Well Hello (:

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Well Hello (:

Postby Jia on June 4th, 2018, 2:13 am

So I figured since I haven’t done this in quite some time that I might as well do the whole newbie questionnaire thing to get my feet wet. Here we go...

1. Name - or what you'd like to be called!

Jia or JiJi (Pronounced GiGi) for short.

2. What sort of RP experience do you have if any?

When I was younger I used to roleplay a lot. I naturally gravitated towards writing so it was a good outlet to get my creative juices flowing and it passed time. I did everything from vampires, to witches and I even did a wrestling rpg for a while. I really don’t know why I stopped but I decided to take it up again.
3. How did you find us?
I googled roleplay rpg and this site was like fourth down. So why not...

4. What sort of RP style is your favorite?
I LOVE pararoleplay. It shows the technique of the writer. It’s like reading a really good book with a bunch of different authors with different styles that I get to be a part of. Pretty dope!

5. What do you like to write about - not write about?
I’m a fantasy type of girl. Your aliens, ghosts, witches and warlock kind of thing. Your imagaination gets to run wild. And nothing much I dislike.

6. Whats your favorite thing about Mizahar so far?
How simple it was to register

7. What, if anything, has frustrated you about Mizahar so far?
I haven’t gone around the site just yet.
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Well Hello (:

Postby Luminescence on June 4th, 2018, 2:23 am

Welcome, Jia! It's good to have you. :D While Mizahar is a fantasy RPG, it may not be what you're used to; everything here is entirely unique. That being said, I do think you'll absolutely enjoy yourself!

I recommend reading your welcome PM; it will give you a good place to start looking around. If you haven't already, you should pop into our discord chat as well! It's a good way to get involved with the community, and to get answers to any questions you may have in real time. I look forward to seeing you around!
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Well Hello (:

Postby Antipodes on June 4th, 2018, 5:13 am

Hello there and welcome! So glad you found us :) I'm Antipodes, a character sheet liason here on Miz, and I'm here to help in any way I can.

I see you have already started posting. I adore your enthusiasm but, unfortunately, we need you to put together a character sheet before you continue. Please go over the welcome pm you received when you created your account since it contains all the information you need. I welcome you to make use of our character sheet templates during the creation process since they contain handy info, especially when it comes to starting in specific cities.

As Luminescence said above, you are welcome to join our discord server since that acts as our place to chat. It's great for getting real-time answers and tossing ideas around, too.

Still feeling stuck? Lore seem too overwhelming? These may help:
cs review starting package cs help cs templates discord
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