[Character Insights!] WIYC's ... Greatest Fear And Why?

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[Character Insights!] WIYC's ... Greatest Fear And Why?

Postby Maore on September 27th, 2017, 9:09 am


There are few uncertainties greater than the open sea, and Ciraaci fears it for that. Born as she was in the white-capped waters of the Suvan, although near Black Rock, she very nearly drowned in the sea before her story even began, and even as she tried to climb the rocks towards civilization, the sea sought to bash her against a stony death.

So, Ciraaci openly fears the sea, and her deepest nightmares are those in which she never emerged from the water, and instead drowned, and remains drowning to this day.

There was one other time that she was upon the Suvan, and that was during the trip between Black Rock and Riverfall, and though the trip was actually quite pleasant she refused to stand upon the open deck for fear of the water she'd see.

Ciraaci hasn't really addressed this fear, and she compensates for her aversion to it by outright avoiding coastal locations and keeping her feet rooted firmly upon the ground. At this rate, she'll probably never face nor overcome her fear.
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[Character Insights!] WIYC's ... Greatest Fear And Why?

Postby Rohka on October 13th, 2017, 3:30 am

Rohka fears stagnation.

It was why she left her family, the Calicos. She didn't see any way for her to grow and move forward as an individual; she felt forced to fit the mold, to follow other's footsteps. It didn't help that it seemed like everyone in her family was secretly only looking out for themselves. Rohka grew resentful and began to take her family's ethic one step further.

Unfortunately, the sibyl hasn't yet realized the immense potential within the Calico Lumber Company's system. No one in the family ever stagnates. It was typical for her to feel the way she does now, so no one truly tried to stop her. They figured she would learn, in time... so they set her free.

Through her freedom she learned to also fear lies.

Gods only know the trouble such a fear will cause her in Ravok, of all places :D
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