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Postby Lucas Skyglow on June 13th, 2018, 3:35 am

The name that i usually go by (my internet 'handle') is usually Entropy, and right now I am playing a character named Lucas Skyglow. I am a Half-Vantha, and i know that currently there is an event occurring that will probably(definitely) result in my death. I'm new to RP boards, but i have RP'd before as a DM in dungeons and dragons, though I'm assuming that that probably means nothing because of how different RPing in D&D and RPing here is. Whoever I end up playing with, I hope you can tolerate any noob mistakes that I may make, and I hope that you have a fun time playing with me. (I think that i can end this post right here, but i dunno, I'm trash at ending stuff, and this is probably making the ending worse...whatever)
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Postby Antipodes on June 13th, 2018, 5:26 am

Hey there!

I know we spoke briefly on discord but I just wanted to welcome you again! There are quite a few members here who are involved in d&d - there's even a Miz member run campaign going on - so consider yourself in good company. I wouldn't stress about being new to this format of rp; the fact that you know how STs/DMs work and that sort of gameplay will definitely work in your favour! Don't get too daunted by the writing -- just focus on enjoying and sharing your PC's story. I can assure you that Miz has been a place where a lot of people have learned to improve so we're all very understanding and supportive in that regard <3

Let us know if you have any other questions! Look forward to seeing you around Lhavit :)
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