Open [Heat Is On] Gemstones and Jewels

Various gemstones start appearing around the city, mostly washed up on the beach or on the banks of the River or discovered in streams.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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[Heat Is On] Gemstones and Jewels

Postby Anibesa on August 18th, 2017, 3:48 pm

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Anibesa listened for a moment, watching the dark haired woman closely, and hoping that something was sorted out.
After all, the dark haired woman and her desire to possess all of the gemstones was slightly intimidating in Anibesa's eyes. She didn't like how the woman was behaving, and she didn't quite believe her claims that the gemstones were a gift to her from a goddess.
For all they knew, the woman might not even be a devout follower of Semele and only be claiming that so she could try to take all of the gemstones for herself.

As Anibesa thought, she continued watching, and then she noticed the woman's eyes, the glowing red sunburst pattern around her irises mostly, and she stared at them.
She was curious as to how such a thing could occur. Maybe it was a racial thing? Like the Vantha with their colour shifting eyes. Or maybe it was bestowed upon her by the gods?

Then she heard the woman speaking and she kept herself quiet, listening to Eamon and the woman, before she heard the woman say a word in a language she didn't recognise, before she said the word purple and a wide smile spread across Anibesa's face. The woman had accepted the offer of helping her to collect a certain colour, and hurriedly Anibesa retrieved one of the gemstones she'd picked up earlier, this one a light purple, before offering it to the woman.
"Purple gems. I picked this one up earlier." she said calmly.

Then she turned to Eamon with a smile.
"I'm pretty good, and it's nice to have a less urgent situation to meet during! Although I get the feeling that if many more people come to try and get the gems it could get a li'l too chaotic." she said shrugging.

Then she kept her attention on the curly hair woman as the green eyed woman attempted to take the gemstone from her and Anibesa felt a feeling of dread begin to wash over her. Things were already getting more aggressive, since everyone was so possessive and greedy for the gemstones, and she knew that she wasn't any different.
She wanted the stones, though she preferred more passive methods of obtaining them then trying to steal them directly from others.

Instead of voicing anything, she now just smiled warmly at the curly haired woman as the woman took her hand to get up from the girl.
She was glad to see that she didn't seem to have hurt herself, considering that if she was hurt somebody would have had to tend to her, or to take her to the Panacea, which would have left said person with less time to try and collect the gemstones.

After she had started walking, she heard Eamon shout, saying that they should discuss things and form a plan, and Anibesa turned to face him, now moving at a slower pace as she walked backwards. Each of her steps was slightly bouncy, her mind energetic and joyful at the sight of so many precious gems being discovered. It was exciting and full of mystery, and Anibesa wasn't going to hide those thoughts, though she wouldn't directly say it out loud.
As long as everyone kept calm and avoided too much arguments, she knew she'd remain happy for at least the rest of the day. That was only if people didn't start conflict again, and the two dark haired women might not be so willing to avoid said conflict if they each started finding more stones.

She heard the green eyed woman listing what must have been the names of the stones, and smiling she attempted to repeat one of the names she said, one that she'd heard her say earlier when she said she wanted the purple stones.
"That first one, that's the purple ones isn't it? You mentioned that word earlier I think." she said, hoping to try and start some sort of conversation with the woman, before she heard Eamon ask the woman about the goddess named Semele.

She listened carefully as Eamon suggested splitting up and collecting the gemstones in buckets, before sharing them out fairly later.
She preferred the idea of each person just keeping what they'd found, and maybe swapping a few, but she wasn't fond of voicing that opinion, and instead she nodded in agreement, wanting to appear amiable and easy to get along with.

Then Anibesa heard the muscular blonde man suggest that they split into a group of three and a group of two, pointing out that the two dark haired girls should be separated and Anibesa nodded in agreement as she ran a hand through the red hair of her mortal seeming, twirling the ends around her finger lightly.
"I ain't exactly experienced with this place, but from what i gather the coastline ain't too 'ard to follow, so if you're alright with wingin' it, you're welcome with me!" she said grinning at the man, before turning to look at the two other woman. Those two girls would likely conflict a lot, and Anibesa knew which of the girls she'd prefer to end up with.
Eagerly, she approached the curly haired girl and focussed on making sure she spoke properly, without dropping her 't's and 'h's.
"Fancy working with me?" she smiled warmly as she spoke, hoping that the woman would allow her to work with her, since the other dark haired woman unnerved her slightly.
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[Heat Is On] Gemstones and Jewels

Postby Merevaika on August 25th, 2017, 10:46 pm


The eye trick. It had been a cheap shot, she only realised afterwards. It might have been a bit creepy, unsettling, perhaps, but intimidating? Not exactly. She'd be more interested in it than intimidated, if someone did it to her. And these people? The man barely blinked, only slight shock visible. Although, he seemed to avoid her gaze after that. Maybe she had shocked him a little more than she had realised. And Anibesa? She didn't even react. It hadn't been aimed at her, but still. She expected more than a look in her direction.

The man was still arguing though, despite avoiding her gaze. About how there were far too many to carry. There may have been a lot, but didn't he understand there were things called packs? Pockets? Taking several trips? She was certain that it wasn't his point, but the thoughts still ran through her mind, trampling any rationality to them. He had points. Good ones. But somehow, with all her arguing, she had managed to convince herself, at the very least, this was her gift from Semele.

"I do not need tell you!" she snapped, not bothering with excusing herself, the words too complicated to burst out with. The Drykas had decided she wasn't going to trip herself up in her frustration and make a fool out of herself. "But Semele is goddess. She need not explain to you! She do what she want - not what you think she do! You do not know her - why you think these are yours? They cannot be!" It was accompanied with a snarl of the lip, before her face fell firmer. She didn't need to bother herself with this... this stupid man. Didn't even know of Semele. Who was he?

The request for the purple gems, as unfortunate as the slip had been, worked. In a sign of generosity, the red haired woman extended one. Merevaika took it, gratefully, running it through her fingers as if checking it was a real gem. She didn't need to do that. Why would someone in Syka be carrying around fake jewels? Besides, they were appearing everywhere, and Anibesa didn't seem one to lie. Especially not now.

The gem was beautiful, Merevaika marvelling in how it flickering in the light, casting colour as it did. Whether or not it was a real amethyst, or some other gem, Merevaika didn't know and had no chance of telling. But it didn't matter. It was still beautiful - and therefore, had to be worth something.

Eamon then went on to offer his help - as if they wanted it! - in return for a small share of the jewels. His name too. And an offer of coming up with an arrangement - most likely a word meaning way of sharing out the gems. The politeness of his statement, his being pleased to meet her? It was stupid. Merevaika didn't understand the need for such civilities in an almost hostile situation like this. HE wasn't pleased. Couldn't be. They both knew it. That statement? It was for no one - just for him to feel like he was civilized. And she was not? Was that what he thought?

When she tried to snatch the gem, resistance came. Of course it came. The growl, the way she drew the stone into her chest. The firm, adamant, no. If she had much experience with them, she'd call it looking into the mirror. Her nails reached down to claw open the hand, then decided against it. It was too soon to start an actual, physical fight. Besides, they were right in the thick of things. She'd be pulled away before she got anywhere, and make her whole situation worse.

Instead, her eyes settled closely on the mixed blood. She was one to watch. A woman who wasn't willing to play by the rules they were making. She'd be one to hoard them - but also a target, or so the Drykas felt. She didn't speak a lot. Accepted help, but didn't answer questions. It made her seem more vulnerable, unlike the loud-mouthed Eamon.

The blonde haired man was still trying to some sensible discussion to this all. Ha! What futile efforts. Once. Then again, after the other blonde, with longer hair, arrived. Calling after them. Asking for a plan.

Why did this need a plan? It was simple - walk around, collect the treasure. At least the horned one knew this.

After the names for the gems was asked for, the short haired blonde spoke again. He was really starting to annoy her, with his attitude. Without letting anyone else answer, he talked about people back in Syka. Surely, the one who claimed this was a gift from Semele, who had grown up worshipping the goddess and had lived with the Drykas, could be allowed to answer, first? Prove herself worthy? He didn't even want to give her that.

Anibesa did. Merevaika wasn't certain if she liked her, but her position opened up towards her a tiny bit more, amused at how she had butchered the word. Well, it wasn't perfect, and she counted that as butchered. She gave a sharp nod at the question, not knowing much more to say. The names were in Pavi only - she couldn't translate. And it didn't matter, because that was their original names. Or so she decided to believe.

It was only after that Eamon asked for more about the goddess. Brought along the idea that maybe she knew more. Of course she knew more. She snorted at that thought, showing how stupid it was to even ask. She was happy to claim she knew far more about Semele than most on this cursed place.

After all, the other blonde, with the longer hair, had just asked who she was. It had been the only thing she had heard him say, too. Setting a great example for himself, there. If people here hadn't even heard of the goddess, she didn't know what to think. She had thought it was simply a lonely settlement. Maybe it was uncultured and stupid, as well.

"She is the Mother Mizahar... the Mother Mizahar," she finally stated simply, letting her disappointment in their knowledge of the goddess ring through, "Without her? We have no earth. And not earth?" She laughed, but it was cold, almost like an icicle she threw. "We have nothing." There was nothing more about her. Nothing about how to honour her, show her the respect she deserved. They'd be able to do that by leaving the gems for her.

The calling of Eamon made her attention shift back to him with an exasperated smile. Why couldn't he just let them search? Teams? What was that for? The woman had a hunch he was just trying to keep an eye on her.

She wasn't the only one who wasn't happy. The other dark haired woman showed clearly annoyance, arms crossed, forehead crinkled. Almost an exact replica of Merevaika's sharp scowl, hands curled into fists and teeth grinding. But she didn't give a reluctant nod. There was no chance of her agreeing to something as stupid as this. Despite this, she knew her attempts at arguing were being ignored. So she watched, instead, trying to figure out who to go with - but more importantly, who not to.

The long haired man had the right sort of idea with who she couldn't go with. The other dark haired woman. And he was right. She couldn't stand going with her - although as he mentioned it, maybe she had to. That girl would steal all the gems, she just knew it. Could she trust the others to watch her?

She'd have to, because it was clear they weren't going to let the two of them stay together in their groups.

The long haired man grabbed a bucket. The red head grinned at him, extending an offer for him to join her in their search along the coast. Then she approached the one with curls, asking for her to join her too.

Merevaika kept her face blank, not sure how she felt about these teams. It meant she was stuck with the other man. The loud one. He spoke too much. Focused on plans. Tried to get order. Didn't believe her.

Then again, perhaps this was going to be her chance to convince him. Play along, she told herself mentally. Sometimes, it was a lot easier to get where you wanted to go if you went with the current than against it.

Although that easily depended on where she wanted to go. The direction of this particular current wasn't tempting her.

"I with you," she said stiffly, moving to face him. Her eyes fell to the bucket, with the gem in, and counted in her head. One. Not including all the ones she had in her pockets. And the others too. She still wasn't interested in letting them go, so hid them best she could with her clothing and her hands. "Other way?" Without another word, she took a step away, the other way along the coast than where the other three seemed to be heading. Her eyes were trained at the ground, but someone had come this way (with all the mess, she had forgotten who, it could have even been herself, for all she knew) and anything in the direct area had already been claimed. They would have to have gone further.

"You think in water? In jungle? We find gems there?" she mused aloud, trying to ignore everything and focus on these. She wanted to blank him completely, but she knew that wouldn't help her cause. "And how far? Semele... I don't understand. I don't think far. If for me, she not put too far, so I don't see."

She was starting to doubt herself again. Merevaika wasn't certain whether even she knew what was happening, and whether she believed in her lies or not.

All she wanted to do was give this man a reason to trust her. To believe her words. Surely gods were the line you couldn't step over, if they were involved, you wouldn't mess with people unless you wanted their wrath? How did she get them to see that? Get him to see that?

Perhaps it was best to ask him himself. "Why do you not believe?" Her voice was much softer now, although she kept her back to him, to hide any slips in her facial expression. Instead, she acted interested in the sand, crouching occasionally and pushing through it in case that stone coated in sand was actually a precious one. "Why do you not believe this for me? That Semele give to me?" A gem!

Holding her excitement back, she moved over slowly, grabbing it before the sand coated it completely. She wiped it with a sleeve, stared deeply and passionately into it, and spun it in her hand, refusing to let it go. It was so... beautiful. And her greed was overwhelming. Remembering that she had been talking, she started it again, quickly adjusting her voice to the soft, desperate in a good way, tone. "You do not know her. You can not say anything!"

Quickly, she cast a look back on the other group. How far had they gone? How far were they planning to go?

How many gems was she going to be fighting for?

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