[The Fighter's Pit] A Mage In A Hard Place(Michael Kyber)

Garland meets a new mage-squire by the name of Michael and he helps him train his more martial skills

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[The Fighter's Pit] A Mage In A Hard Place(Michael Kyber)

Postby Samuel Longwell on May 26th, 2017, 4:58 pm

Grading Complete

Please edit your grade request thread so that it's obvious that it's been graded. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions/problems with your grade.

Name: Garland

XP Award:
  • Weapon: Axe 3
  • Rhetoric 1
  • Weapon: Flail 4
  • Teaching 2
  • Acrobatics 1
  • Tactics 2
  • Unarmed Combat 1
  • Storytelling 1
  • The hot winter isn't so bad
  • Michael: Wants to spar
  • Flail: Slow to swing
  • Michael: Wants to become a knight
  • Problems with the structure of the knights
  • Michael: Tenacious
Rewards: Shield Points Training +3

Name: Michael

XP Award:
  • Observation 3
  • Philosophy 1
  • Socialisation 3
  • Tactics 3
  • Weapon: Bastard sword 3
  • Endurance 2
  • Acrobatics 1
  • Weapon: Cutlass 2
  • Location: Fighting Pits
  • The Pits: Can be intimidating.
  • Garland: Happy to spar
  • Using feints in combat
  • Garland: Squire
  • Combat is tiring
  • Syliran Knights: Not invincible

Notes: Michael, as you've said you're not in the knighthood yet I haven't given you any shield points yet. I hope that's ok. A good introductory thread between your characters, I hope you enjoy your grades.
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