(Flashback) Use Your Singing Voice (Anu)

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(Flashback) Use Your Singing Voice (Anu)

Postby Blythe on January 16th, 2011, 4:37 pm

Blythe nodded as she looked up at the sky. The sun was getting higher and higher, and looked as though it would be setting soon enough. Slowly, delicately, so as to push around as little sand as possible, Blythe got to her feet. She smiled down at Anu, and said, "well it looks like it is going to be dark soon, so I should be heading home," Blythe paused for a moment to look out at the sea, before turning back to Anu, "thank you for your impromptu music lesson, it was very helpful, and I'll be sure to remember everything," Blythe said as she reached out her hand to Anu, as if to help her to her feet. Certainly it couldn't hurt to be too polite, especially when it appeared as though she would be forced to make a rather hasty exit.
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(Flashback) Use Your Singing Voice (Anu)

Postby Anu on January 17th, 2011, 6:10 pm

Anu smiled warmly as she let her eyes move up to the sky, noticing how it has moved a lot more then she expected it to.
When Blythe got on her feet, and just nodded and followed her, listening to what the woman has to say.
Anu's fingers lightly pushed her hair to the front again, shrugging lightly when Blythe thanked her, and just whispering in a warm tone
"It was a pleasure, I hope it will help you at least a bit..... I hope we get to see each other again"

After whispering that, Anu nodded and turned around, heading to the left of the woman she talked to just a second before. Taking a longer path to walk home was something this little Konti's family expected at all times, so as usual, she didn't hurry too much, taking time to enjoy in what nature has to give her.

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(Flashback) Use Your Singing Voice (Anu)

Postby Alice on February 19th, 2011, 4:11 pm



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That was a nice read! I feel you caught the relaxed and thoughtful atmosphere of Mura quite well. Watching Blythe and Anu become friends and discuss the meaning of singing and poetry was very entertaining. There’s no action ... but somehow I felt refreshed when I was finished. Thank you!
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