Closed New Faces (Varrolan)

Samuel and Varrolan meet at the fighting pits.

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New Faces (Varrolan)

Postby Samuel Longwell on March 20th, 2017, 8:10 pm

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Samuel reached down and pulled his student to his feet. Varrolan looked exhausted, it seemed as though he could barely stand. The knight smiled sympathetically as the young man slumped on his shield, clearly Varrolan needed a rest. Samuel nearly burst out laughing at his student's question about whether he'd been taught by the knights. He almost caved and explained that he was a knight, but the temptation to wait and see if Varrolan worked it out was too powerful. Samuel wouldn't lie, but he hadn't been asked directly if he was a knight so he could leave the lad in the dark for a little longer.

“Aye,” Samuel answered, a mischievous grin plastered across his face, “I've learnt a fair amount from the knights, many are excellent teachers. Learnt a little from some squires too actually. But I learnt most of it from experience, hard work, and practice. You keep at it and maybe someday you'll be able to beat me.”

The knight paused, he knew that Varrolan was fairly new to the city but wasn't actually sure of the reason. He looked his student up and down, sizing him up. He didn't seem to have the build of a farmer, the heavy labour tended to form muscles in places that Varrolan lacked. So Samuel ruled out the typical occupation of those from outpost. It was possible he worked with animals, or had some other trade. Honestly, Samuel couldn't work it out so there was noway to find out other than ask.

“So why are you here in this great city lad? Looking for work?” Samuel asked, “I'm guessing it wasn't just to get knocked around the fighting pits, eh?” There was no malice in the second remark, rather the knight was hoping to set the younger man at ease. A glint in his eye and wry smile on his face would hopefully communicate this to Varrolan. Jokes tended to make people more willing to talk about themselves, it felt less like an interrogation and more like a conversation.
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