[The Sanctuary] A Summer Job

Kavala introduces Freke to some new work.

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[The Sanctuary] A Summer Job

Postby Kavala on July 24th, 2017, 1:04 am

Timestamp: Early Summer, 517 AV

Kavala had a lot of rounds to make. But first, she was mostly concerned with getting Freke settled in. Besides the appointments today, she had to ride out and help the grooms move the yearling herds to a different patch of grass. Then, once that was done, Kavala had patients to see at the clinic and five more mares to check on that were late foalers, three of which weren't hers but were brought in late stage for her to oversee their births. Afternoons would be taken up with house calls where she went to visit the animals, including running through the Kuvay'Nas stable and checking to see if anyone needed anything there.

The Konti sighed. It was going to be a long day.

So she waited, toasting a bit of bread to spread some dried fish on, in order to break her fast in the Commons of the Within. The Konti was leaned up against the counter with her hip slanted, nibbling her snack, and pondering putting together some lunch in case they were gone longer than expected. Sometimes moving the yearlings took a while. They could wander far and wide or be spread by predators. So she slowly gathered a yvas bag of snacks the team could nibble on when they got hungry later.

Kavala hoped Freke would put in an appearance soon. He could go with them to move the yearlings and she could introduce him to what she wanted to see him do around The Sanctuary. For starters she wanted him to run out daily, multiple times, and check the herds. If they were restless, he could stay with them.

Then when he had free time, she wanted him to hunt for the denizens. They could use the extra fresh meat he could bring in. And when he wasn't hunting or checking the herds, Kavala wanted him on duty at the facility itself, watching the livestock there and guarding against nefarious strangers wandering unwanted onto the property.

She hoped he'd be satisfied with the arrangements. Kavala thought it was fair for him in exchange for room, board, and a guardsman's pay. If he wasn't game to guard and patrol, she'd make sure she found something he enjoyed doing instead.
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  • This pc is maxed out in Animal Husbandry, Medicine, Observation, Rhetoric, and Socialization.
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[The Sanctuary] A Summer Job

Postby Freke on July 31st, 2017, 6:55 pm

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Waking early in the day again Freke got dressed and went to the kitchen to get a drink and a bite to eat. Wondering what he was going to do today he started making mental lists, first was seeing if anyone needed help doing odd jobs around The Sanctuary, maybe go out and try to hunt some small prey while they were out. Seeing Kavala leaning against the counter eating Freke smiled and announced himself "Good day to you Kavala, going to be busy for you again?" He was happy to see her, hoping he'd be able to help her around The Sanctuary. Reaching for the bread he put a couple slices on a plate to start making himself a sandwich.
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