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Satevis gets sent to town on an errand, and meets someone new.

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A Trip Into Town

Postby Satevis on March 29th, 2018, 10:00 pm

Abashai, of the tents of Eliab, of the sons of Havid. Satevis enjoyed hearing the naming pattern that had once been so familiar to him. He had never met this Abashai, likely never would, but there was an odd sense of familiarity in hearing the name, a connection that went deeper than his fractured memories. Taras had been...of the tents of Aren, of the sons of Malech. The name didn't fit quite right now, but it was good to remember.

Nya seemed to not want to talk about Abashai, so Satevis decided not to pry. Instead, he nodded, continuing to speak in Shiber. "It sounds like he was a good teacher."

He wasn't surprised that Nya had questions. His explanation he had given hadn't exactly been satisfactory, and he had lived in the world long enough to know that most people did not know what an Ethaefal was, having met very few of them. It was only in Lhavit where he hadn't had to explain himself, or who he was.

"Pardon me," he said. "I shouldn't have launched into that without explanation. I'm an Ethaefal of Leth, which means that I change forms when the sun goes down. The form you see in front of you is the form of my last mortal life. At night, I take on what you might consider my 'true' form." It was a simplified explanation, because if he was really thinking about it, his nightly form wasn't entirely his 'true' form either, but it was closer to the form that had been granted him in the divine realms than the form he had now.

He assumed. Without memory, without further information, it was hard to say.

"I don't remember too much about the life I lived in this form," he said. "Or, honestly, much of anything. I have vague memories, but my clearest recollections start around ten years ago, when I appeared as an Ethaefal."

He wasn't sure why he had started this topic of conversation. He had a feeling that he had to look quite insane. But he hadn't wanted to be impolite, and he hadn't wanted to give off the wrong impression, so he had seized upon the first subject that had come to mind, that he could discuss, his Benshira heritage. If the subject naturally shifted towards his Ethaefalan nature, however, he supposed that was just how conversations went.
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