Quest Fire In The Sky (Grandfathered)

Things in Syka are about to get real.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Fire In The Sky (Grandfathered)

Postby Anibesa on June 2nd, 2018, 4:43 pm


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For the most part, Anibesa had kept quiet, not sure what she should do. She didn’t seem to have the skills necessary for the task at hand. She’d already proven that any ideas she put forward or choices she made would likely be inappropriate. So for now she listened to what was happening, watching careful as she tried to learn from the others, whilst waiting to see what ideas others had and how she could work with those, and how she could help the situation.

She listened to what people asked of the inhuman captives and listened to their responses curious of them and their origins. The mention of there being their ‘lost home’ perked up Ani’s curiosity, and she looked at them briefly. These ‘Verusk’ seemed so alien to her and the idea of them coming from this world was something that didn’t seem to make sense in her mind, though she had no clue what this world was really like before the Valterrian. It wasn’t something she’d heard much of and all she had heard had been rumours.
Then as they spoke of all their roles, Anibesa formed an image in her head of their society, and it seemed similar to the societies she’d seen throughout Mizahar, in Riverfall, and the Suvan Sea, and especially in Syka. As they looked up to her, seemingly waiting for her to do something, she simply looked away. She couldn’t think of any questions that would help them as much as the ones already asked of the two ‘Verusk’.

She heard Satevis begin speaking of Pavena and Anibesa glared at him slightly, knowing that she’d only recently heard of the place, and she was certain that Satevis wasn’t an expert on Pavena at all. Though she let him talk and continued listening to see what went on, for anything that gave anyway any extra hints as to any ulterior motives that the humanoids held. Then she heard Ialari tell them of the Valterrian, saying that was how the world was so different to them.

At the discussion, Anibesa nodded at Ialari’s words. She didn’t have the knowledge that the woman did, but she was more than willing to consist the Verusks offer but keep other options open in case. Though when the Verusk were freed Anibesa felt a slight unease. She doubted that they would attack considering that they were outnumbered in that moment, but she didn’t feel comfortable with the whole situation.

When the other group of ‘Verusk’ appeared with weapons, Anibesa stood dumbfounded for a moment, unsure of what she should do, then at the sight of Satevis putting his hands up she copied him, then was glad to see Ialari do the same. It seemed that nobody in the party wanted to cause a fight and would have preferred to see things resolved peacefully.

She was glad to see Ialari taking the lead in the situation, as she seemed to be one of the more experienced of the group and then as Aladon joined Ialari, Anibesa nodded in agreement.

Now that she had the chance, she took the chance to look at all the Verusk that were there. Each of them was unique in the colours on their scales, and the patterns that decorated them. Each of their colourings and patterns were beautiful and intricate and she couldn’t help but stare at them for a moment before the cobalt and gold skinned one that seemed to be their leader introduced herself and asked them to join her and the Verusk for refreshments if they were really there for peace.

As they arrived to the camp, Anibesa couldn’t help but stare at what she assumed must have been the world gate for some time. It was imposing and huge, looming over the newly made temporary settlement that the Verusk had set up, and as everyone took a seat, Anibesa bowed slightly in thanks to the ones that had brought out the chairs and she took a moment to wipe her forehead of the sweat that was collecting in the heat. She assumed that the Verusk seeming to be comfortable was due to where they were from. Maybe they had always been comfortable in the heat, or maybe they’d just adapted over time.

Then as Shar’tay’mal introduced everyone, Anibesa nodded to each of them, listening to Mathias as he took control and introduced each of their group in return. She listened carefully as Mathias and the pale gold and cobalt Verusk voiced their concerns and responded, though as the Verusk mentioned that there were two with them like Morwen Anibesa felt her eyes widen slightly as she glanced around, unsure as to whether that meant that the two strangers were gods.
Then as the woman continued it became clear that they were reliant on Morwen’s powers beyond the world gate and she felt herself beginning to pity the Verusk. It seemed that the person that they referred to as their master was in control of everything, and the idea of previous members of their group perishing due to the conditions beyond the world gate reminded her of how many of her previous pod had perished due to illness and bad weather, though her loss was likely very different to the Verusk.

As the dark haired Verusk introduced as Desmira handed out drinks, Anibesa smiled and took hers, mouthing a thank you to the woman so that she didn’t interrupt those that were speaking.

She listened carefully to Ialari as she spoke, questioning them on whether they had intentions to take the two strangers back beyond the gate, and explaining the impact that the gods had on their world, and Anibesa nodded in agreement before revealing the group's intentions to help Morwen return to Mizahar.

“Morwen’s disappearance has already caused a lot of problems here, from problems caused by the lack of a winter, to problems resulting in the deaths of many of her followers. It’s obvious that she is helping beyond the World Gate but you must understand what her absence is doing here.” she said trying to remain calm, although the ideas of what could happen if Morwen did not return were beginning to unnerve her. Many places on Mizahar were already suffering without winter to provide them with the water they so desperately needed. “If you don’t mind me asking.” she paused to glance around both the groups to try and spot any obvious objectors before continuing. “You have spoke of your master a number of times, though that is all you’ve referred to him as. Who is he? Is he of your kind or is he something different? Would you say that he is rational?” she asked cautiously, not wanting to figuratively tread on anyone’s toes or ask something that was out of order but also seeing it as important to see who it was that was keeping Morwen on the other side of the World Gate.

Once she’d finished speaking she took a sip of the drink that had been handed out having noticed Shar’tay’mal sip from hers earlier, pleasantly surprised by the taste. It was more than welcome in the heat that they were in, though she shifted in her seat slightly uncomfortably with the temperature. Though the drink provided refreshment the heat was still more than she was used to.

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