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[Knirin Gardens] Part of the Scenery

Postby Robinson Gilli on July 10th, 2017, 7:59 am

Robin couldn’t help but sigh audibly at that as he gave her a look of apology. As much as he wished he could have learned, he simply wasn’t interested in learning if that held any sense. Still that pretty much left him in an awkward position.

Regardless of it all he did make a promise and as he’d mentioned earlier he really didn’t have anything better to do. Scratching at his beard he looked at her, then remembered the ink, papers and such she’d given him so he began lifting them up with another look of apology.

“Uh… sorry ‘bout it mi- Martini, jus’ seems dat them art stuff ain’t a thing I’ve me a natural talent for” He said awkwardly. Granted however was that really this was the first time he even doodled in years, much less know any of the terminology so he wasn’t too stung about.

Still he felt right awful about wasting her time and resolved himself to sit through the art thing she was doin’ just prior to the lessons “ Uh, I’m still wantin’ ta sit fer dat art thin’ ye wanted earlier’… uh yeah” He said awkwardly, resisting the urge to tap his thighs again.

This didn’t mean he wasn’t licking the back of his teeth again out of habit. Rolling his shoulder he looked at her again, trying to gauge her reaction. Disappointment was clear on her face but he wasn’t clear if it was disappointment at him for failing to learn or just that he failed to show an interest if it was those two at all.

In the end however he only needed to wait and see further if his offer of resuming what they’d inteeded would at least assuage her somewhat. Plus it would make him feel better to at least help her get something out of this.
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[Knirin Gardens] Part of the Scenery

Postby Martini Elwood on July 17th, 2017, 7:05 pm


Martini buried her disappointment when she realized that she had put Robinson on the spot. He looked a bit disappointed himself? Or maybe he was apologetic? Either way Martini felt terrible. She had gotten wrapped in her passion and that had caused the other discomfort. He seemed a bit timid when he spoke, but Martini shook her head.

"It's fine, I got carried away and put us in an awkward place." She added a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes but it was the best she could offer as assurance. He seemed a bit adamant about sitting for a portrait though. This made her smile before she turned the page of her paper.

"I suppose it couldn't hurt to do some quick sketches... if you're certain you want to I guess I can't exactly turn you down." She made sure the notebook was flat on her lap and used her practice sheet to keep the ink from bleeding through. She took her quill and dipped it in the ink before she pressed it lightly to the paper.

She shaped the face slowly, her lines somewhat wobbly. Once she had the face, she looked up at Robinson to examine his hair. It seemed to curve in and up at the top, and the sides were somewhat straight to the ground. He had sideburns and a somewhat thick mustache with a somewhat stubby chin.

She tried her best to imitate it, but the hair looked as if it went straight up instead of curving. His mustache was okay, but it could have used a fading color effect where it ended on each side. She had formed his beard lightly, so it came out pretty good in her mind. The burns looked alright too.

She began to work on the eyes with thin lines. She attempted to shade the eye lightly, hoping it would look better than leaving it without color. She curved the eyebrows slightly, and followed the center of the drawing to form the nose.

She gave him a straight faced look that she thought complemented his character. It had taken about a bell and a half, but she hopped it had been worth it for Robinson.

"You can relax now." Martini said with a small laugh as she handed him the drawing. She hopped he liked it, if not she didn't mind drawing a few more. She would've liked to add more color, but working with what she had was necessary."What do you think?"
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