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Past experiences compel a particular Sykan to act.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Disposers Of The Unwanted

Postby Anibesa on February 7th, 2018, 3:00 pm


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Anibesa heard Merevaika say that the insides of the monkey weren’t bad, and Anibesa felt her mood perk up slightly. If it was normal inside then surely they must have been healthy when they died. But that thought made her mood drop. If they were healthy then what had caused them to die!

She watched as the monkeys guts spilt out and the smell flooded her senses, causing her to inwardly cringe slightly as she tried to ignore it and keep looking at it, hoping that something would give her a clue as to what was wrong with the animals.

Ani heard Issie mention that it looked like a sickness was spreading, and Anibesa turned her nose up at that idea. If a disease was spreading, could it affect them? Could they get sick from being near those animals, or would it stay on the animals and not move to them?

Thinking of those things, she glanced around with a frown. Surely there would be some sign that a disease was spreading. She was certain that the corpses wouldn’t look quite as pristine as they did!

Then came Xen’s words as he stated that scavengers weren’t picky eaters, and that if the flies weren’t touching the dead, then maybe they shouldn’t. Anibesa almost instantly took a step back away from the dead animals on the table, then turned her head towards Xen, having heard the slight hissing at when he said ‘something’, though quickly she shook that from her thoughts and turned her attention back to what was going on as Xen suggested that they should destroy the dead.

He addressed her question about whether the dead would scare away any of the other creatures that hunters relied on and she nodded in response, before hearing him state his unwillingness to travel into the jungle, and Anibesa nodded at that too.

”The jungle is too dangerous. Anybody that goes into the jungle can bring the bodies out themselves.” she said out loud, more for her own benefit that to converse with the others.

Merevaika’s suggestion of throwing the carcasses on a fire seemed like a good one, though where they could start the first was a decision they’d have to make.
”Maybe we should get the corpses nearest to the centre of the settlement first? Where most people travel?” she suggested, not entirely sure of where would be best to start. ”Where would be best for a fire? We should keep it out of the way of others shouldn’t we? In case it is a disease. Maybe past Treasure Point or up past the Ranchos?” she suggested, unsure of whether she was suggesting anything useful.
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Disposers Of The Unwanted

Postby Issie Asure on February 16th, 2018, 5:04 pm

Issie shrugged as he looked back and sighed as he said towards the others, "Well, I'll travel into the jungle to see the other creatures that could be found. If this cares about what it infects it would be beneficial to know, I'll leave those on the beach to all of you". Issie begins to spin on his heel and walk towards the jungle. His mind racing in worry as he might find something scarier than just the creatures, what magic could be beyond the veil of the jungle.

He makes a quick stop to his little area and gears up to travel into the jungle. He takes about 10 minutes to prepare before he heads into the jungle to find what else could be affected by this strange affliction. Issie always stays within ear shot of the edge of the jungle edge just in case he would be in danger by himself. He however needs to focus on what could be found on the ground, in the trees, and everywhere. He needs to make sure he finds everything that could be affected and how it was affected. He found the usual same dead animals: monkeys, birds, and small reptilians. With every time he finds an animal he takes them in his gloved hands and throws them out into the open for the others to see them or he will later take them to the bonfire that they said they would set up.

His work included the occasional search for what afflictions occurred on the animals that might have actually affected the creature. Could it be from plants that is here? No, this would have been an occurrence from last year, yet this might have been the first time these settlers have experienced a full winter here. Could it be that of some plants that began to grow here? This might be a more reasonable thing as plants can begin growing in an area without the introduction by an outside source, even with how unlikely it is this is a possible thing. Or there is something deeper within the jungle, something no one knows of as no one ever venture in. Issie thinks as he now is more deeper he would find dangerous creatures he, finds most might be straying away their normal routes as the dead are driving away other creatures. This gave Issie a chance to travel in some peace, he didn't stay too long, just long enough to find some new animals afflicted: birds of prey, larger reptilians, and the strangest of all a large cat. The large cat was the most difficult one to bring out as there was much foliage and other things pulling and tugging against him, yet once out, Issie was more easily able to pull it on the sand.
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