[The Midnight Gem] Black Holes and Dark Spots (Rene)

Farris visits the Gem again and meets an inhabitant.

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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[The Midnight Gem] Black Holes and Dark Spots (Rene)

Postby Farris on August 3rd, 2018, 8:23 pm

It wasn't easy for the wizard to trust. To educate another person about a concept they'd scarcely understand only added to the list of reasons why not to answer Ren's questions. However, that same trepidation was quelled by the fact that she knew nothing. Magic, particularly in Sunberth, had an incredibly bad rap. While the power manipulated by mages was by definition neutral, it was painted with the bloody image of the city's history. Prejudice was rife against mages in Sunberth, the incredible freedom that the city boasted also ruined by the lack of structure. Passions inflamed within the city and it encouraged the people to act first and ask later when it came to almost anything. What happened in Sunberth's past that brought such hatred for magic into existence? The wizard didn't know and would likely look into it, but as the moment he was more concerned with the Kelvic in front of him who, like Kelski, asked too many questions. A laugh escaped his lips as he compared the two and it was very easy to see why Kelski invited this woman to live in her home. She was clearly new to the world, a child with the body of a woman.

Most likely it springs forth the protective instinct within Kelski, to see someone like Ren around... I know it happened with me, he reasoned out, another laugh escaping him at the thought of Kelski being a motherly presence to a number of people. Like the eagle she was, the Kelvic seemed to build a home, a nest to call her own and truly the mage both admired and respected her for that. The mage looked to Ren with an appraising glance before he resolved himself to explain what transpired.

"Yes, please tell no one of what you saw. Except for Kelski, I suppose. She's seen it before. What I was doing was opening a rift to what is known as the Other Side. It's a dimension apart from our own that mages such as myself use to throw unwanted items or individuals away."

The wizard informed the Kelvic matter-of-factly, his tone somewhat bland as he carried information in his words. He shrugged his shoulders as she stood up to get him water. He deeply appreciated it, but with the onset of his fatigue, it didn't show very well.

"Thank you, Ren," he'd say at last as she moved away from him. The Reimancer mused quietly for several moments, picking at the fruit in front of him in an idle attempt to form his thoughts.

"Someone who can access the Other Side is known as Void mage. The practice of magic used to access the Other Side is similarly known as Voiding," he informed her. If she had further questions, he was at an ear to listen. He found with Kelski that he might even enjoy sharing what he knew, insofar as the knowledge given wasn't incredibly personal in nature.

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[The Midnight Gem] Black Holes and Dark Spots (Rene)

Postby Rene Rafar on August 12th, 2018, 4:26 am

"My I ask whats so funny?" Ren asked tilting her head questioningly.

"Why would you want to do that?" Puzzled at the possibility of danger that such an act like that could cause not only to the caster but to other people as well.
"Couldn't something bad happen like say if you are able to put things in the rift who's to say things couldn't be just as bad come over to this side?" Thinking thoughtfully about what he was saying but she wasn't sure if he ever thought how he would feel if he was on the other side when a mage would shove unwanted items in his world so she asked him. "What I'm having trouble understanding is, how would you feel if someone put unwanted things in your side of the rift just because they could or is it just a void of empty space?"

Ren sighed "I can see I'm annoying you with my questions I'll stop. I really don't think I'll ever understand what all this mage stuff is. I'd like to think I'm trying to keep an open mind about these things. Please don't take this the wrong way it is meant more as a word of caution then a threat..." She paused to look at him before continuing. "There are a lot of people in this city that don't like things they don't understand or feel threaten by things. I'd like to hope I'd be more open to learn and or listen before I'd react poorly to something." She hoped that her being honest with him about what she saw him doing down in the basement. "With that said I think I will go for a walk on the beach. I hope you will have a good rest of your day." With that she turned and headed down the balcony steps.
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[The Midnight Gem] Black Holes and Dark Spots (Rene)

Postby Kynier on August 27th, 2018, 1:33 am


Skill Rewards
  • Interrogation +2
  • Intimidation +1
  • Observation +4
  • Socialization +4
  • Stealth +1

Lores Learned
  • Farris: Practices Magic at the Midnight Gem
  • Farris: Finds sanctuary at the Midnight Gem
  • Farris: Is a Mage
  • The Other Side: A place mages throw unwanted things or individuals
  • The Other Side: Accessed by Void mages

PM me for your grade.

I see definite improvements in the writing from both of you! Keep up the good work! If you have an questions or concerns about your grade please feel free to PM me.
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