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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

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Calendar ~ Spring 517

Postby Prophet on February 28th, 2017, 10:42 pm

Ravokian Calendar
Spring 517

Ravok cannot see any watchtowers from the middle of its lake. There's also no noticeable change in the weather for the city itself. The Lakeshore will continue to feel the affects of the non-winter. The heated world will continue to spawn large and violent storms which will send plant and animal life into all kinds of unpredictable patterns of behavior. Ebonstryfe will be very active on the shore and in the surrounding countryside.

From amidst the floating city, life will seem very much the same. Rhysol will always shelter his chosen with fair weather and friendly waves. The nature of Ravok will be much calmer than in previous seasons despite some strange occurrences. The City Guard is at full strength and the presence of the Ebonstryfe has diminished back into the shadows. Gru'tral has re-established a sense of normalcy that was lost in his absence. Businesses and citizens should experience pleasant days and nights so long as they cooperate with the general good.

Outsiders should always be wary and seek to find a way to make themselves useful. No one may enter the city without passing through the Southern Trading Post. Rhysol and his faithful are eager to start a new year of prosperity.

Lakeshore Storm Dates:
  • Early morning until Early evening on the 9th
  • Mid-afternoon on the 14th to Late night on the 15th
  • All day on the 33rd
  • The second half of the 37th
  • Lunchtime on the 49th to First light on the 53rd
  • Several bells on the afternoon of the 69th
  • All day and night on the 75th
  • Dawn of the 83rd to Dusk of the 85th


**Quest Etiquette by Gossamer** :
Quest Etiquette
The Player Section


Quest Etiquette can be a real make or break thing in terms of a quest. Players sin and moderators sin. Sometimes I wonder if its because players have no idea what true quest etiquette is? Do moderators? From years of D&D tabletop I've formed what MY OPINION of quest etiquette is. I go by it now on Mizahar. Be sure you review this if your in one of my quests and try to adhere to the basic premise of this post. If your a moderator, make sure you are trying to enforce these things in your quests. Otherwise, your quest party is full of douchebags and you should just run their horses off a cliff and end the bad behavior once and for all.

  • Acknowledge the other people in a quest. Note their actions in your post by reacting to them even if its just a brief line or two. Don’t ignore their presence. It’s rude beyond belief to come into a quest and solo it without paying attention to the others in the party. The same thing is true if people break into subgroups and ignore the other subgroups. Subgroups are fine as long as everyone is a part of one and they note each other’s actions and include each other and everyone else in their posts.

  • Acknowledge the actions of others in the quest. You aren’t in a solo moderated thread. Note others actions as part of your response and put some opinion of the action in there. Do you approve? Are they being stupid? Make that part of your post. Argue with their action if you disagree or try to block it. That’s all part of the fun. Agree with it? Help them do the action! Step up and say great idea and lend a hand. The biggest crime in a quest thread is to ignore a fellow quester.

  • Establish what your PC is wearing/wielding/and has on their person. Magically appearing gear is annoying in any sort of quest. That goes double for the whole ‘its in my bag at all times things’. Please make sure in your initial post to establish to yourself and the others what your PC is wearing, holding, and carrying for the duration of the quest. If your allowed to take the time to ‘gear up’ then go get your full gear and re-establish what you have in a post following a ‘gear up’ session. That way one can avoid the magical bag of ‘everything even the kitchen sink is in here’ and yet your pc moves unencumbered through the quest.

  • Don’t poach information. If one character learns of something by their actions, its up to them to share that information with the party. If they don’t then you don’t know it. So long as they are paying attention to you and acknowledging your actions, its perfectly fine to withhold information.

  • Stick to the posting order. This goes along with information poaching. Try very hard to post in the order the original postings were made. This gives everyone an equal chance to post and react in the order they carried out actions and learned things. Skipping posting order is only okay if a moderator says it is or the moderator is tired of waiting for one slow poster to post.

  • Don’t stand and do nothing. No one likes a PC who’s in a quest just to observe. This is a huge waste of time too. Don’t do nothing and don’t actually join a quest thread if you think all you are going to do on your first post is observe. Moderators hate that and might get spiteful towards your PC if all you are doing is lookilooing the whole time. Perform actions, ask questions, and think heavily about what might be going on.

  • Do things you can do. Don’t do things you can’t do. Are you a fighter? Fight then. Are you a wizard? Perform magic. Healers can heal. Everyone can look and observe for things. But if your unskilled at something like say disarming traps, don’t try to disarm traps. You’re going to get your stupid ass killed and probably those around you. Quest parties form organically and come together in a way where everyone has a role. Play your role. Don’t suddenly think your superman when you’re a three inch pycon. Those roles don’t work. Play roles that work.

  • Make quest posting a priority. If you are in a moderated thread, post to that FIRST before you post to your solos or socials. They are important to the moderators and the players so be sure you make it a priority to yourself as well.

  • Keep information organized in your mind. Understand and keep it straight in your mind what is ‘general’ information that everyone learns and what is ‘private’ information that someone finds out. You can act on general information but not on private information unless it is private information you earned.

  • Know your character limits. What is your characters size and strength? Can you lift that? Can you wield that? Does your character know what that thing is even if you do? Make sure you are aware of your lores and your skills. If you don’t have say a huge physical presence, don’t think you can lift a knight in full body armor as an average female and carry him out of a burning building. That probably won’t happen. You probably can’t even roll him over.

  • Be aware of YOUR location and the locations of the rest of the group members. Describe where exactly you are standing carefully in the scene in relation to fixed objects or things that are the focal point of a scene. Are you right next to another group member? Are you standing behind the group ready to heal them? Are you kneeling in front examining something? Be specific. Remember, let everyone know where you are. Don’t stomp on anyone in making an action. Slide around someone if they are in front of you and what you want to do. This goes back to acknowledging someone is somewhere doing something. Acknowledge them.

  • Just ask and you’ll know. Sounds like a simple thing right? But don’t assume anything. If you want to know more about something specifically examine it in your response. Ask in your post. “John Smith wondered how the man had managed to carry enough water to traverse the desert without dehydration. He should have been dehydrated right? So John decided to check his gear and see if there was any evidence as to how it was done.” Boom. You’ve just asked the Mod how something happened and made it clear you were looking for the answer. Now it’s the mods turn to do their job and tell you in their response to your actions. “After a few minutes of searching, John found a bag of holding that had five hundred canteens, most of which were still full, all stuffed inside it.” Don’t assume. Ask!

  • Let the Moderator know how you’re feeling about their quest. Are you bored? Have your PC yawn in boredom. Are you feeling left out or ignored? Write about that. It’s their job as a moderator for everyone to have fun as they tell a story to you. If you’re not having fun or there’s nothing for your PC in the quest so far, let them know by writing about it. They can and will adjust the story accordingly. Though remember, there are two types of quests. One is a sign up quest where a story should be tailored to every PC that signs up. And there are random posted quests you join. The random posted quests are the luck of who shows up first and its less about the PCs and more about the story in that case.

  • Don't criticize the moderator. They are doing it for your fun and their own enjoyment. Go easy on them. Understand that a good moderator might be flexible with the rules to preserve pacing or flow and add an element of the fantastical to the story. This goes for undermining the narrative, too. “This seems straight out of last months' Letters to Penthouse, Jen. What's the deal?” NoteYou know I'm just throwing this in there as a humorous reward for reading this far right? That might not be cool to point out. Just go with it. A good mod will change the ending or the middle and if you hate the quest you can not opt in on another one of theirs later down the line. Also, if you’re noticing inconsistencies, and can’t help it, try phrasing it in the form of a question. E.g., Is this the same begger we met in the last scene? If so, why is his peg leg on the right now instead of the left? Is that really necessary to point out? Probably not. The whole point is that hes a peg-leg dude and leave it at that. It might even be intentional. Is he an illusion that has changed over time? The changes might be hidden clues.

  • Don't engage in non-rewarding conflict or squabbling. Everyone knows that fighting among party members can be hugely distracting. try to limit this type of conflict to those instances which are dramatically rewarding. Contribute to the narrative as a PC rather than distract from it. This game is a social cooperative one. Players forget that. They like to grandstand defiance under the banner of staying true to a character concept. That's bullshit and everyone including themselves know it. The exception to this rule comes when tension or opposition within the party results in dramatic role-playing rewards. In order for the latter to work, remember, all PC’s need to be on the same page and it needs to be fully IC. OOC contempt for another players actions can't creep into the overall narrative or you're violating this rule.

  • Understand your role in a quest as a party member. Your PCs presence in a quest should be to strengthen the bond of the party, support each other player’s character-concept in game, weave your story alongside the other characters’, and finally work together towards your goals. That's it! Everything else like comedic humor or superfluous knowledge is icing on the cake.

    And finally…

  • Don’t void the social contract of quest fellowship! Remember, when you are joining a quest, you are agreeing to join a group and work towards a common goal for the benefit and fun of all the player and the characters in the group. This is a social contract! Avoid slavish behavior meaning a character acting in a way that makes no attempt at originality, constructive interpretation, or development. We all know the pc types. There’s always that pc who won’t go with the party even though the player has joined the quest because they don’t know the others, don’t trust the others, and can see no benefit in it for them. It’s your job as a player to suspend disbelief and find a reason to go and help and be in that group. It’s not the moderator’s job. It’s your job and your social contract of RP QUESTING that you signed. Follow through.

In Pursuit of the Heavens :
Chasing the Star - Last season, a brilliant spectacle of light was seen throughout all of Sylira. This celestial event appears to have crashed somewhere to the southwest of Ravok in the Wildlands. The Black Sun has dispatched two fast moving units of Ebonstryfe to investigate but has also tapped citizens and outsiders who have useful skills for the mission.

Players: This is a massive undertaking. The group will be deployed from the 1st to the 81st. During this time, players will be expected to write their job threads in accordance to some duty assigned to aid the expedition. A seamstress could take part in this so long as she's willing to darn socks and help feed the horses. Please know that this quest will be a primary focus so I expect active players. I have made room for four (4) characters.

He said. She said. :
Rumors - The Ravosalamen talk a lot but they hear everything. Take a few rides and you might not believe your ears! Can these things really be true? Maybe you'll just have to discover for yourself.

Players:This will be something that can be done in any order and on any days you choose. PCs will need to investigate the Rumors listed in the Ravasolamen section below. In order to do so, one must take a ride in a ravosala in thread to hear the Rumor. Once that has been posted, send me a PM with the link and I will reply with a clue or tidbit that can be used in another thread. Some Rumors will be shyke and some might have multiple layers which need to be peeled away in order to find the truth. As you use the clues I give in thread, keep me apprised with links so that I may track your progress. To summarize:
  1. RP hearing a given Rumor.
  2. Send me a PM with the thread link.
  3. RP with the information I give you.
  4. Send me a PM to finish the investigation.

This is something everyone can do and I encourage you all to investigate at least one Rumor.

Changes in the Weather :
Hope Floats - On the 54th day of Spring, the lack of sprouting plants including the vital cattails sends workers running for their lords. Due to Morwen's yearly trip being canceled, the farms on the Lakeshore are suffering. There is panic and concern as the soil seems soured on many of the farms. Some of the farmers are projecting such low numbers that the Black Sun has begun a two-pronged approach towards finding a solution.

55th - A group of experts and concerned contributors meet in the courtyard of the Temple. They are split into two teams. One is sent into the The Owl's Den to brainstorm and research the potential and logistics for hydroponic gardening. The second group is taken to the Lakeshore to see what can be done to salvage the current season's crops.

Players:Obviously, this is two threads but could turn into more. The goal is to get you guys involved in the city. However this plays out will be determined by the level of interest and the types of characters who take part. This is open to citizens and non-citizens alike. I would like two (2) players for each group.

Death of a Salesman :
Asunder - On the 81st of Spring, screams wake up neighborhoods all over the city. This takes place before Syna even graces the floating city with her light. By the time she's over the horizon, the City Guard are out in full force as is a massive showing by the Ebonstryfe and Black Sun. Travel back to the Lakeshore is suspended. Ebonstryfe commandeers as many barges and water gliders as they can find and form a perimeter around the city. It has been learned that a single body was dismembered and placed in seven locations throughout Ravok. The cause for alarm is high but the average citizen will not know the reason. There are arrests -both public and in secret.

Players:The types of threads that evolve from this will depend solely upon those who wish to take part. As of right now, I will open it up to three (3) players but this could change. I make no pre-requisites for this quest since I've allowed myself a good deal of flexibility. This is open to citizens and non-citizens alike.

The Dogs of War :
Call of Duty - For all Ebonstryfe and Black Sun members, I have a schedule of deployment available. Once you have registered, send me a PM and we will loosely plan your season. Should you wish to join any of the quests, you must sign up like everyone else. I will not discuss any of the listed events until you have completed the necessary form.

Rumors of the Ravosalamen

To get around Ravok, one will inevitably end up in one of the sleek vessels that cruise through the canals. The drivers are known as Ravosalamen. They come in all shapes and sizes but know more about what goes on in the city than just about everyone aside from the top brass of the city's main organizations. These public servants talk amongst themselves but also to their fares. Sometimes, the conversations expose a dirty secret about an affluent member of society or reveal the true purpose of a mundane structure. There are also times when the gossip is just hot air. Regardless of one's station in Ravok, it's always wise to keep an ear to the canals.

Rumors :
"Have you heard about the ships being constructed in the yard? No? Well, they're right big, I tell you. You can see 'em over the high walls of the yard! I haven't seen anything that big on the lake- never. Some say they're going to be prison ships. I dunno about that. The Black Sun doesn't tolerate much. I think they'd rather feed the fish than feed a bunch of no-gooders. If you ask me...and don't repeat this...but I think those big ol' boats are meant for something else."

"Gru'tral came back a few seasons ago and the city seems to be running a lot smoother. Don't you think? I heard he killed Silvas for doing such a shyke job of being in charge while he was gone. I'd love to a fly on the wall in the Vitrax though...not that I'd ever want him to look right at me."

"Ya e'er been ta tha Pits? Aye, right fine mess o' fun, tha' place. I hear tell o' one o' dem Syliran knights be fightin' dese days. Wan' me ta slip ya o'er? Tain't far."

"Oh, Rhysol's eye- I'm hungry! Do you mind if I swing by the People's Market? They have all kinds of good food and some is even fresh. I also heard there's a lady with white hair who sells water that'll make you dream up your future!"

"Now there's a sweet face. You remind me of my old neighbor, ya do. She was the nicest thang then she come down with something right mean. Sick for months - well, damn near the whole season, she was. So we finally got her rolling and took her to the Healing Hand. Wouldn't ya know it, they patched her right up and she was back to her old self. Funny thing, though- almost too weird but about a week later she started to change. That girl was still sweet and all but it was like she was hollow inside. Then she just disappeared. Ain't seen her smile in almost a year."

"Wait, wait, wait. You want me to take you where? No way! I don't go to the Plaza of Dark Delights. I had a friend who used to troll around there a lot but no one's seen him for weeks now. My wife thinks he prolly lost his papers and got snatched up and sold at the Slave Market but my gut tells me otherwise."


To sign up for an event or to make your thread available for moderator interruptions, please fill out the form below and post it in my Office.

Event Signup Form

Code: Select all
[b]PC Name:[/b]
[b]Skills you want to improve:[/b]
[b]Moderated thread (date):[/b]
[b]Your interest in this thread:[/b]
[b]Something you're willing to lose:[/b]
[b]Can your PC sustain an injury:[/b]
[b]Preferred outcome:[/b]


  1. Complete 6 for the city's medal.
  2. Complete all 8 for the medal and a small custom gift from me.
  3. You cannot cover more than two seasonal goals in a single thread.
  4. The thread must be at least 1500 words long for a single challenge; 2000 words for two challenges.
  5. Please be sure to include detail when completing your challenges. I reserve the right to deny anyone for lack of effort. The challenges are used to encourage everyone to think and write. Simply restating the challenge in a thread will not suffice.

Take a ravosala ride. (PC)*
Talk about Rhysol. (PC)
Go shopping. (PC)
Investigate a rumor.**
Visit each district of Ravok. This should be done over multiple threads. Does not include Lakeshore.
Get lost. (PC)
Sample some of the local cuisine and give a review to someone else. (PC)
Have a pleasant interaction and a negative experience with a member of the City Guard. Must be two separate threads.

*(PC) Indicates the challenge must be completed with another PC.
**Rumor indicates one of the given gossips of the Ravosalamen.

When you complete the challenges, fill out the form below and post it in my Office.

Completed Challenges Form

Code: Select all
[url=]❂[/url]Take a ravosala ride (PC)
[url=]❂[/url]Talk about Rhysol (PC)
[url=]❂[/url]Go shopping (PC)
[url=]❂[/url]Investigate a rumor
[url=]❂[/url]Visit each district of Ravok
[url=]❂[/url]Get lost (PC)
[url=]❂[/url]Sample some of the local cuisine and give a review to someone else (PC)
[url=]❂[/url]Have a pleasant interaction and a negative experience with a member of the City Guard.
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