Ghosts Wanted!

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Ghosts Wanted!

Postby Madeira Craven on September 25th, 2017, 6:08 am


Is your character a dead, suffering shadow of what they once were? Are they doomed to forever walk the earth, mourning the life they lost? Great! Bring them to Alvadas.

Do you have an alt PC that you've gotten bored of? Do you wish to jump start their story and inject something new and exciting into their narrative?

Murder them.

Then bring them to Alvadas!

Madeira is a Spiritist of middling skill who needs more dead people in her life. I can offer your PC the perks of threading with a Spiritist; such as faster ghost and/or living skill development, easier possessions, more ghostly energy via soulmist, and Maddy's neat ability to forcibly teleport your character when she needs it. And, of course, fun threads in the absolute best game city.

I'm interested in expanding Maddy's repetoir of ghostly servants, or at least having the ear of a freelancing spirit. Conversely, if you read my CS and decide Maddy is an afluenza ridden, woe-be-gone teenage asshole, I'l love to talk to someone about being a possible enemy.

If you're at all interested, want more details, or want to discuss possible plots please PM me. :D
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