask for, and he didn’t know what he’d be able to pay, but he did know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she had already reaped his loyalty. Baelin had been expecting his first extermination of a Nuit to end in his own death. The fact that he was still alive? He owed her more than he could afford.

“And so it is as it was promised. Anything else before we part ways?”

Baelin wished he was a smarter man. He truly longed for it. Because right now? In this moment? He suspected he was being granted the last words he’d ever get to share with Q. And he owed her so much. How could he possibly hope to phrase everything he wanted to tell her in such a short moment? No. There was no possibility that he could express everything he wanted to.

After a painfully long stretch of silence, Baelin finally said, “No.”

It was all he could manage. All he knew how to admit.

All the same. He owed her one. And that was not something he’d ever forget.
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One Problem at a Time (Baelin)

Postby Anuk on February 20th, 2018, 11:20 pm



Click :

Planning +1
Leadership +3
Writing +1
Forgery +1
Drawing +1
Disguise +1
Subterfuge +2
Impersonation +1
Acting +1
Philosophy +1


Nuit: Summer is hard on the host body
Planning: Subsequent plans in the even of failure
Forgery: Imitating the layout of an official document
Drawing: Emblem of the Windoak
Impersonation: Adjusting voice to sound like someone else
Subterfuge: Cover up a murder by arranging it to look like an accident
Subterfuge: Eliminating evidence of foul play using fire
Philosophy: Murder of passion versus cold murder
Philosophy: Killing undead is still murder


Click :

Observation +4
Philosophy +1
Rhetoric +2
Weapon: Warhammer +2
Subterfuge +1


Nuit: Summer is hard on the host body
Philosophy: One cannot 'murder' a nuit since they are already dead
Warhammer: Firm grip, supple wrist in the swing
Q: An impressive liar
Baelin: Praying for a messy death to deter nuit from using his corpse
Philosophy: Morality in the treatment of a corpse
Subterfuge: Feigning ignorance to avoid suspicion
Q: Hides her true feelings well
Baelin: Feels indebted to Q


-2SM 9CM for bath & laundry


Loved the near escapes, it was so exciting to read, and your posts flowed well together, great work! While you're adding your grades to your CS you both may want to check out this announcement and amend your skills accordingly.

If you feel I missed anything, shoot me a PM!
Sayana, don't forget to edit your grade request here.  
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