Completed Fire and Water

Ani tries to teach herself to swim again, but ends up encountering something unusual and painful instead

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Fire and Water

Postby Issie Asure on December 31st, 2017, 7:12 am

Issie lets out an exhausted sigh as he looks once more back to the jungle as the woman dresses her self, this place gets weirder and weirder as the days pass. Issie starts to rub his neck with his right arm and tilts his head quickly to the left as a pop came from his upper spine all the way up to his upper neck. The stress that built up in Issie has been taking its toll on him as he feels it build up in his joints. He looks back to the woman as she finishes up dressing and he gave a small smile as he said, "It would be okay. I wouldn't want you to be attacked again".

Issie tried to give the woman a calm feeling as she is in a very unnerving position. Her hands are shaking like his in the deathly cold of Avanthal. He then gestured towards the beach as he said, "Whenever you're ready". He begins to think what he could say for when they begin to walk on the beach. If he couldn't think of anything, this would be an awkward and maybe even nerve wracking time for the woman.
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Fire and Water

Postby Anibesa on January 14th, 2018, 1:43 am


Anibesa heard the man crack something as she dressed herself, and instantly she looked back at him, overly cautious of everything now. She doubted she would get any sleep back at her tent. She’d probably be sat awake all night, staring at the entrance to her tent with a fear and paranoia that she couldn’t recall any feelings of in the fifty-six years since she fell back to this mortal world.

Once she was finally dressed she saw the mans small smile and attempted to feign a smile back to him, but the blood in the crook of her elbow and the pain from where the light had hit her unnerved her. Even as the man tried to reassure her, the mention of an attack caused her to continually glance around, paranoid that something would leap from the jungle and run at her, or that something equally bad or worse would happen.
”Thanks.” she said weakly though gratefully. She appreciated the mans attempts to keep her calm, and the knowledge that she wasn’t alone now was the most comforting thing. ”I doubt I’d have the courage to go back alone without shrieking at every noise I heard!” she forced herself to laugh. ”Just don’t tell anyone about this? I don’t want people thinking I’m crazy seeing beams of light and whatnot?” she asked the man.

But then they made their way back onto the beach and along the sand back to where Anibesa’s tent was. They’re walk was mostly quiet and awkward, any conversation being brief and lacking in seriousness, mostly just being comments on the weather and how pretty the settlement was, but neither delved into any personal questions or any serious discussion as to what was going on. Even the small talk didn’t last long as Anibesa grew paranoid at every little noise coming from the jungle.

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Fire and Water

Postby Gossamer on January 21st, 2018, 3:37 pm


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