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Where did all these birds come from? (Karin Ironyach)

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Birds? Birds!

Postby Ines on May 14th, 2017, 1:32 pm

Spring 90th, 517AV

There was, at first, nothing unusual about Ines' morning trip to the settlement. From her little hut it was only about half a bell, maybe 45 chimes if it was raining, and the kelvic made the trip at least daily. It felt extra humid today, in a way that made the bat think that the jungle was reminding everyone that summer was only a couple days away. Ines took the trip with her machete at her side, though not for protection, just a force of habit. Being marked by Caiyha, the kelvic had little to worry about in the way of being attacked by the many wild predators that roamed the Maw.

Arriving at Syka proved an amazing sight - dozens, no, hundreds of strange birds littered the settlement, building nests and bothering the residents of the small city. Moving towards one of the birds and using Nura to communicate, the bat learned through the series of intentions and images that the language provided that it was nesting season for them - and Syka was placed directly on their nesting ground.

Moving further into the city, it was worse than she thought. They were nesting in rooftops, trees, and nearly attacking anyone who came too close to their nests. The kelvic was stumped. She couldn't call herself a witch and remove the birds, but they were flying around and annoying the people in the place she called her home. What exactly was there to do? She had not been a witch for long, but there had to be some way to combat the situation and help both parties.

For now, the kelvic simply watched the birds, trying to learn their habits. Some of them circled in the sky, but it seemed the majority were collecting things from both the jungle and anything suitable left outside to construct their nests. She even saw someone's laundry being raided by the birds, which prompted Ines to walk over and attempt to keep them away.

The birds, despite her close proximity, did not fly away, but they also didn't attempt to attack the witch. They just perched on the line and watched her. Ines caught eye contact with one of the birds and attempted to tell them that this wasn't the right material for a nest. The seabird and a couple others near the laundry flew away, conceding to the bat, but one stubborn bird still sat on the ground near the laundry and stared at her, a sock in its beak.

"Silly bird, come, give that to me." Ines said out loud, before attempting to speak to it in Nura. She tried to tell the bird her intent to retrieve the sock, but it stayed locked in its beak. What a stubborn creature.
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Birds? Birds!

Postby Karin on May 23rd, 2017, 8:01 pm


Title 517 AV

Caw! Caw!


Karin awoke with a start, shaking away residual, feverish dreams of Wind Seagulls and crawling vines. Her head pounded, and her eyes creaked open slowly to see darkness. Syna had yet to grace the sky. Everything was peaceful and still- no wind, no roaring tide, no agitation. Except- the cawing that had been pervading her dreams again sounded, incredibly loudly, in the enclosed space of her hut. She blinked, and looked again. There, in the gloom, a magnificent specimen of a seagull stood quite proudly atop the knot of her hammock. She stared, gobsmacked, at the creature. She hadn't been expecting to see such a thing. To her utter surprise, the bird had the gall to look affronted, somehow.

"Hey! Get out!" The lithe Svefran woman tumbled out of bed and cursed as she stubbed her bare toes on the uneven surface. She grabbed the quarterstaff that lay nearby, as usual, and began prodding it forwards. The bird simply stared. It was quite a menacing stare, in the dimness of her room. But she wouldn't be intimidated by a singular bird. She shook her staff and advanced as she shouted once more, "Move it, bird!" It seemed to take the hint, and flapped its wingspan once, twice, before flying slowly out of the room.

After that, the woman didn't feel so inclined to sleep again, and so she spent the rest of her morning gathering fresh water from the stream. Today was washing day.


Her day was going from bad to worse, she thought grumpily. Garbed only in a long, white shirt and underpants, Karin had been washing the majority of her clothing with a thin sliver of soap and a bucket of jungle water. It was a slow process and her hands, already chapped and battered from woodworking, were now puckered and red from scrubbing. The woman had laid her clothes over a branch to dry in the hot sun, and was finishing washing her boots as the ever constant birds flocked nearby. She just knew they wanted to cause trouble. That seemed to be their purpose, after all. All morning, the birds had been flying around, annoying her, trying to land where she didn't want them to. Now, the blonde-haired woman was at the end of her tether, sweating from labouring and tired of constantly defending her home from invading wildlife.

It was then that she noticed the birds trying to get away with her carefully washed clothing. She could have screamed with frustration, but didn't. Instead, she stood swiftly, her staff soon in hand, and strode forward to chase after the bird. Of course, the bird had the advantage as it had wings and she did not, but at that point in time she didn't particularly care. "Petch OFF, you..- Oh!" Her tirade was stopped short by the presence of a woman. She was short to Karin's mind, with cropped brown hair that showed up chestnut and bark-brown in the peculiarly pretty light of the jungle beach. "I don't think talking to them does anything. They look pretty determined to be pests."

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